Why Shannara on MTV is a Good Thing

A Letter from Terry
A Letter from Terry
Dear Readers,

You cannot imagine how difficult it has been waiting for this morning’s announcement about the endeavor to turn the Shannara books into a TV series, starting with Elfstones of Shannara. Really, it has been very hard not to talk about it. I’ve known about the particulars of this effort for some time. I’m very excited about Miles Millar and Al Gough writing and Jon Favreau directing. I am also very excited about MTV’s strong passion for the project and I am very confident they will be a great home for it.

Mostly, I just want you to know how happy I am with the way things have worked out. I couldn’t be more excited to be partnered with Farah Films, Sonar Entertainment, Millar and Gough, Favreau, and now MTV. It’s a team that will get this done and done right.

What makes me excited for the future is the extent to which we are all on the same page with regard to how the series should be developed and how much everyone is committed to seeing that it sticks close to the heart and soul of the books. If I didn’t feel this way, I couldn’t write this letter.

So let’s celebrate this finally coming together. It’s been thirty-five years since that effort began. The best still lies ahead, and I am looking forward to getting there.

All good wishes, Terry

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  1. I’m confused. why is the series(?) going to start with Elfstones instead of Sword? I’ve been reading Terry Brooks ever since Sword and Shea and Flick are among my most favorite characters of his…and of course Allanon. Really confused, though I know you all are not.
    Thanks! Judy

    • Probably because there’s a love triangle type of situation that could be played up for the MTV audience in elf stones.

    • Great start to draw in viewers who may not have read the books, but those of us who have been ardent readers will still be disappointed. Hopefully the series will follow the books closely enough to appeal to the dedicated readers as well as the new draws?

    • I would think that they could always go back to elements of Sword as a kind of flashback/backstory for the series. At least at first. Just a thought.

    • Elfstones was the first I read. I sobbed at the end like the teenage drama girl I was. I am excited for a series!

    • I keep reading that its due to Elfstones having 2 strong female characters but First King has 2 as well who are there through more of the book unlike Eritrea and not whiny and moody throughout most the book like Amberle. Mareth and Preia are a lot more stronger mentally through their stories and actually get involved in numerous battles properly.

      First king also has more romance than Elfstones as it has the love triangle between Jerle, Preia n Tay and the relationship between Kinson n Mareth.

      First king is not similar to LOTR though the ideas of the Forbidding n demons do make it more appealing and the tradegy of Wil and Amberles relationship n her final fate add a twist that make me feel its why its being chosen more along with the story generally being more popular.

      I dont think people would mind a few characters switching sex for adaptions anyway e.g Durin and Dayle could be switched for Elven sisters I rekon without many problems. Maybe hold a vote 2 see what the rest of the fans think and if there’d b outrage? It also gives in the chance to add a bit more romance without adding new characters.

      I can’t say I’ve got much hope for this as I watched Smallville n the key character Clark actually ruined the show for me as they didnt have him doing anything most the time. Plus the final big battles the series had been building up to most the time were like damp fireworks, almost like they’d ran out of money or ideas to show anything. The budget issue also makes me wonder how they’ll get the grandness of Elfstones on screen or if they’ll jus cut most the part involving armies and the different races.

      Finally, them saying it’s compatiable with Teen Wolf scares me silly as to what they’re doing. I really dont want a fantasy teen love drama with a lot of posing and no action or sense of scale. If they’d got Joss Whendon fine, as Buffy was epic unlike Smallville. I’m just worried if it fails then it’ll put studios off making a movie trilogy for this book n others which would have had more chance of success with the public.

    • … glad to hear they aren’t going to just make up a female role like they did with Arwen in LOTR. She was mentioned briefly in the book… yet appears all over the movie… I think a story can still be good without an intertwined “love story”.

    • Sorry to put a dampener on this but I have to agree with Judy. The Sword was the foundation and life blood of the series and to me to leave it out would be like taking the main characters out of a movie.

    • Millar and Gough were the creators of Smallville and worked on the series for six of the ten seasons. If they are in on this, I am certainly intrigued. Although I do not have cable and no access to MTv, I will be looking for the series online to watch or on DVD. Is there a premier date as of yet?

    • Wow, excellent news, have been reading Terry since I was in junior high school back in early 80’s, about time someone decided to do this, this will be must see TV, Terry is by far my favorite author.

    • This is a very good answer. I did want to see Tay Trefenwyd’s character unfold on my “Big Screen.” His sacrifice still holds a place in my heart.

    • One of the main reasons is the “tension” from all of the Lord of the Rings followers that have/continue to bash the Shannara series saying that the Sword of Shannara was “ripped” off of LOTR. If you dig a little deeper into some of the history of the series and the critiques of the past it is actually a great idea to start with Elfstones. Once people get hooked there then at some time in the future do the prequel thing!! I’m just so excited about this I don’t care they start!!

      • Yes the LOTR reason has been given by Terry himself..who admits that Sword was deeply influenced by LOTR. Terry has admitted that his “signature” style is more apparent in Elfstones, and that it is his preferred starting point.

    • I believe that they are starting with Elfstones because it has a strong female character in the storyline. Also, a lot of people compare the Sword with The Lord of The Rings so they really want Elfstones to stand out. Just my opinion on some of the things that I have read about this.
      I would love to see them start with the Sword.

    • I love Terry and have read all of his books, but Sword was pretty similar to LOTR, though Terry successfully developed his own world over time.

    • He has talked about this in the past. There is the fear that The Sword is too similar to the Lord of the Rings. Due to this, it may not get a fair chance to be shown for the masterpiece that it is. Also, the Elfstones has two strong female leads, Amberle and Eretria, which the Sword does not. This may help to appeal to a wider audience. I personally enjoy the Shannara series much more than L.O.T.R.

      I can’t wait!!!

    • Don’t blame Terry…he has always wanted to start a series which covers the books the way and when he wrote them. During the past 15 years the most interest he has received for the rights to a theatrical version of Shannara was for Elfstones. Though, Magic Kingdom for Sale–Sold! has also received plenty of interest too.

      If you have only read the books once then please read them a second time and it will become clear why Elfstones gets the most attention. The emotional level of the reader rises to behemoth proportions at the beginning of Elfstones and maintains that level all through the book. To be honest I have never read Elfstones a 3rd time because my heart can’t take it. In fact, I think I cursed Terry on his website forum after my second reading of Elfstones and told him he should go back to being an attorney because as a writer I felt that he screwed up. But, now I realize how profound Elfstones is and his intent. If the MTV series captures the essence of Terry’s intent, and I think Jon Favreau will succeed, then The Shannara Chronical will be a classic and last forever. Heck…I’m welling up as I write this.

