Poll: Are You Happy Shannara Nears Its End?

brooks-darklingFor many of you, that poll question likely made you want to howl in anger.

It’s true though. For the last year at events and on this website, Terry has been saying that he will be wrapping up the end continuity of the Shannara series. It doesn’t mean he won’t write more Shannara books set within the established timeline—like pre-Shannara books or books set between series—but it does mean Terry will be concluding the series exactly as he sees fit.

That means, thankfully, in the event of untimely demise, Brandon Sanderson won’t have to finish the series. Or worse… me. Ha!

I attend many of Terry’s events for obvious reasons and when Terry tells his fans that he is ending the series so it is done by his hand, moans and groans fill the hair. It is hard news to accept. Some people have said to me though that they are happy; happy the Shannara series will be wrapped up by its creator, happy that Terry will then spend more time on new projects.

There are obvious pluses and minuses here. And that informs our Friday poll today:

Are you happy Shannara nears its end?

For those who might not know, Terry is writing the Defenders of Shannara series, which comprises The High Druid’s Blade, The Darkling Child, and a third as of yet untitled book. These three books and the events within them will lead directly into the final Shannara trilogy that Terry feels should be published 2016-2018.

Are you happy about this? Sad? Angry? I have to say, knowing Terry well, that I’m happy he is doing this on his terms.

What do you think? Vote and comment!

83 responses to “Poll: Are You Happy Shannara Nears Its End?”

  1. In happy and sad i grew up with the series i remember checking out the elfstones of shannara at school started the series in a weird order lol but its captivated me then and now still 13 years since that time.

    • Wow! I, like other people have posted, am very sad. I picked up “Sword” in 1982 as an Air Force trainee needing something to read while sitting on dorm guard duty at night. Little did I know that my life would change. I read that complete book during that 8 hour duty. I was (and still am) amazed at Terry’s ability to paint a picture so completely with his words! The world he created has been a refuge for me from the headaches and stress of life for the last 31 years. I have so eagerly awaited every new release and have every 1 of the Shannara novels. My wife found a signed copy of Wards of Faerie for my Christmas present last year – it’s my most prized literary possession!! Terry, I guess I must say thank you for this world that you have shared will all of us. I will always cherish the memories that I have from these literary works and re-visit them often. Again, thanks you!!!!

  2. Although I understand, & to a certain point, agree that Terry finish the brilliant, epic (I could go on & on here) world he created, a part of me will always be sad that shannara is ending. This world has been with me since my early teens (now in my early 40’s) so it’s hard to say goodbye!

    I look forward to reading the forthcoming books, & also to how Terry decides to end the series. Plus, I look forward to reading any future books Terry decides to write, to fill or expand on the brilliant characters he has provided us of the years!

    Finally, & simply – thank you! It’s been a blast, & I look forward to seeing where you take me next!

    • Nothing says your getting old like reading a series since you were a child and seeing the end coming thirty years later.

      It’s hard to accept either. Sob.

      I’m not ashamed to admit that I am in tears as I write this. There are so few books I look forward to reading and the Shannara series has always been one I greeted with vast anticipation.

      If I learn I am developing dementia or alzheimer’s I’ll start rereading the entire series and continue until I can’t remember to read anymore in the hopes that what is left of my mind will drift toward a world I at times in my teen years felt more at home in than this one.

      It also reminds me that Terry is getting old as well. One day, the world will loose one of its great minds and its likely this will happen before we get the technologies to extend lifespan.

      Thank you Terry for all the good reads and memories, and I hope I get to meet you sometime before either of our journeys really take us to another world.

      I am glad to know that Shannara is getting its day on the screen. Look forward to it with an anticipation I only felt during the times of Babylon 5 back in the 1990’s.

  3. I’m happy that Mr. Brooks gets to end it on his own terms, but am very saddened that it is ending because its my favorite series of all time and got me into reading in the first place.

  4. iam new to the shannara series and have read most of them already including the prequils i cant seam to put them down. I would just like to thank terry for the great reading experice he has gave me.

