Poll: What Do You Want Terry To Write Next?

First page of the ARC!!
First page of The High Druid’s Blade!!
Ever since I’ve known Terry, he has always had a story to tell.

Terry is a writer. That is his calling. And like most true writers, he has more stories to tell than he has time. That creates a terrible problem at times:

What to write next?

He is best known for Shannara. Many readers love Landover. And there are quite a few people out there—like me—who believe his Word/Void trilogy is the best thing he has written. He has jumped between these series for two decades. It helps him to do so. If he spends too much time in one series, the writing begins to lose its magic. To recharge his batteries, he will leave one series for another, just long enough to regain that magic.

Terry has been writing a lot of Shannara as of late. In a recent Ask Terry, he admitted that he needs to write something new soon.

Therefore, I am curious:

What do you want Terry to write next?

He isn’t taking this suggestion from the poll. He already knows what he is writing next. It’s merely my curiosity about what the fans want at this current point in Terry Brooks writing history!

So vote. Discuss. Can we find consensus?


78 responses to “Poll: What Do You Want Terry To Write Next?”

  1. I am huge fan of Terry.

    I think he should write another Shannara series going over the blue divide and back to Great Britain and Europe discovering the waterfall where the nights of the word first began.

    Where there are new species and new maps and new Elves….

    Just a suggestion… Jon

  2. I’m thinking a pre-Ben trilogy on Landover! Back to the days of the Old King, before the fake kings and Meeks and all that!

  3. While I voted Shannara, what I really want is more Shannara/Word & Void prehistory. I would particularly love to see some sort of interaction between the Knights of the Word and the Druids (whether Terry intends the former to become the latter, or something else entirely).

  4. I selected “something entirely new” not because I have become bored with Shannara, Word or Landover but rather because I am interested in seeing what else Terry can dream up. However, if what I get for the remaining years of my life is Shannara, Word and Landover, I will be quire content. Here is an idea. Can the Landover series be interwoven with the Shannara/Word series?

  5. I love all of Terry’s stories, but I am by excited for him to tell something completely new. Plus, this postpones the coming finale of the Shannara series…

  6. I just want him to be able to finish things as he wants to. It would be sad to have another Robert Jordan situation.

  7. Many thanks to Terry for the wonderful years of adventure in the Shannara, Word/Void, Landover series. I have been reading them all since the beginning. Yes I am that old! I would like Terry to write something completely new. New characters in a new world with a new magic. Time for a new adventure!

  8. My vote would be for the Word vs. Void. It could be a way to end the Shannara series. I see the Druids as the champions for the word. A quest to find a lost staff of the Knights of the Word combined with Druid magic vs. Grianne and her demons. Kill the the Ellcrys for good. No rebirth, no last second save, a battle for the four lands to the bitter end. Either humanity destroys the void or the void conquers the word. It would have to be epic. Possibly a yet to be named Druid discovers a lost book concerning the word and void, bring to light the knights use of the staffs. An Ohmsford would need to be in it, as it would only be fitting. The sword of Leah should somehow be tied into it all. I would like to see the King of the silver river allied with the Lady. Just all out battle. whatever terry writes i’m sure it will be great and worth any wait.

    • I would like to see the bridge between The Word & The Void and Shannara completed. I am desperate to know how Paranor and the first Druid council started. For me it would complete the circle and I would be content. I have just read the latest Shannara trilogy and as usual, leaves me hungry for more!!!

  9. I would love to see more Word/Void and Shannara prequels and/or sequels. another adventure across the Blue Divide and into the larger world would be awesome. maybe there are other Knights of the Word out there?

  10. Some entirely new genre as Terry sees it. It could be historical fiction, it could be a literary novel, it could be a mystery set in outer space, but I’m curious to see him try something besides high adventure fantasy. Of course, I’m still going to read whatever fantasy he writes next, but it would be fun to see him experiment with a totally new type of writing.

  11. Oh my gosh, am I the only one who wants to read about the first druid counsil with Galiphile, and the fall of Brona to evil?!?!?!?!?! Common People how amazing would that story be to end the Shannara series!)

    • You are not the only one! That would be such an awesome way to end the Shannara series! Brona becoming evil, the first druid council, imagine all the characters it could focus on. Brona, Bremen, Galaphile, Cogline. Would definitely love to see this trilogy written by Brooks.

  12. I honestly would love for Terry to write something new entirely. I think it would be beneficial for everyone. I know for me I need a break from all of the Shannara stories for a while (I’ve been having a Shannara overload). And it would be refreshing to read something new by Terry Brooks. Not to mention it would be good for Terry to write something new to replenish his creativity as an author.