  2. Wow! It’s about time Mr. Brooke’s. I can’t wait to see your vision come to live-action film. I’m really excited that the creators of Smallville are involved. I’ve been watching the series for the first time recently, and I have faith they can do it justice. Congratulations. I know its been a long road to this.

    • well shawn i cant be more excited about this since terry is staying involved helping with the writing,and directing,I know terry will make sure the series stays with the book, and we can all be assured that nothing in the book will be cut out because of the fear of it being to long for a movie!!!

  3. As an avid reader of all things Shannara since i was 13 ( I am now 40), I am excited at the notion for FINALLY seeing my favorite series on the screen…and yet disappointed at the announcement of MTV which has spiraled downwards into a pit of superficiality and debauchery since the late 90’s. Why not FX? Why not AMC? Why not a channel that does not cater to uninformed, liberal, nonsense?

    • I completely agree with you about MTV, I almost started crying when I read that MTV bought the rights….I’m very very worried that it will be something like Teen Mom, My Super Sweet 16, 16 And Pregnant, and Jersey Shore Trash!!! I REALLY hope that I’m wrong.

      • I’m . . . somewhat confused as to how you think it could make a story about elves fighting an apocalyptic demon war in a post-apocalyptic future into “something like” any of those things. I’m worried it will be cheesy. I’m worried it will be badly written. I’m worried the effects won’t be up to snuff. I’m not worried that it will be “Teen Mom.”

    • @Bryan, to be honest I thought the same thing about MTV. I wondered why not AMC or FX. When I saw it will be on MTV it made me think that the series would be more of a joke. It kind of lost some of the nostalgia. I sincerely hope it turns out great, but I am disappointed to see that it will be on MTV.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. I know it’s a different network but The Sword of Truth series was a joke, I hope it doesn’t flop also.

      • Teen Wolf on MTV is pretty good, but I am afraid of what it will look like on a network that doesn’t have a lot of non-reality tv shows. I think the problem with the Sword of Truth series was that it was produced by Disney, and they tried to make it too family friendly. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing family friendly about the Sword of Truth series.

        • I agree wholey, Joshua. SoT was SOOO far from being family friendly but Disney went ahead and ruined it anyway. Plus it was too much in the vein of Hercules and Xena (Yes I know Sam Raimi was behind the helm and that’s probably why) but I thought he would have moved with the times. Those shows were good in their day…IN THEIR DAY!… but formatting SoT in the same way was just a big mistake. If they’d had the foresight to be true to the books like HBO did with GoT (by the way, wouldn’t it be awesome if HBO were doing Elfstones?) then it probably would have survived.
          Elstones is a great book to start on and I’m glad Terry Brooks is smart enought to realise that, even though he cut his teeth on Sword, it was Elfstones where his true creativitiy and originality flared into the brilliance it still is today. After LoTR, people would see too many similarities in Sword to give it a fighting chance. From the moment I first read that there was a possibility of Shannara on film/TV and that would probably start with Elfstones, I suppoprted that descision. I can’t wait to see it brought to life on the big screen (and in today’s analogies, that means my 63 inch plasma). Congrats, Mr Brooks. And thank you for all the wonderful stories you’ve being giving us.

          • Well, I had planned on commenting, but this pretty much sums up my fears and hopes. The only real difference being that my plasma is only 60″. Bummer.

    • Liberal.
      What does that have to do with Terry Brooks’ work? MTV is a disappointment, but you have to throw some politics into it? Seriously?

  4. Whoaa! Man, I’ve been a fan of this series for a decade, and have been anxiously wondering if a film would be made of it since before anything about a Shannara movie had even been posted! And now a TV series? Hmmm… it’ll take a minute to let that sink in.

    Also, I’m an actor/filmmaker. Are there going to be any open auditions or anything? I’d give up anything to be a part of this series! Still my favorite book series…

    Terry Brooks, keep being awesome.

    • I would love to know this as well. I am an actress and would love to become a part of my favorite author’s stories!

  5. SO EXCITED! Let us know if there is an open fan casting call 🙂 I’d give an eye to be a part of it in any way 🙂

    • I can’t wait to see how this turns out!!I ‘be been a fan since the first book of Terry Brooke’s came out!! I do so hope they do it well!!!

  6. Thanks, Terry, for alleviating my concerns about it appearing on MTV. I’ve been waiting for this for over 20 years and would be pretty bummed if they did not do the story justice!

  7. I am so glad to hear the Terry Brooks books are finally going to be put into this new format. I hope they do a real quality job.
    I first read Sword of Shannara on midnight shift in a guard house in Kaiserslautern Germany in 1977, I was hooked from that moment on. Read all of his books at least three times each.

  8. so stoked to hear this!!! Happy for you Terry and everyone involved, and of course for us fans that get to watch!

  9. When asked who my favorite fantasy author is, my answer is Terry Brooks. Love all of your books, not just the Shannara books. I am looking forward to the series. In fact, I can’t wait!

  10. Congratulations, what great news for you, your fans and for all of the people who will get to see this story for the first time. I’m so excited to see the outcome!

  11. I have read every shanara book published. I have loved each one and have the first series in mint hard back. I must agree that I wish that there was a movie and not a series as the story lines begin to blur. Even with good intent the story line strays and becomes like a soap. Please make the movies first. Then the tv series.

  12. Shawn, do you know if they have a production design and art team selected yet? I’m interested to see who ends up in that role as it will define the “look” of the Four Lands. A significant part of the appeal of Jackson’s Tolkien adaptations (IMHO) was the inclusion of Alan Lee and John Howe in the art department. Makes me wish DKS was still alive.

  13. Like most people I started with The Sword and then the Elfstones and then as the books progressed read one after the other, The Elfstones as a stand alone novel is my favorite and I’m excited about the idea. However if I was to recommend reading the Shannara books to a young reader I would start them with Running with the Demons and personally I feel that’s where any TV series should start, and the true beginning for the Scions of Shannara.
    As a stand alone movie any of the books would be brilliant as a T.V. series start at the beginning.

    • any of the Word an Void books could be done as a film, while the Shannara books in general are much bigger/longer and would inevitably lose something in film conversion

  14. Mr. Brooks- I’m probably just as excited as you are! Your books have given me great entertainment over the years and I am anxious to see if what my imagination showed me about the characters and stories are close to what you intended. Congratulations!