  5. While Yes I am happy to see Terry has decided on a conclusion it also sadden me to see it come full circle. I am looking forward to see what new things Terry will bring to my library as I enjoy all his books.

  6. I am pleased with this decision, and happy for Terry; to end a series of writings on one’s own terms is the very best thing an author/writer can do.

  7. Endings are just new beginnings. Just because Shannara series is ending doesn’t mean that Terry will stop writing. Hope he has many more new books to come 🙂

  8. I think it is admirable that Terry is ending the series on his terms so it will be finished by his hands. With all of those years of hard work on the Shannara series, it is fitting that he do that. After all, it’s his life’s work. I love Terry and everything that he creates so I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  9. I had loved Running with the Demon, and I saw much potential in that project. I had not foreseen that it would transform quickly into the Shannara series. There was so much that could have been going on, and I thought it would translate beautifully into TV. Eye of the World – I did respect that a graduate of a military college did not see how to end a war in 3 books or less. I think too much of the world has come to that viewpoint:


  10. Absolutely happy he gets to end it how he wants and not see the series extended by a ghostwriter or someone other than him. 40 years and 30+ books is more than any of us could have asked for in the beginning. It’s far more than we get from almost any author and certainly more than Tolkien gave his fans!

    • Kyle, I agree with you about not wanting a ghost writer to finish the series. As much popularity as Sanderson is gaining, I have never read anyone with the level of skill that Terry has. Having someone else finish would be like going to an Andrea Bocelli performance, and finding out that someone else would be singing, instead. If I want to read someone else’s writing, I will buy their books.

      Best for Terry to be able to finish the essential story himself. Then we can look forward to a new world and new tales.

  11. While I’m not happy to see an end to the Shannara series at the same time I’m happy that Mr. Brooks will be able to end it on his terms. Thank you Mr. Brooks for the many years of entertainment and escape your work has brought!

  12. It is a great gift to be able to dream up a series, develop the characters and take me to another world where I’ve lost myself for a while. To make one of this immensity and then provide closure is an accomplishment not often possible. Thank you, for a fantastic story.

  13. I understand why he’d finish it. Not 100% pleased that something that I’ve loved for so long would have an ending in sight, but I can see why. The Shannara series barely looks like the Shannara that we started out with in Sword all those years ago. Its progressed to the point where I guess an ending is needed. I’m okay with it I guess.

  14. I am sad to see the series end but happy like everybody else has said that Terry Brooks get to end it as he sees fit. I am exited to know that he plans to continue within the world I am hoping to see the formation of the first Durid order. And learn a bit more about the origins of the four lands. and I hope some more Bearrors of the Black Staff

  15. I’ll admit I am sad to hear that the series will be coming to an end, but knowing that Terry will be doing it as he see fit is the best way to do it. It’s been almost 10 years since I first discovered Terry’s books and I’ve read almost all of them now as a result. Shannara is a great series but at the same time all great series should come to an end eventually and I will be looking forward to seeing how Terry does it. I would rather see the ending fully realized by the world’s creator than having someone else pen the ending series. I look forward to reading more books by Terry and hope to see some more fleshing out of Shannara with other series set in the established timeline.

  16. It is, at the risk of being cliche, very bittersweet. I have been reading Terry Brooks for thirteen years, which at 26 is literally half of my life (and will be much more than half of my life, I hope); I own every book he has written and will continue to buy everything he publishes. On the one hand, I respect his artistic integrity and I want Terry to be able to finish his writing projects – so many great writers pass on before their projects are completed, and it is nice to see that Terry will get to see the better part of his plans as a writer finished and receive such success in his lifetime. On the other hand, I love the Four Lands – I know the geography of the Four Lands better than the places I have lived in. I love the people of the Four Lands, their struggles, and I would like for there to always be new stories. Of course, eventually others will write more, and there is always fanfiction, but it is never the same as the work of the original Author. As sentimental and attached as I am over these books, though, I respect Terry for seeing his project through in the direction he wants to take it, and I am grateful for the great sagas he has given us. It’s a bit like the Elves going into the West – it is sad that they must depart, but their departing and the sadness of it makes their presence all the more beautiful. In the same, way, the closing of the Shannara saga is sad, but the sadness of it is part of its beauty.