    As always my only concern is that there is enough time to finish the Shannara series completely before something should ever happen to Terry, which is why I think it was a wise decision to have the next set of Shannara novels be the concluding books of the entire series, then Terry can always go back to fill in the spaces later on when he has the time and is willing and able to.

  13. Something that actually happens in the time of Faerie. I’ve always wondered what that was like and if there were stories and characters that we could meet and live with for a time from that era.

    • The time of faerie with epic wonder, bitter betrayal, powers new, powers lost, magic waiting…… To be born….. To be released…… Looking for an owner. Born and learned. Wanted and unwanted.
      What do you think Shawn any hope for something like that? Because that would be a dream for all of us.

  14. would like more of pre history of word and the void take it back too civil war and IL at that time. Native americans struggle with the changeing land.

  15. I voted for something new.

    I have a feeling Terry has an untold story knocking around in his head and I want to read it.

  16. I think for the readers, the magic comes from the first book.
    Only it can open the portal into a new fantasy world to be discovered.
    That’s why Sword and Word/Void are special.
    I look forward to Terry beginning a new series, whatever it may be.

  17. I think it would be great if Terry were to write a cookbook! I’d love to hear what rock trolls eat for breakfast and John Ross’ favorite dessert recipe. I’d even enjoy if Terry were to write about paint drying or grass growing.

  18. Honestly? I didn’t vote in this poll. Why? Because there’s not an option for “I think Terry should write whatever he wants to write – be it Landover, Word/Void, Shannara, or something completely new.” I want Terry to write about what interests him. If Terry is excited about the next idea he is writing about, it translates into a better novel for us, his readers. As a long time reader and fan, I will gladly buy whatever Terry presents to us – as such, I don’t care what he writes. As long as he writes. His fans will be there.

  19. Something new depending what subject matter he writes about, I think he should leave the Four Lands without an ending. Something to leave to our imagination what could happen.
    With all these Shannara books coming out so quickly I can see him burning out. I’d preferred the days when he came out I book a year.
    I’d perferr if he started a new series now and let him finish Shannara at some future date, That way he may be fresh enough to think Shannara through…..
    The new series might just be another great series, who knows.

    • Lol I would love for him to sprawl out into the distant stars where earth is not a memory discovering new frontier worlds where there is war, love, and clone’s but not as we know them but as heroes betrayed….Kane vs Able the clone….or a story about the son of a clone and human woman on a planet that failed to be taraformed completely. A resupply stop for rich worlds. Maybe something like that but with Terry Brooks magic writing making the people come alive off the page. Like no one else could.

  20. I think Terry should write… a song! A country song! With lyrics about how people in the Four Lands just want some peace and quiet for a while.

    No, I’m just kidding. Terry should write whatever he feels like. Of course a conclusion to the Shannara series would be “top notch” but I wouldn’t be upset to read something completely new. Maybe even break away from the fantasy genre? Maybe some historical fiction? Can’t wait to see!

  21. I’d like to see a Shannara prequel so far back, that it covers the transition from the world of Faerie, to the rise of men, and the elves going into hiding.

  22. I`d like it if he did something completely new. The last time he tried something new, we got the Word & Void trilogy – his best work.

  23. While I voted for Landover, something new would be great, too. After all he has said he’s a little burned out with Shannara. Frankly, I love all of his work but people we need more Landover. It’s been too long!

  24. I really want to know the history of the Hall of Kings, Druids Well, Hadeshorn. I want to know what brought this things into being. The history of Paranor and Hadeshorn is something I hope that Terry deals with before leaving Shannara. I am happy that we have gotten a lot of history concerning the Elves before and after the fall of the world as well as man, but the one thing I really REALLY want to know is that of the Druids.

  25. Terry said he’s living forever so as long as he keeps writing I’ll keep buying no matter what genre! There litterally is no bad book by this good sir!

  26. Pre-Word/Void. If the war has been waged for millenia over the course of human history and even before it, then I am sure there have been battles in history where Knights and Demons faced off within unfolding human events that can be drawn from.

  27. I love Terry’s books.

    Especially the Shannara books. Word/Void were good to (a pre-Shannara story). I did not read the Landover books yet, but I will soon. I like stories about elves, different races and magic.

    I would like to have stories about the time of Faerie, how it all begun, the war between the creatures of Fearie, the first Elcrys creation, the magic beeing lost and so.

    It would be interesting too that the story continues after the witch wraith. For me Shannara are the best stories he ever made, he should continue.

    I understand that Terry is perhaps tired of the Shannara series and would like to write something new, but earnestly, I think something new would not have the same impact as a story that exist for so long and could still go on, always interesting and exciting.