  15. Does this mean the Wishsong is finally getting its own music video? All kidding aside, I’ll be watching this series as soon as it comes out, and for however long it lasts. Hopefully several seasons.

  16. Very excited about the news. I know it has been a real tough road through Hollywood in th last 20 years (since Hook ). I know that anything that can be made from a book into tv or movie only opens more doors for people to go back and read the original. Best of luck from a Seattle fan.

  17. Congratulations! It’s about time that your incredible work got it’s potential recognised!
    I, for one, am truly excited!!!!! Woooohoooooo!

  18. Why MTV? I mean, I’m excited all the way around–it’s a great team, and I even think beginning with Elfstones is an awesome idea–but MTV? I was hoping for an AMC or HBO series–even FX might have been alright… MTV hasn’t proven themselves with this kind of series, or any kind of material that’s even close to the level of excellence the Shannara series embodies. Seems like a really big gamble to go with them. Just my opinion.

    • MTV Still scares me!!! Hopefully they use better cgi than sci fi has used! I’ve am going to hate to have to tune that channel in to watch this series.. but watch it I will. I’ve started reading the series in H.S. and have ready every TB book faithfully since the mid to late 80’s.

    • It’s all about audience though and I can’t help but agree MTV isn’t the best gamble. I don’t know if you are targeting the right demo group for this series. I haven’t watched MTV in 20 years and though you’ll get people like me tuning in to check it out, you will be relying on the tween crowd to make this a success. As George Lucas said, TV is a lot different than movies. As he learned with Young Indy series.

      • Thank you reclusive spirit! I understand everyone’s excitement as i’ve read, defended, and luv’d everything Terry’s written. I can’t imagine anything better than Shannara or Landover coming to life. However…(deep breath) when I seen “mtv” I felt like going to kmart to ship my pants. The team is incredible, but mtv?! Who’s the target audience? What the hell is going on here? I swear to god if I see Wil chugging a Mt Dew i’m burning my books.

        • Terry Brooks, Jon Favreau, Miles Millar, and Al Gough are making the show. Why would Terry, Favreau, Millar, and Gough have “Wil chugging a Mt. Dew?” Do you think Terry would ever allow that?

          Look, you people need to calm down. You are letting imagined fear rule you right now. Take a deep breath, trust in Terry doing the right thing here, and wait and see. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

      • I don’t trust MTV Shawn. And they are a part of this process.

        Please list for me all the great and accomplished hour long scripted dramas they have produced.

    • MTV, HBO,AMC, who cares!!! As long as the creator of the world that we know & love so much is intricately involved in the making then I will believe with all my heart that this TV series will be a success. I don’t know much about TV channels & how they would determine if a show tanks or not but I do believe that if all the fans tune in & stay true to both book & series, it will be a success.

      Shawn, you made a statement:
      ‘If you can’t trust them, you can’t trust anyone.’

      Now that is what i believe & I trust Terry to bring the Four Lands to life

      • I’m nervous about MTV hosting it (hoped I’d never have to tune that station back in) but just like The Walking Dead on AMC (which at the time I was dubious about as well) you just never know.

        I’m very excited about this project!!!

  19. MTerry …..you were the first author to really excite me over fantasy writing. I have faith in you, but I fear what the series will look like on MTV…. I don’t hold them in high esteem, and they are certainly the last channel I would think of in connection to Shannara anything really! Was Sy-fy not interested? MTV has nothing but teenie bopper garbage on 90% of the time…. so as a huge fan of yours, and of making a show, you should be considering the fact that some people who would watch your new series actually might not because of MTVs reputation. I would hate for people not to watch! I’m hopingyour enthusiasm is not ruined or diminished and I will even watch it even if it is on MTV

    • At this point I’d have more faith in any channel over Sy-Fy on making a series. Knowing them it would be great and then get the plug pulled after 1 year.

    • That may be true but “Legend of the Seeker” Did have Sam Rami involved and that was a real piece of nonsense. We trust Terry but MTV will have to prove itself. I hope you are right!

  20. My absolute excitement regarding the team bringing Shannara to TV is tempered greatly by my absolute dread of MTV testing audiences who decide there needs to be more orange-tanned Jersey girls, teen moms and catfishers mixed into the plot.

    If MTV is trying to remake itself and embracing geek culture and really wants to stay true to what Terry wrote, I’ll be happy. But if they are going to panic at the first sign of alienating their current audience and change something I love, drastically, to appease people who think Justin Bieber is talented, I’m going to want to cry.

  21. PLEASE…. do not screw it up like Goodkind did with Seeker!!!! He changed the story so much, I stopped watching after the 5th episode.
    Please stay true to the books!!!

  22. I must say I’m both surprised and excited about this news with a dash of leeriness to it.

    Just out of curiosity, will the seasons run a full season (about 20+ episodes) or the more common 10-14 episodes?

    I ask because I still remember when Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series was adapted to TV and they really dropped the ball by adding filler like episodes that were not in the books or adding in elements or changes established elements for no real discernable reason all to pad out the season.

    I personally hope it is more like Game of Thrones in that it is a relatively short season to keep the story tight and not deviate too far off the beaten path. I’m sure changes will come but not changes that not only make no sense but go so far away from the source material as to make it unrecognizable.

  23. As I wrote earlier, I think that MTV should stick to music. Smallville was a lousy TV show, so I’m worried, but I will still watch the pilot episode anyway.

  24. MTV is showing and providing the production backing.. Terry and the other three individuals will be writing and directing it. This will give the Shanarra series a new depth and direction that will bring in more readers. I think this will give MTV a chance and change to show something other than the sad reality shows they have. Even an opportunity for the music to become popular with people and who knows some other Cable Network exec might watch the show and enjoy to kick themselves for NOT taking it.

    And I agree if one can’t trust Terry and his work then one isn’t a true fan of it. And I know it wouldn’t have gotten this far if the legal side for Terry worked to keep him involved in the process to keep the integrity of it. As fan and readers of the series, we need to keep faith in Terry and the others to pull off and make it a kick-a$$ show that will rock MTV.

    Congrats to hear about this, Terry. I look forward to seeing it.

  25. I’m happy to hear that this is finally coming out as a TV series especially since this way it can contain more of the book than a film would but I don’t like that its not starting with the sword of shannara. I mean its the beginning of the series I get what ur saying about being similar to the LOTR and no female characters but that’s why you make it a TV series cause you will eventually get to the Elf stones heck it would be even better if you started with the prequel. I hope that you atleastat least have like flashbacks imput into the series to the sword of shannara to help explain some of the history cause tthere’s a lot explained in that 1st book and it was my personal favorite. Maybe we’ll get lucky and you’ll rethink it. Other than that I can’t wait for the premier.