  17. It has long been my fear that something would happen to Terry before he was able to complete what has become my favorite work of all media. As a fan of the character Conan, I am glad that Terry would choose to end the stories on his own terms rather than rely on someone else to carry on. While I am sure those that would carry on the world and the characters that he created, no one could ever encapsulate the spirit and the essence of what Terry does.

  18. Never say never, because the chronological gaps between series leave plenty of room for more books. But I am looking forward to a grand reread of all of them, from Running with the Demon to the Shannara conclusion.

  19. While no one can be happy to have a series of books that they have loved for a very long time reach it’s conclusion, at the same time it is good that Terry does this voluntarily. I would much rather have the world end on his terms. Even if, as was mentioned in the article, other books are written inside of the world timeline that Terry closes, the Shannara world still receives closure. Far better that than what has happened to other famous literature authors (Frank Herbert and his Dune Chronicles and Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series leap to mind), where those authors passed on before they could completely their series and those worlds had to be closed out by other authors.

  20. Not angry, but happy/sad kinda rolled together. It’s great that Mr. Brooks will get to end the series as he believes that it should end. It’s his world after all, we’re just living in it. 🙂 It will be sad to see the series come to a close, but they all have to at some point. So Thank YOU Mr. Brooks for writing a great series of books that I’ve been reading since I was a teenager in the mid-80’s and one that I still eagerly await for each time a new book is released.

  21. As a teen I was in a dark place. Not one of my own making but one of being an outcast and a poor child that went to a school where I was shunned. I thought something was wrong with me. I thought many times of ending my life because I had no worth. But, when I found The Sword and read it and then went on to all the others it brought me to a place I had never been. To a realization that I was not what others thought of me but I was what God thought of me and that my value came from Him and not others. So, thank you Terry for my life ( and it was your gift of writting that made it so ) and although we have never met I feel as though you are a close friend. I have a wonderful wife and 5 beautiful children and have started a very sucessful non profit that makes a positive difference in others lives and would like to think maybe you would take joy in that as well. Finish your race and end well. God bless.

  22. Will have to wait and see how it’s done. Because, unless all of the lands are blown to pieces and there’s no sign of life – evil or good – there is always another story to be told.
    Maybe it’ll end with the creation of another gypsy morph.

  23. I was in the middle of reading “Bloodfire Quest” last year and while going through a routine hospital procedure, went into cardiac arrest. When I realized what had happened and I was back resting comfortably in my hospital room, I grabbed the book and thought: “Terry better wrap this thing up before I REALLY drop dead. How disappointing that would be to not see how this all pans out!! I hope he does it on his terms. No one else should think they could do better.

  24. Although I thoroughly love the Shannara series,I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with. If it happens that Terry,for whatever reason,doesn’t write again it will be a pleasure to re-read all that he was gifted to us the readers so far…Thank You Terry and you as well Shawn for all the countless hours you put in here to keep us informed

  25. It will be a sad day when I finish the final book.
    I’ve been reading the Shanara series since I was 14
    I’m about to turn 49. My children also have been
    Reading this series since they were old enough to
    Say they wanted to borrow my books lol.
    For years I refused to read anyone other than Mr Brooks
    And to this day, he is still my favorite.
    Thank you so very much for all the years of enjoyment!

  26. Having been a fan for close to 20 years now, I am very sad to see an end in sight for the Shannara series. However, I have only the utmost respect for Terry and this decision feels right. I sincerely hope that he continues to write in the established timeline, though, as there are countless stories still to be told within those parameters. Thank you, Terry, for many, many hours of enjoyment! And I hope there are many hours still forthcoming!
    (And the Brandon Sanderson comment did bring a giggle – although I am grateful to have been introduced to him as an author, as he is now among my favorites, particularly Mistborn.)