    I hope to read new Shannara books soon.

  28. I have read every Terry Brooks book. My first every book as a teenager was “The Sword of Shannara”. I was hooked half way through the first chapter. The book(s) I would absolutely love to read would be on the life of The weapons master. This character is so cool and the potential for a really good trilogy is so big.

    • The weapons master has always lingered in my mind. How he came to be? Who trained him? Did he really die? Could he of had kids that were special? Did he teach anyone else? The people that trained him did they train more? Love to know

  29. Long time Terry Brooks reader..and I have to say although the recent series was decent I feel that more could be done in the world of Shannara and that the books are becoming kinda predictable..I dont feel as much attachment to the characters anymore..nor do I see many unique or new personalities..I still love the books and buy every one in hardcover when it comes out..but its been awhile since i was blown away..It may be time to try something new..maybe an alien planet or something..lol Im sure Terry could make it work..

  30. As a person who was raised (in real life) just 500 feet from Nest’s home, and was
    born fifty-eight years ago at Community General Hospital, I would really, really
    LOVE to have Terry write a prequel or sequel to the word and the void. I have LOTS
    of cool ideas about the history of Sterling (Hopewell) including an old spooky hotel
    that once existed in Mineral Springs on the creek. in the late 1800’s It REALLY would be fun!!!!!

    There has always been a real-life spiritual component in my life for the real Sinnissippi Park which I experienced as a boy. I have always believed by Terry’s writing that
    he may have experienced these paranormal experiences which may have induced
    his writings.

  31. I love all the Shannara books. I can never get enough. Word and Void is very good, and Landover is good, but my heart is in Shannara. I would like to know the beginnings of somethings and some people The King of the Silver River, the Druids, the Nights of the Word how they first come into being, and also the Lady and the indian in the Word and Void books where did they come from? The connection between the Nights of the Word and the Druids. There is so much, yet to be told. I don’t want it to ever end.

  32. I voted for something new! Terry is too great of a writer to be “stuck” into writing 3 series, Shannara, Landover and Void.

    While I love everything Terry, writes, something new and different would be cool!

    • What about draids in fantasy times? There society they are born of magic giving birth to females. But what of a male draid? Would he have a tree? Or just the magic to enter the trees with earth magic also? Would he be cast out? Would he be main character or small? Who would u team him up with and against? How would the other races see him blessed or cursed?I really really really hope to see something new like that but free forming twists and turns. I thought that reading his books he is so good maybe with the Leah’s or by selfs

  33. My favorite authors (in order of my greatest enjoyment) is Terry Brooks and John Grisham. Terry is also an attorney. Considering this, has he ever thought of trying his hand at a legal thriller? I would delve into it in a heartbeat!

  34. I have been a huge fan of Shannara for years but I really loved the Word/Void series. You take Brooks winning recipe of interesting characters and a an epic story and you put it in some little town that we all know. Add a twist of new myth and you have something that is really exciting. Like some of the posts above I will be quite content to continue exploring the worlds Terry has already created but the thing is we trust him. As a writer he speaks our language and therefore who better to guide us into a new world. I am somewhat biased. I would probably buy a cookbook if Terry wrote it. I would probably even read it.

    • I have known Brian Scully of Blaenau e Gwent who is not as enthusiastic as yourself,but a writer has got to be realistic enough that his writings will be judged on merits and not necessarily his famous name. Sami,manchester uk

  35. I would like something and a total departure from his past works. Perhaps a techno thriller or mystery of some sort – something fresh..

    If he were to stay within the basic Brooks universe, I would like to see more word/void history as others have said.. How about how Findo Gask was seduced by the Void to become a demon…… Something from the void perspective why are they actually perusing the destruction of everything.. etc.

  36. I voted for something completely different, as a fan of Shakespeare I would like to see something cryptic yet poetic like Black Staff as posted on my Facebook page. Or an erotica romance novel….

    As fantasy goes a reboot of Shannara… like a future City of Shady Vale! Ruins of Paranor, a Dwarven City either Culhaven or Tyris? Can’t remember.

    As Sci-Fi goes, I know Terry won’t return to Star Wars, but how about something completely new… new stasrships, new charascters, new planets!


  37. I really want the final part of the Legends of Shannara series, a sequel to The Measure of the Magic, please. This storyline just hangs out there and desperately needs a conclusion!

    • All evil is destroyed by the end of Measure of the Magic. There’s no storyline out there beyond people discovering the Four Lands, which we already know they do. 🙂 Terry does plan on writing more books in the pre-Shannara series, BUT those books will not feature any of the characters from the Legends of Shannara series.