  26. MTV? Hhhmmmm….. do not remember ever seeing anything good on mtv, but will record the series, when is it due to be shown/timeline?

  27. Congratulations Terry! No author is more deserving of a TV series than you. Despite some misgivings others noted about the MTV network, I can definitely see the mainstream potential that company can help elevate Shannara to. Here’s wishing to your successful venture in television!

  28. I have been a fan of Terry’s writing since Sword of Shannara first came out. With the stellar group of people involved in this project it will be epic regardless what channel picks it up. Congratulations Terry for all your hard work and Thank you Shawn for always keeping us up to date

  29. I’m really worried about MTV airing this show. I never watch MTV because of all the othe crap that they show. I am excited about Terry and Jon being involved. But I just can’t stop thinking that the show will be too much for the regular MTV viewer to think about and they will drop it before it ever gets going.

  30. I have been looking forward to this moment ever since I started reading the Shannara series. Terry Brooks is my favorite author. That being said, I am extremely disappointed with it appearing on MTV. There has not been one single piece of decent television that has ever appeared on MTV. Being a huge fan I am willing to give it a chance and hope that it works out. Please do not let this series become a mockery like the “Legend of the “Seeker” has.

  31. MTV would have been one of the last places I would have expected the Shannara series to land.

    My expectations for this are incredibly low right now.

    Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

  32. I can’t wait to see this.

    I’m hallway through Sword right now(I originally read it in the late 80’s) and will proceed through all the books in order. It will be nice to see how the characters are portrayed on the screen.

    Good luck on the series!

  33. I know I’ll be watching it. MTV will reach more viewers than an HBO type series. I’m thankful that Terry is involved in the direction and production. I think we as fans need to have faith. Terry never disappoints and I don’t think it’ll happen this time. Awesome news! Can’t wait!

  34. It’s great that he’s excited, and I am happy for him that he is comfortable with handing his story over to MTv. I will not be watching; I’ll stick to the books. I have no desire to support ANY kind of programming that comes out of a station that airs such drivel as Sweet 16 (and stupid) or 16 & Pregnant (and stupid). Change network, and I’ll be there front, center with popcorn popped and a big, goofy grin on my face.

  35. Love the idea Terry, But Why MTV? MTV Sucks for Movies. I think it is the worse place for audience for you, For once music video’s stop or comedy show stops, People just change the channel….Really Terry you Deserve Better like FX.. Where you will find your real audience that loves you stories….

  36. All I will say is good play MTV. I swore you off a long time ago and you’ve found a way to suck me back in.

    Everyone, just do a happy dance for the news. It could be worse. They could actually not be doing anything with it.

  37. I hope they do the series like the Hobbit was produced. It would be a shame if they don’t. I’ve read and have every book written since the “The Sword of Shannara” first came out and I’m currently rereading them all. Thank you Terry Brooks for such a great story.

  38. I am very happy that the project succeeds. It could be awesome ! The runners are very good and Terry can change anything. We are impatient !

    But, like all good fans, i am a little bit afraid. So for which public is the show ?
    MTV is for teenagers, Smallville was for teenagers, and (i think) you don’t want to be compared to Game of Thrones (like The Sword of Shannara was compared to LOTR). In order to avoid such comparisons will you make a TVShow for teenagers, young people ?

    If not, are you afraid to be compared (erroneously) to Game of Thrones ?
    I hope the TVShow will be dark and mature enough, but if it’s dark the public adept of MTV won’t be present and the show won’t work. What do you think Shawn ?

    Finally, some American channel offer to buy episodes (after the diffusion) on their website or on platforms of legal streaming (VOD), could it be the case with Shannara on MTV ?
    As a french guy it could let me see the show legally.

    All the fans will make it work.

    And (it’s not the good article) but, for the books, have you any news on the collector box of the first trilogy (leather cover…), and on the Running with the demon collector (full of drawings…) ?

    P.S:I still hope me and my friend could make an appearance on the show 😉

  39. this will be a train wreck. unless TB has got some sort of veto power over where the direction of the series will be going, MTV will take his story and run it the way the execs would want it to run.

    yeah, he’s part of the writing team, but is he the head writer, and will the director hear him out?

    it all starts out well, with promises of the writer having some form of control over how the series goes, but unless it’s in contract, control is the least thing a writer will have in a show.

    • This alone is good enough for me. I honestly think this series will not only succeed but will be a major hit that will make MTV look very smart. Like someone said earlier, look at TMC. They took a chance and it worked.

      Kudos to Terry and all involved. And kudos to MTV to have the cajones to step up to the plate and give this a whirl.

      I think in the end we will all be pleased.

    • I wish this was said from the beginning. I was very skeptical about MTV even if Terry was one of the writers, but if he has creative control then I am perfectly fine with it.

    • I agree, Zane. I can see season one covering the story of the First King, Bremen’s creation of the sword, then season two going into Shea, Allanon, and the showdown with the Warlock Lord. I wish they’d start at the beginning because the stories are all so great.

  40. This is incredibly exciting news. Terry is a literary genius and Shannara is Lord of the Rings with more character development and better pacing (I love Tolkien and worked on LotR videogames for the films, but Terry knocks it out of the park). Favreau is tremendous — not only is he a great director, but also, an amazing talent scout — he will find the perfect Allanon and Ohmsfords to delight us. I anticipate that Elfstones will outshine Game of Thrones when it releases. BTW, Shawn, is there a release window yet?

  41. Big fan of all Terry’s books I know this is new announcement but is there timeline for when airing on MTV may begin? I think MTV will do a fine job for all you doubters of the network especially with Terry involved with production. ie A&E did a great job with Vikings.

  42. I think this series should be on AMC, HBO or Showtime. Look at all of the great series that came out of those networks. The Walking Dead, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire etc. Need I say more. MTV will ruin this and the dedicated fans of Brooks’ writing are going to be seriously pissed. If they do this book justice I will be unrealistically surprised.

  43. Hello, I came into the world of Shannara almost a year ago and I can honestly say these are my favorite books! I was absolutely thrilled when I read the news about a TV series and I can honestly say I am so excited and I know it will all turn out brilliant because they have the author there to help. I will say that I am a little disappointed about the First King of Shannara not beginning the series. I am really impatient already waiting for the show to start! I am so excited and I cant wait to watch the series when it is ready!