  27. I started reading the Shannara series in 9th grade and have kept up with it all through my life. I am very sad to see the end coming up, but am very grateful to Terry for giving me this amazing storyline that I will be able to read again and again. I am really looking forward to sharing the Shannara series with my nephew and niece as they get older so they can in turn share it with their children. I am hoping this collection of books will be passed on for generations to come in my family.

  28. While I am sad there will apparently be an end I am glad Terry will be able to end it himself. Having read his work for over 20 years I look forward to anything new he releases.

  29. I have been in love with this whole series since I started reading the books decades ago. Although I am happy for Terry being able to complete his series his own way, I do regret further adventures into the future. I know the literary world has lost many wonderful authors in the past few years, particularly the sci-fi fantasy authors, but even Robert Jordan did have the wherewithal to be prepared for the epic finale by his painstaking preparations, his wife’s help and sheaves of work for Sanderson to sort through. I honestly did not think he did a bad job of the finale in actual fact and do enjoy his own literature. It would be nice if, like Anne McCaffrey, Terry had someone working with him, to learn from a master, the way Todd did or as Felix Francis did from his father Dick, so that the legacy Terry started may continue. The loss of any great author from the ranks of literature is one that cannot be filled easily. David Eddings’ loss is a case in point and another author I miss greatly. All I can say is that I hope for the best for Terry, many more years writing, and doing it his way. I will miss the new stuff though, but will always be happy with whatever I can read by him.

  30. I loved the first two Shannara series when I was a kid, but stopped reading because “First King” was so poorly edited. What is the best book to jump back into the series?

  31. Shannara is one of the most epic fantasy worlds out there; it is rare that an author chooses to wrap up that sort of enormousness on his own terms, rather than letting it continue indefinitely. It’s certainly not like Narnia, neatly packaged within seven books, or Middle-Earth, where we only come in near the end and then get fed bits of more ancient lore here and there. I think it’s amazing that he has a definite end plan in sight, and to think that it will be concluded in my lifetime. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I saw Elftstones of Shannara on a library shelf and got completely and totally swept away – I think I was maybe ten!

    And I am extremely excited to see what new worlds Terry Brooks creates next!

  32. 1977. That was the year I read The Sword of Shannara. I have been with the series ever since and have not regretted a moment. Thank you Terry for all of the enjoyable books.

  33. If I’m understanding things right. This means that the timeline for Shannara is simply coming to an end? He is simply telling how the Shannara world come to a close? If so that seems perfectly fine as long as he will continue to write more Shannara books. Since, from what I understand from reading the comments,(I have only read the first two books and still need to finish the wishsong.) there seems to be a great many places in his many books where he can write another story. This is a smart move since he prevents the chance of anyone else having to create the end of the Shannara world while allowing for the creation of many more books that would fill in the gaps in the time line.

  34. While I wish this series would go on forever, I also know that Terry will create new characters and stories that I will also become found of. For as much as I appreciate the world of Shannara, I respect even more the genius who created it.

  35. Although I understand Terry wanting to end the series on his own terms, I am also sadden about the closure. As a writer Terry needs to move on to something new… other novels in other markets. I would like to see a new sci-fi book, romance novel, or Shakespearian Style book based upon Blackstaff.

    Also, I would like to see Shannara opened up to different writers, like the Dragonlance Sega… if Terry Brooks and Del Ray would allow such a thing!


  36. How many books left to complete the prequel series? At the last count we were at FIVE which comprised the Genesis and Legends series.

  37. It is sad to see it go, but it is good he is writing his own ending, and at least the series will not suddenly morph into something else. I hope he does many more books in the timeline though.

  38. I’ve often contemplated this, but in a more final sense, as though Terry were to stop writing.

    Hand one: I can finally stop buying books (as this is the only series I buy, I just check out other books).

    Hand two: NO! My favorite series is over!

    But as for the point of the question, since it’s just that the story will not progress past the next trilogy, I don’t mind at all. He’s still going to be writing, so I’m good. It matters not to me if the stories take place before or after something he’s already written, because he will have written it, and as my favorite author, I’m sure it will be good.