  38. I am hoping for the bridge between the Knights of the Word and the Druids. I’ve always wondered if the darkwand which Pen received from Father Tanequil has any ties to the staffs used by the Knights.

  39. I’d like to see him write about a child of Railing and Mirai, a bad-ass warrior wielding both the Sword of Shannara and the Sword of Leah along with other implements of destruction, teamed up with a shape-changing child of Redden and Oriantha, having the next evolution of the wishsong, in a final showdown with the new Straken Lord (the Isle Witch).

    • Shape shifter storys from werewolf, meremaids ect. And how they lost the ability to shift into more then one thing of equal size. And of the blessed few who still can. From there point of view between the different shifters in mid- evil times (-; a great story is in the details left out and put in. That is one of the many things Terry puts in his book and makes it wild with awe like no other.

  40. I would love to read a Terry Brooks and David Eddings combo book*
    How awesome would that be! (-; from the first two people I read.
    Any chance Shawn?

  41. I really think us fans should give Terry the gift of being more patient and let him write what he wants next. Something new would excite me just as much. A long time ago Terry decided to pick up pen and paper and write about the magical worlds of Shannara and Landover which were new to all the fantasy world and he hasn’t let us down yet. Then the Word and the Void kicked up a whirlwind of something so unlike his previous works that it propelled him onward and once again, I was captivated. With his recent plans to close the window to Shannara, I feel excited once again to see what new creatures lay behind new doors and windows to the spectacular vistas yet to come. Write On Terry!

  42. I want Terry Brooks to write a book that takes place between “The Sword of Shannara” and “The Elfstone of Shannara” where Shea Ohmsford son has an adventure with the druid Allanon.

    Then the story could be about Shea Ohmsfords son named Burt Ohmsford who wants to learn to fly at Wing Hove. Then maybe have a quest first visiting wing hove and getting a flying ride and they could be involved in getting the orbs of power at the Druids castle and they could travel to Worl Run and do away with the evil orb of power for good by casting it into the pits where the demons are locked away. Then in the end Sheas son could find a woman to get married to and have a son named Wil Ohmsford.

  43. I like Shannra series because of its symbolism of good being set at liberty and guarded by Nature while evil confined away. What requires explanation as to from where then evil again came to invade good in its own home. Was it a case of jekyll and hyde,implying that even good is not completely devoid of evil or was it obviously the case that evil can only be confined for a time or some other cause. It appears that impliedly both these factors are involved. Furthermore, Shannara `s magic and courage of very young not only mystify youths but also it imparts an ambition not to be dettered by immense difficulties to do good. Sam Sami

  44. From journalism(parachuting in Suez War in 1956),I went to law,qualifying as barrister-at-law from Grays Inn, London in 1961 and practised civil and criminal law in africa,pakistan and uk,giving up my busy practice in pakistan and donating over 12, 000 books to lower court practitioners,namely karachi bar association and translated Shakespeares Twelth Night in Urdu(Ih ave smattering of german,persian and arabic). Before giving up my practice, my book on law reforms in pakistan was published. At 82, I walk to the library in manchester uk about 3 kilometers most days of the week and now I am starting science fiction coupled with modern fantasy after reading 8-10 books a week . sam sami

  45. I was inspired by terry brooks style and could not sleep without finishing his books on shannara. Unfortunately,this was left out in my last comments sam sami

  46. I want more prehistory of Shannara. Maybe something with Galaphile, Brona and Bremen. the Druids before Allonan

  47. I have already suggested SHIELD OF SHANNARA which can also take the opportunity to answer questions asked about this series sami manchester uk

    • Why Terry Brooks’ style is unique. In Shannara series, characters,situations & purpose he has introduced,he tackled them with the same intensity during development and devolution of the plot,further introducing tit bits of intrigues,little humorous situations and some aspects which could be tantamount to satire (although it may not be British hum-our or satire), and this mode and tempo is maintained throughout without hiccups or interval . The reader is always left impatient & curious in a suspense as to what is going to happen next !This continuity & suspense is not FULLY seen with co-authors. Sam manchester uk

  48. Loved the whole idea of a urban tale. The word and the void novels happening in our time, just hit home. The knights of the word and the little creatures in the forest, just rocked!

  49. I am facing a potentially terminal illness (lymphoma). I would read anything he writes. More Shannara or Landover would be great!!!!!! I value anything he writes and I post this with a small sense of urgency. My attitude is great and would not want anyone to feel bad. Terry, please hurry, LOL.

    • Hello, I realize my post might seem a bit caviler or a bit harsh. If I don’t make light of it I would go bonkers! So I do what I do to get through it all.

      Cheers from Maine, USA! The wilderness.

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