  44. Very excited at this news.. just hope they do yhe books justice.. from actor choice to effects..

    Well done Terry and team.. I am however slightly anoyed the Sword of wont be shown as to me that means Allanon is awsome in the book.. and starting with Stoned would surelyean a rewright to explain more about whose who.. that thought alone worries me..

  45. I to am a fan of these books and I am a little bit worried that the series is not going to be well done. MTV has lost a lot in my humble opinion due to the poor writing for most of the shows it airs. I would have liked to see it on a different network.

  46. I’ve been reading these books for twenty years, and I couldn’t be happier that this series is being created. I still wish it was starting with Sword because I believe that the sequence your books were published in is substantial. I feel like if you don’t include those early parts, then you cut yourself off from ever backtracking just like the incredible books have done.

    Though I’m not happy about the MTV designation either, I hope that the whole crew does a bang up job. As long as Terry is happy then I’m sure we’ll all be happy in the end.

  47. Great job getting this deal put together.
    Will we have to kiss your ring the next time we see you, Mr. Hollywood?
    Congratulations !!!

  48. Terry Brooks is my favorite author and of his books the Shannara series is my favorite. I’m begging you not to ruin the story. Seriously, please, don’t.

  49. I’m 44. Started reading TB at age 10? This news RAWKS!!! I actually think teen wolf is a great show. MTV and that writing team plus Terry = awesomeness. Can’t wait!!!!!

  50. And starting with Elfstones is just fine people. They can revisit Sword easily in many ways! It’s TV!!! They can do it in the memories of characters or through the Druid telling the tale. It’s no big deal so stop freaking out. They need make and female leads to make it work on TV. It’s going to be great!!!

  51. Congratulations, Terry. It’s been a long haul to get the books to the screen, but now is a good time as the technology is available to do it justice. As others have said, I’m sad not to have Shea and Flick and Menion brought to life – just yet… Hopefully after the success of Elfstones, the producers will back-track and do Sword. (The escape from Kern is one of my favourite scenes.)

    Don’t forget to make sure the series is sold to markets outside the US – you have tons of fans all over the world and we want to see the show at the same time as the Americans.
    Well done!

  52. This is incredibly weird. When I first saw the news I was ecstatic but that excitement soon turned to confusion as soon as I saw that Shannara was going to be on MTV. The only thing that could be more weird than this is if Lifetime had decided to do a Landover series. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that this is a thing it’s just really weird that it’s going to be on Music Television. I can’t imagine that even one out of twenty people who visit this site watch MTV regularly. I didn’t even know that they did original content that wasn’t garbage reality TV.

    I have to imagine that MTV must have offered something pretty substantial for this to be the network you decided to go with. However, I can’t help but think that you’ve made it harder on yourselves than it would have been otherwise. Your starting out on if not bad then certainly odd footing with a lot of your current fans. If the show was just good on any other network I fell like people would be happy but with it being on MTV its going to have more to prove, to older fans, than it might have had otherwise. On that same note, assuming that the show is very good do I really want to watch it on a network that’s going to be throwing commercials at me for Teen Mom and other garbage that passes for entertainment on that channel every ten minuets while I’m trying to be invested in the one reason in fifteen years I’ve had to turn to MTV?

    Again, I’m happy that this is happening and certainly the talent you have behind it is impressive but that doesn’t change how incredibly weird it is to have a very Fantasy show on a network best known for music video’s and lowest common denominator reality television.

  53. I am very excited for this. I hope we as fans don’t get hung up on MTV. Terry, has creative control of this,(correct me if I’m wrong webmaster), he will not let this be the debacle sword of truth was. I will place my trust in Terry Brooks. To the shannara creative team…do not let the swines at MTV force any bad music on the series!!

  54. Great accomplishment…. But I’m sad that my favorite stories will be turned into teenage dramas. I hope Terry’s not trading the dignity of his work for a little extra money. In the long run it won’t be worth it.
    I hope the best for the show, and whatever direction Terry wants to go with his invention, but I’m fine with the images these stories create in my mind, I won’t be watching.

    • No Shawn the majority of us absolutely do not think that! Give Terry Brooks the benefit of the doubt. I believe one reason it took as long as it has to this ball rolling is Terry wisely waited for the right situation. Would you rather it be on another network LIKE amc or fx and terry not have creative control, and have our beloved four lands be bent over and made to cough OR we could get a tv series that has terry brooks with full creative control, JON FAVREAU as director( which is huge by the way), a writing team willing to listen to Terry…seriously what more could us fanboys and fangirls want. Stop all this negative noise and trust Terry!

    • I certainly hope not! But being on MTV one can only assume… It’s generally accepted that MTV is geared toward people in that age bracket. I don’t know anyone over the age of 22 who watches it. The only two conclusions I can draw are: A) it will be a show geared toward the teen crowd or B) MTV is trying to reach new audiences by airing a show that has nothing to do with music (or pop culture for that matter). Either scenario doesn’t seem ideal to me, and I would have preferred Terry’s work done proper justice by making the big screen. Maybe that will never be an option, I don’t know… just find it hard to believe there wasn’t a better fit. I truly hope Terry has, and is able to, exercise as much control as is possible. I have a feeling he’ll be needing to!

    • Terry would never allow that. Nor do I really think he would have Wil chugging a Mt Dew. However, I would think he’d allow his webmaster a sense of humor. That being said, I can understand your position and being defensive. This cannot be easy and its been a long time coming. I apologize for stoking the flame. Just trying to make light of a controversial topic at my home right now. Every one of my kids love Terry’s books and I will definately be tuning in. Nobody, including myself, should be rushing to judgement this early. We’ll just have to be patient and wait and see. If nothing else, it’s obvious how passionate we all are regardless of our perception. Thank you for all your efforts…but i’m still nervous.

      • I, on the other hand, am usually very good at keeping my mouth shut. You can imagine my wife’s surprise when she seen me comment on a website. (I’ve never even sent an email!) After rereading all the comments,and dwelling on this way tooo much, I have to say I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve never met Terry. I seen him once but didn’t have the nerve to say hey. I will say this though. We named our first girl Khyber. My wife wrote a letter to Terry asking him where he got the name. I thought no way in hell will we get a response. To my surprise we received a quick response he penned while on an airplane. I guess what I’m getting at is this. Terry cares for his readers and I can’t imagine him doing anything to jeapordize his relationship with them. We even made up my youngest boys name to sound Shannara,”Kinsler Tae”,( I noticed lots of cool names in the comments and wanted one for myself.) These books are dear to me not just for great fantasy but the lessons within. I’m very excited for this and can’t wait to see the Reaper!