  39. I’m a little sad but mostly I am happy about how Terry Brooks has decided to handle this. To this day I have only read the first 8 Shannara books and have not yet read any of the newer books. I read the original trilogy and the 2nd Heritage series back when I was still in high school and college. To this day I have not read a better piece of fictional literature. I have wanted to continue reading the rest of the Shannara books but time has not been my friend. So I was hesitant to begin reading the series again because I did not know when it would end or if new books would be written. So now that I know no new major new books are coming, I can finally read all the books in proper order without fear of having new stuff mess me up. I love Terry Brooks and he is probably my favorite author of fantasy literature. I look forward to reading any new books or new series that he writes.

  40. You should always start with Sword, Elfstones, and Wishsong! Then the Heritage Series… Scion, Elf Queen, Druid, and Tailsman.

    The later series to me.. . Is not as good. But then I always liked a more pure fantasy setting with sword & sorcery at it’s core. The mixing of US background in Arnegedon and that trilogy with Demon Running really hurt the fantasy world I always envisioned while ready Elfstones.


  41. I have mixed emotions. I have been reading Terry’s books since I was 12 years old. Twenty-three years of reading and re-reading the epic tales Terry Brooks weaves. I think it’s time though. I feel through reading the last series that Terry needs to write something new. As one post stated, thirty plus books in a forty year period is truly more than any if us could have hoped for, and nobody wants Sanderson to step in and finish it off like he did with WoT. ( just teasing…but not really) When the ending does arrive I would like to see the books be in the 500+ page range. At least for the finale series. Terry Brooks is a master of his craft, and have and will continue to enjoy this literary journey that started with two brothers from Shady Vale. Eilt Druin- Through knowledge, power.

  42. Also, I would like to see Shannara opened up to different writers, like the Dragonlance Sega… if Terry Brooks and Del Ray would allow such a thing!

    I always thought Shawn would take over the series… since he appears t book signing. And knows the world better than anyone else? I would like to see an open door policy at Del Ray to Shannara… from many different writers!


  43. It saddens me to see Shannara end. I have every book, in hardback, and I reread the series all the time. However, I am honestly hoping Mr. Brooks will now be able to find time to write perhaps another pre-Shannara trilogy that ties the last book of Legends of Shannara (The Measure of the Magic) to the First King of Shannara timeline. It would be interesting to read of the development of the First Druid Order and the construction of Paranor.
    – Please Terry…? –
    However, I WOULD NOT like to see another author take over any of Shannara. I read The World Of Shannara (“Completely Updated”), which I believe Mr. Brooks only advised on, and was very disappointed – in spite of the fact it was supposed to be an historical recounting of Shannara from the beginning, I saw several things that did not seem to agree with the books themselves.

  44. The one small worry I have is that Terry, as he often does, will have a very open ending. I hope it is an ending with few dangling threads. I don’t want to see an ambiguous ending that leaves me expecting another book. All this time I have not had a problem with Terry doing this as I can expect another book. I hope the series ending will be just that, an ending be it happy of sad.

  45. So much of the Shannara Series has been Generational… with each book ending in one generation of the Ohmsford family. So I would guess that the ending would be about the last family seed or generation and their quest to stop some evil threat. Sword, Elfstones, and Wishsong all ended in this way. So I would expect the same from Terry Brooks.

  46. I have been reading Terry’s Shannara books since I was 18 yrs old starting in 1977. I’m now 55 yrs old. I have loved every one of them. Yes, it;s time, as they say all good thing must come to an end, I’m really looking forward to what Terry writes in the future. I know that whatever it is, it’ll keep me on the edge of my seat! Thank you Terry. Your characters have been my friends these many years!

  47. Thank you Terry. I have read and enjoyed every one of your books over the years. You are truely the best fantasy writer I have ever read.