  55. I cannot wait. From the very first time I picked up a copy of Sword I was a huge fan and have since read just about everything published in this series. I hope they do it right, and I hope they find a workable starting point (Word and Void, maybe?).

    It’s about time this series had more attention because, frankly, I’m sick of people talking about LotR and GoT like they;re the best fantasy series ever written. Maybe they felt that picking a series with so many titles was intimidating, I don’t know, but they’ll see the light soon enough.

  56. Shawn,
    I am not going to dispute with you the quality of the show that will be produced based on those involved. In fact I’m really excited about those involved, and am definitely looking forward to seeing the stories from my favorite author come to life. Actually I see a lot of potential with this being a TV series, and all the elements we love could be fleshed out better than a 2-3 hour movie. To those concerned about starting with Elfstones, I see no problem with that. Maybe the intent will be to show prior events in Sword, First King, others as sort of flash back scenes or episodes. The ABC show “Once Upon A Time” uses this tool to great effect, and would be great to maybe see in this series to reference Sword and other prior properties.

    But now to my concern. As with others that have commented, I too was disappointed, scared to see this on MTV. I’m not worried about the production value of the show. They could make the best show possible, one that would appease the fans so much so that it was considered the best book adaption ever. It could win all the awards possible, Emmy’s and the like. But all of that won’t make much difference if the show doesn’t pull in the audience that the advertising dollars are targeted too. TV shows make money based on advertising, not based on the production of the show. The commercials on MTV will be to promote what MTV offers, what MTV is geared too. If the advertisers feel that the audience of the show are not the ones they are targeting, are not getting the business they are hoping for, then they advertising dollars will not come in, and the show will be canceled, no matter how well produced it is.

    So to test my concerns, I tuned into MTV and watched for a while (haven’t done so since I was a teenager/young adult). The show that was one was somewhat inspirational, called “True Life”. The advertising was a mix of movie promos, Target stores, and lots and lots of acne products, and some clothing stores geared to teenagers and young adults. But what did concern me was some of MTV’s advertising for their own shows, like “Girl Code”, in which they showed clips of people asked to describe a vagina. Is this going to turn on or turn off viewers of the show? Personally, I’ll DVR it and skip over the advertisers (but the advertisers won’t be happy about that).

    Just some thoughts. Perhaps MTV is the only network that took the show, and the thought is to just get the process moving and get the show on the air. Hopefully it does work, as I am looking forward to seeing this!

    • Funny, actually MTV & adds are not that important in the big scope of literature.
      What is important is that Terry takes tight grip on the escent, the true story of the book and don’t let (MTV) think they can do whatever with it.

  57. Two thoughts…

    (1) It is impossible to take all the elements of a great written story and translate it to the screen eg. LOTR, Harry Potter, GOT…
    (2) Casting is everything. The right people cast in the right roles will make a well written script stand on it’s own.

    Also let’s hope there is a good budget for special effects. It will be fun to see the visual images of this wonderful world we lifelong fans have always imagined. I’m especially looking forward to see how Rock Trolls turn out.

  58. I am very excited about this, it is about time someone did this. I am however very leery about MTV. Due to their programming choices, I have not watched them in over 20 years. Terry I sincerely hope that they don’t ruin something that has been a very special part of my life for 35 years. The Sword of Shannara was the first book I ever purchased with my own money at the age of 10.

    I would have loved to see Warner or Fox involved in this project.

  59. All of the concern about it being on MTV is really unnecessary, in my opinion. MTV is just a platform – it’s like being worried that Nintendo won’t do a good job with Zelda because it’s also hosting Conkur’s Bad Fur Day or something. MTV simply gets the profits and rights as the hosting channel; the upshot of the quality of the show comes down to the technological resources (which they will have) and the quality of the team producing the footage (which they definitely have). Jon Favreau is both a good actor and a good director; he directed Iron Man 1 and 2, and played Happy Hogan in 2 and 3, and is experienced with television production as well – his name alone soothes my fears. You’re also forgetting that the judgment of Shawn Speakman AND TERRY BROOKS is involved here – if they don’t know how to make a good decision for these books being turned into footage, then the problem might be that you’re just a bit too controlling over books you didn’t even write. It’s important to remember as fans that we have already been brought into the fold. The value of movies is not simply for fans, but for bringing the stories to people who wouldn’t ordinarily experience them, and MTV can reach an audience that might not be reached in the stations you would prefer. A real expansion of audience requires these kinds of choices be made. This isn’t about you, the fan, personally, or even about me, another fan, personally, though certainly I believe we are being taken into account – after all, this is what we’ve wanted. This is about the further development of something beautiful we all love, and it is the talent involved that will make it a success. And what this project needs is our faith and support, not naysaying cynicism that contributes nothing.

  60. yeah MTV doesn’t have the right crowd but heck, Almost everyone on the comments will all tune in for this show regardless and hence a new crowd/audience will form.

    not to mention how social media has advanced word of mouth by ten folds. the MTV audience may wander into this show but the die hard fans will be the one that will start the ball rolling to a successful new series

    So don’t despair the success isn’t going to be linked to MTV
    It will lie solely on the creative team and us fans so stop being so negative and get the word out already.

    tell everyone you know and hype it up because with T.B.’s creative control of the project and the stellar team

    They will not disappoint anyone you tell

  61. So what I really want to know is how will Shannara be pronounced?

    I know Terry says shan-a-ra, but almost everyone else I’ve heard says sha-nar-a
    Terry even said on sword and laser he just goes with it the common way.

    • A very good question. I know Terry has spoken at length in person and on the phone numerous times with the writers and others involved. I would imagine they will pick up on the way he says it and they will run with that version?

      • If pronouncing Shannara is so difficult, how are they going to pull off Ellcrys? It could be pronounced as Ell-creez, Ell-chris, or even Ell-cries.

      • It has to be Terry’s. There’s so many characters, lands, and other misc that are confusing to pronounce. Shannara is huge at my house, every one in my family says them differently.Terry’s the only one that really knows. I say we go with what Terry’s had in his head for years now. Hopefully i’ll get some bragging rights against my kids instead of a mouthfull of crow feathers.

      • I definitely think that it should be pronounced the way that Terry says it. 🙂 Shannara is his world, after all.

      • Please don’t listen to the 98% Terry, do it your way since it is YOUR world. Once you start giving in, it will turn into just another TV series, please keep everything the way YOU created it.