  48. I wonder if he’ll end the last Shannara book with “and all the Ohmsfords lived happily ever after.” LOL.

    I am a longtime fan and it is sad to see it come to an end, but it will be good to have a nice clean wrap up of the series by Terry. I personally wouldn’t want anyone else writing in this series. Terry is the best fantasy writer there is or ever will be.

  49. I love the Shannara books sooo much. They are such a large part of my life. I feel when they come to a end, a part of my heart will be missing. There won’t be that excitement I feel when a new Shannara book is coming out. No other books have captured me as much as them. I know I will sit down and cry when I read the last page of the last book. It will be as if I lost something of great value in my life. But in saying all of that, it is Terrys life not mine and he knows what is best for him and what he writes. So I will finish the rest of the Shannara books he will write with a sad heart, knowing they are coming to a end. But I will also be waiting to see and read what Terry will do next. I trust him and will always read whatever he writes. His books are the first I have ever read and fell in love with.

  50. I’ve read all but the latest of the Shannara books. Most of them I’ve read several times over the last 17 years. The thing that I hope for in some of Terry’s future books is the rest of the story between The Legends of Shannara and The First King. I would like to see a connection geographically between the valley and the world of Shannara. It would be nice to see how the survivors of the Troll attack manage their migration into the world, who took over the Elven Throne after Phryne’s heroics, and the connection of the Gnomes and Dwarves with the rest of the peoples of Shannara.. More importantly, the formation of the First Druid Council at Paranor and the stories behind the rebel druids’ and Coglin’s split from the order. That’s just my druthers, but I’ll read Terry Brooks’ stories regardless of his direction and share them with my children. Thank you kind sir for your time and efforts.

  51. I’m not feeling any strong feelings about this news. If there are only two more trilogies that take place post-Dark Legacy, I actually think that might be a good thing. Although for financial and other reasons I won’t start that trilogy for several more months and probably won’t finish it for a year, I have read that it involves the further growth of scientific technology in the Four Lands, in conflict with magic. I wasn’t crazy about the advanced technology of the airships. I’d like to see the series concluded before we have early fighter planes (or something like that) showing up over the Westland. I’d love it if Terry keeps writing Shannara books set earlier in time. Specifically I would love to see a book or two or three about the First War of the Races. It could also involve some large-scale battles of the sort we saw outside of Tyrsis in the story that started it all.

  52. I am sure I will miss the Shannara series but I think Terry has made the right decision. However I would really like to see a pre-Shannara trilogy regarding Brona and how he became one of the most dangerous enemy of the whole series.

  53. It’s good to end it on his own terms. Some major series have not been properly finished or taken care of after the author has passed away. I hope he has many years of writing great books. Maybe now he will revisit Landover. Please!? But I am open to new and exciting stories from him too.

  54. I picked up The Sword of Shanara when I was a freshman in high school when it first came out. I must say that Terry’s book brought reading into my life. This was the first book I had read that made me want to pick up a book and engulf myself in the story and actually enjoy it! I remember the vivid pictures and the map in The Sword of Shanara, they were awesome! Now I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read. Thank God for devices like the Nook or I wouldn’t have any room in my house! Thank you Terry for bringing books and wonderful stories into my life!

  55. A good story, like a good song, comes with so much other detail that makes it unique. My sister, Marian, introduced me to Terry Brook’s Shannara series as a young adult. She has since passed away but everytime I have a new Shannara adventure to read, I am reminded of her gift of literature to me through Terry Brooks. It saddens me that the series will come to an end. I impulsively want to say “no, wait! surely there’s more…” but I do respect Terry’s choice and I am glad it ends as he would describe it. I hope that what ever he chooses to work on next will fill another new reader with the same sense of adventure that I have been enthralled with for all of these years. Thank you Terry.

  56. I’m a little disappointed because I’ve been reading the Shannara series for almost 20 years, but I’m also happy that it will have a definitive end according to Terry’s vision, as opposed to one concocted through notes and well-meaning assumptions.

  57. One day I was in a thrift store and I bought “Sword Of Shannara” for a dollar and it changed my life, these books have meant the world to me. There the only books I’ve ever read more than once. I think it’s great Mr. Brooks is going out on top and on his own terms. That’s so much better than milking for every penny he can or letting someone else take over.


  58. I picked Sword at about 18. I fell in love with the series and the writings of Mr. Brooks. After reading the first 7 books I did not continue reading his books in part because I did not like their titles. While strolling through a library one day I came across the First King. I read it and immediately re-read those first 7 books. After that I hit the bullet and began reading his continuing saga. And boy am I glad I did. What wonderful stories. Once done with those I dove headlong into his earlier books and was amazed at how perfectly all these stories fit together. Mr. Brooks, you sir are a writer of the first order. I have so enjoyed reading your work and am greatly intrigued by what you will be writing once you conclude the Shannara Epic.

  59. I think it’s very wise of Terry to do this. I love the Shannara series and hate to see it go, but it’s good that the author will finish instead of someone else. I’ve seen series that have gone on for ages but then the author dies so someone else has to take up the torch. They do an okay job but you can definitely tell it’s written by someone else–it doesn’t have the same feel.

  60. I’m happy for Terry, but sad (and at least a bit angry) for me – I’m just beginning Sword of Shannara. I chose to start Robert Jordan’s WOT first partly because it was a toss-up between him and Terry. Sword was always out of the library, and I found Eye of the World really easily.

    So finally, in December, I found Sword in at the library, and time to look over it. Now I’m hooked on two series :). I’m afraid I’m going to find that most of the Shannara fans disappear after the final book of the series, like the WOT fans seemed to disappear, especially for the non-Sanderson books.

    On the other hand, “It doesn’t mean he won’t write more Shannara books set within the established timeline—like pre-Shannara books or books set between series—but it does mean Terry will be concluding the series exactly as he sees fit.” So, it’s not like he is closing down the series completely. He’s only making sure that he gets to write the ending.

    So I continue to hold out hope in several areas. But sour pickles, I’m getting tired of entering a series just before it closes!

  61. I read the Sword of Shannara when it was first published. I was in high school and our library had a copy. I checked it out again and again. I’ve read everything Terry has written since. My teenage son has now started reading the books and loves them. I’m not happy that the story will close, but at the same time, I love that Terry will conclude this fantastic Shannara journey in a way that I know won’t leave readers hanging or feeling cheated. I’ll be looking forward to everything!

  62. dont ever get me wrong, i LOVE shannara. the first 7 books are the best books i have ever read(and i have read a lot of books). but with all things that start at there best they cant improve and to me after the first 7 books they have started to go down hill. D:
    i will be glad to see them tied off so Mr.Brooks can start fresh.

  63. As a “must-read-the-soonest” author among my other favorites, I would love to see TB is finishing / wrapping up the story on his own term. He is deserve that. However, I am OK if someone else (Shawn!!!) taking up the challenge to write more Shannara stories within the established timeline but not after the wrapping up.

  64. I said never. I like the fact that Terry will be writing what I hope will be an EPIC ending. However I would prefer a cliffhanger of some kind. That way the story can go on in the heads of all of the SHANNARA fans. For example the characters of all of Terry’s books stick with me. After I finish reading a book I like to think how the lives of all these characters are changed and what their lives might be like after the fact.(I really love the shorts) So however TERRY decides to end the seires it will never end for me.

  65. I’m a long time fan of all of Terrys publishings. Terrys writing style is so wonderful that if a person only reads one of his book series they are not left with the sense of something not fullfilled. That way if they don’t get to read any of his other superb writings they still have plenty of insight to each main character. I’ve read every Shannara book save the latest releases (which I will read as soon as I get the opportunity) and I didn’t even read all those In chronological order but always felt as if I knew each main character personally. I love the “Word and Void” series as well as the “Magic Kingdom” series and it’s the same way with those. Each of Terrys books takes me away to it’s particular realm and I never want to leave. If he does decide to “end” either series at least he will leave a chance for someone to pick up where he leaves off if he decides to pass on the reigns. If he does we can rest assured it will be someone with a true appreciation for all his books. Thanks for all the great adventures Terry. Kudos to you and all your characters! Please continue as long as you can to provide us all with the much needed escape from daily life into your realm.