  62. I for one can hardly contain my excitement for this up and coming series! I have poured over the Shannara books since almost grade school, and my dad and I have been die-hard fans of everything that Terry Brooks has written (especially the Shannara books) for a very long time. I think that doing this as a TV series is a wonderful idea because it gives room chronologically for the story to flow as it was originally intended, and there is less pressure of having to cut out anything important. I have hoped and wished that these books that I have read over and over again would be adapted to the screen for so many years and I can hardly contain myself knowing that they will be!

    I know that a lot of people here have been reluctant given that MTV is a part of this process, but I for one have a full vote of confidence and no trepidation. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that with Terry Brooks himself having so much involvement in this process this series will be done true to the original books! 🙂

  63. MTV did one thing very very well. They showed music videos. Since they gave that up they have done a grand total of NOTHING very very well. At least anything that appealed to anyone with a sense of actual talent, or human dignity for that matter. Reality television as a whole I have the same feelings towards. This new project is not music and thank God its not reality TV. This is something new. Therefore it cannot be judged by the standards of the past.

    Terry and Shawn, please don’t be disgruntled that so many people have reservations that such a quality project put together by such quality people will be aired on the same network famous for Beavis and Butthead, Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. That’s not going to go away, and I don’t believe that very issue didn’t come up in negotiations. The concern lies in the assumption that the demographic already locked into WATCHING what plays on MTV simply isn’t cultured enough to appreciate the awesomeness that Elfstones of Shannara as put together by the talented *and cultured* team detailed above.

    That said… Remember when TV Land was designed to show all the old TV shows and now its nothing but 4 hours of Sanford and Son followed by 90% original programing? Well it irritates the hell out of me that channels like this no longer show what they were DESIGNED to show, but so help me I actually like some of that original programing! TV LAND doesn’t show I Dream of Jeanie, or Dick Van Dyke, or Mr Ed, or F Troop, or Dobie Gillis, or even Taxi…but Ill sacrifice my desire for genre integrity to watch Hot in Cleveland. For the same reason Ill watch MTV just because it airs Elfstones as I assume will every single one of these panic stricken worrywarts!

    I forsee Elfstones being a surprise success for MTV based on the care being taken by the creative staff. Im willing to accept this is a turn for the positive in a network I have loathed for 20 years. Im willing to accept whatever it takes to be able to love Elfstones in any medium beyond the printed word and my imagination.

    Besides, if nothing else, you know the series will KILL on DVD!

  64. IMDB already has an entry for the TV series.

    I was extremely please to see that the only thing in Technical Specs notes this is in “Color”, made a big sigh of relief at that one.

    You need to edit the IMDB site and provide a much better written Storyline entry!

    I don’t want to scare off people by posting a link, so just go to imdb.com and search for Elfstones.

  65. This is exciting. MTV will gain a viewer when this comes to fruition. And, as it turns out, Elfstones (a paperback from a garage sale) was where I first met the work of Terry Brooks as a young lad. There is no other author I read like him. No other.

    And speaking of young lads, I have always been impressed by Mr. Brooks’ PG rated material (as opposed to some others in the genre, ahem, Game of Thrones). I look forward to seeing if my own children will be able to enjoy on screen what they will no doubt soon enjoy in written word. My paperback library awaits only their level of comprehension!

    Perhaps having this on screen will train them to pronounce “Shannara” correctly! Ha!

  66. I have followed the Shannara series since the late 70’s when I was introduced to the first book by a younger cousin . I have enjoyed what Terry has done with the plots and characters in all the books. I was very happy to hear, (which I do believe I heard correctly), that Terry has the power to veto or accept all content in the script for this show. His books have entertained and delighted me for all these years and I have full confidence, that with his input into this endeavor, this show will be wonderful for both current fans as well as new fans that will come from watching this TV series.
    I am just curious as to the time line from where this is at currently in the process to when we will actually view the first show. It’s nice to have mile markers as my excitement builds while anticipating the first show!

  67. I’m glad to see that this is finally being done. I have been looking forward to seeing his work on either the big or small screen. I bought my first paper back copy of Sword in the 80’s on a whim and was forever hooked.

    As far as the pronunciation of “Shannara” is concerned, I asked Terry at a book signing when he was going to come out with a list of names and pronunciations. He just said that he basically leaves that up to the readers’ imagination. He said the reader is the one who gives the characters and places he writes about their life. He said that how ever you pronounce it is the way it should be pronounced.

    Can’t wait for the first episode.

  68. with almost a half billion viewers on MTv, you would hope this gets at least 25% to watch.
    In keeping with the magicTerry has to write this Iconic book (series), I can Thank Terry in advance for keeping creative control.
    i do hope its not kept at a pg13 level ,as MTv can show almost naked women,violence and such in the videos they show now, because there are bloody scenes in the beginning.
    as long as MTv is kept at just being the medium to which this is brought to us, and the team does, what we know will be a fantastic job, this should be a blockbuster, and lead to other projects =)
    my only hope is that the promotion of the show(s) is as good as the books (which cant be, they dont have the magic Terry has lol)

    Terry, cheers, and here is hoping it gets the green to go =)

    Eilt Druin

  69. The Reaper flying a giant bat… fighting Allanon on a Hawk!

    With the Smallvile writers involved this could be a long series… 10 seasons or more! That show never ended, just kept going and going.


  70. This MTV choice is concerning. I see other comments about the partnership with MTV and am as uncomfortable with it’s choice. But I wasn’t int he room when the deal was struck and as a fan I wish the Terry Brooks organization much success with that partnership decision.

    Personally I look forward to the shows, but will not very likely watch during real time and will wait for Hulu/Plus, Netflix or other location to run the series. As an African-American there are certain things that I have my own personal protest for and some people on this site will have their opinion but MTV and me…. it ain’t happenin’. The network does things to address its stumbles back when they started but I have strong objection to the much of the content that shows up on this network.

    I have been on the journey with you Mr. Brooks and your characters for almost 30 years. Now as I am in my mid-50’s I want you to know I love your work and I really hope this a great success, but as for me and my house (yes biblical paraphrase) we are not likely to view it real time with your partner. Please work out the distribution deal, for my sake and others also.

  71. Come on everyone. John Favreau! He would not direct a terrible tv show. He started the billion dollar iron man franchise. The dude can do whatever he wants and he chooses this. This has to be a passion project for him. Otherwise why would he do it?