  66. I am sad that Shannara will be ending. I have loved every book and read them more than once. I am about to start the series over again. I am glad that Terry will be ending the series. There are plenty if things I want to see (like some more pre-Shannara books) but I agree, it is time. Everything has to end eventually and I would rather Shannara end the way Terry wants it to end.
    In short, after reading all of his books and getting the chance to meet him, I trust him. If this is what he thinks is best, then I will support him in it.

  67. This really brought tears to my eyes. These are words I never wanted to hear, “shannara ending”. I still can’t quite come to terms with it. I still remember that dark, cold, stale day when I went into the library at school because I had to pick a book to read for Reading Points so I could begin to achieve my points so I could graduate in 4 years. I happened to pick up Heritage of Shannara right off the 1st shelf I came to. It was like destiny had lead me there. I read it in 2 days, and proceeded to read Druid of Shannara and then Elf Queen. From that point, I finished that series and went back to read Sword, elfstone, wishsong, then proceeded to read them all. Luckily, they were enough to obtain enough points for me to graduate with in that 1st year. From that moment on, Shannara has become a big part of my life. Heck, it even helped me write a short story myself in English class to pass the class. I picked up where Wishsong left off about 50 years later and created a short story in my head. Passed with an A+.

    So, can I say goodbye to Shannara. No! But I do really appreciate Terry for wanting to end the books with him. It wouldn’t be the same if someone else wrote a book after him. With that being said, I can agree to it ending. I still feel sick just thinking about it. But hopefully, and I do mean hopefully, terry will go back inbetween series and write little 1 book stand-alones to still let us enjoy new content. Just hopefully.

    All in all, thank you Terry for all the memories. And hats off to you for the greatest book series off all time. Now I’m hoping that a movie will finally happen. Because I know it will blow any other book-to-movie out of the water. FOREVER SHANNARA!

  68. An exit with grace, dignity, and, I hope, the last descendants of the Ohmsfords racing again to save family and country by using the Seeker stones and the wishsong. If Mr. Brooks has new characters and worlds, I’m willing to go along on that trip. But the Shannara and The Word and the Void series have been in my library since I bought The Sword of Shannara in college. As a matter of fact, the only two ebooks I own are Bearers of the Black Staff and The Measure of the Magic, otherwise I prefer paperback so I can nest in my bed and read at leisure. Ghostwriter? May the Grimpond cast a spell on whoever dares!!! (And no Allanon or King of the Silver River to save you). I have enjoyed your gift for imagery and telling a tale, Mr. Brooks, it’s my vacation-on-the-spot bubble, especially when I was at the hospital taking care of my grandfather and it was your second set of the series. Bring it on. I may not like it that much (Landover) or I may love it as well as the Shannara series (Word and the Void, Bearers of the Black Staff).

  69. Mr. Brooks should be the one to wrap up the series, he created the Shannara universe. The great thing is, there are many stories that can still be told by him simply by filling in the gaps in the timeline. The end, in this case, dosen’t mean The End.

  70. Realistically, no anger, but I will be sad to see the end of the series. However, as one wrote above, it does not literally mean “The End.” Terry will go on writing fro as long as he can and I will continue to read his books, over and over for as long as I can. My kids know his set of signed books are the most prized in my collection bookcase. Ending the series on his terms will keep us gripping those books and turning those pages in a frenzy until the last word is read! I would not want it to be any other way! That is how his first book was for me and has been the same with each new release.

    Terry’s writing is what began my love of fantasy and I would love to read with him to the end of his series!

  71. I’ve been with Terry since the beginning of Shannara. I was around 26 at the time the sword came out and have been following Terry ever since. He is the only fantasy writer I have ever truly followed, and am grateful for having been smart enough to pickup his first book. Have truly enjoyed the journey and was delighted with the Magic Kingdom series. Best wishes and good luck on the Mtv series, hope it doesn’t get hacked apart and ruined.

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