  72. I’m glad that Terry is finishing the series himself. I was heartbroken when the Foundation series, by another famous author, was concluded by other people. On another note, there are only 2 teams alive that have earned the trust of the Shannara series to video. … Peter Jackson or JJ Abrams, and I would have a difficult time telling who I think would do a better job. MTV is just an unfortunate way to trust the hope of doing the series justice on screen. Good luck to Terry as well as MTV and cast. I seriously wish them all the best in creating the “magic that works” for all involved.

  73. is there a exact time in will come on the tv?

    I am very exited about it, will they make a tv serie by whisong to?

    • Don’t get too excited too soon. The show has not been green lit into production yet. There are still a few things that need to happen before that green light happens.

      As for Wishsong, that depends on how well Elfstones does. If Elfstones becomes like Game of Thrones in viewership, then Wishsong would likely be done at some point. If this new television show gets green lit, it will be up to you guys — the fans — to spread word about it and make it a success. So I’m going to need all of you to help. 🙂 Stay tuned!

  74. A lot of comments on here offering advise to how things should be done. I say you leave it up to the professionals, they know the business and how to tell a story. Also, TB isn’t going to let them butcher his life’s work. There is a reason why it’s taken so long to get to this point. Finally, it’s a business. They aren’t going to pump millions of dollars into the production of a project just because Sword was the first book, they’re going to produce something that they feel has the best shot at making money.

    • That is exactly my/our worry. Something that has “the BEST shot at making money” isn’t always the the BEST way. Television tends to run programs that they “think” the public wants, and in most cases end up dictating to the public what they “want” by the programs they run. This is why, now, we have 5 different shows dealing with pawn shops on 4 different networks. “The public loves pawn shop shows! Let’s beat it to death!” Currently they seem to think we can’t get enough of teenage-drama that deals with vampires, werewolf’s, knights, and princesses. Hence, my apprehension with Shannara on MTV. I hope that I’m terribly wrong, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  75. I know Terry will probably never read this, I don’t know why I am even trying? Terry keep control of what they are doing with the book. Please.

  76. The Scions would be a good starting point in my opinion. Like what they did with Star Wars. But all in all I am excited to see this show hit the small screen. Fingers crossed that it gets the green light.

  77. Are there any thoughts about how they are going to get from one book to another if this TV series goes several seasons? I’ve never really sat down and mapped it out, but from Sword to the Dark Legacy book series is hundreds, if not thousands, of years with new characters in every book or series. That’s not the kind of continuity that you would need for a long running TV series.

  78. The key to whether this works will be the production value and look/feel of what is put on screen. If it has the grit and authentic feel of the early 80’s “Robin of Sherwood” or current “Game of Thrones”, or even some older films like “Dragonslayer” which hold up well (or of course the Tolkien movies), then if the acting is good I have high hopes for it.

    If, however, the production value is the clean, hollywood, everyone is in make-up and quaffed hair 20-something sexy, goofy feel like “The New Adventures of Robin Hood”, as a counter example, then this is doomed as I’d not be able to stomach watching it, despite loving the novels.

    So grit, and realism, not hair stylists and makeup on models made to act..

  79. Elfstones had a number of things that made it great. The first was wil. He wasn’t timid or unsure, he was if anything foolhardy, even borderline idiotic at times when it came to dealing with a situation. Near got emself killed a few times that I remember. I believe allonan refereed to him as a comrade in arms.

    The next is basically the original story of the word and the void. You have the elves who at the time no one knew where they were from, and then you had the demons. The darkest things of nightmares that were their counterpart of old. And in this battle you had stee jans leading the border legion.

    You have hints at the sheer age of the four lands and questions arising about the sisters and the hollows. Even the first real love writing basically in the series. (King brushed on it, but elfstones was the first to really add in the element noticeably.)

    If it’s done right it would be a very great show. Though no matter how great to someone who’s read the books I doubt you could ever really capture the readers thoughts on how their beloved characters would sound or feel.

  80. Very glad to hear that the books will be coming to the screen! Movies would be great but a well done series can be just as good – and that goodness can keep giving season after season. That being said I have serious doubts about how well this will be done (both quality and content) on MTV… I haven’t tuned into anything on that channel since they stopped playing music videos in the late ’80’s if I recall?

    If this comes out like a Game of Thrones you’ll have a winner. If this is all cutesy-teen-paranormal-romance every other scene I expect you’ll lose most of the adult viewership real quick – that is, unless you are only banking on the teen and younger crowd tuning in? Nobody (teen or adult) want’s to lose out on a potentially great series. Unfortunately the pitch count starts with one strike since this will be on a traditionally teen based network in MTV. I hope I’m proven wrong and will try to be open minded, either way I definitely look forward to what can be a great series.

  81. I can not wait for this project to get going! I have been a long time fan of all Terry Brook’s works, and have imagined them as movies before. I will be sitting in front of the TV, with popcorn, waiting for it to start.

    As for it being on MTV .. I don’t care! It could have been on any channel (BBC, FOX, Telemundo, or even QVC) and I would gladly watch it. As it has been stated before; Terry has retained rights to control what is going on. Seeing as I trust him to build a world in every story I trust him to do the same thing on the series.

    Now if we could only get the Landover movie started we could get the next book!

    • The show has not been green lit yet. Therefore production has not started. If the show is green lit, we will let everyone know and you can have your manager/agent find out audition details.

  82. I 15 years old and have read every Shannara book there is. I love Terry’s books!!! MTV definitely isn’t one of my favorite channels, and I really don’t like the shows on there (e.g. Game of Thrones). But I am putting my trust in Terry. I read through all the above comments, and fear does play a big part here. I am afraid that MTV may ruin the entire Shannara book, as Elfstones was one of my favorites. However, I think (and hope!) Terry knows what he’s doing. I’m glad they are at least getting it on TV! Allanon, The Reaper, the Elfstones themselves, I can’t wait for this! I’m sure Terry and Shawn have both worked hard to get this to where it is now. Thanks, Shawn, for keeping us updated!

    As for pronunciation, I say go with what Terry says. He’s the one who wrote the book.

    Some questions though; If Elfstones is a big hit and the decide to continue, they will continue to Wishsong. Walker Boh is probably my favorite character of all time. Will they continue to Scions if Wishsong is good? Or will they stop with Wishsong? And will they ever go back and do Sword and before it?

  83. I have read the announcement and all the comments. I took a while to have this sink in. I will go along with the analogy of the similarities with Sword and LOR but come on. Are we still mired in sexism? Why not make the Ohmsfords African American or Hispanic while we are at it. We try to tell our children that our world is becoming free of stereotypes, bigotries, racism and sexism and then we attribute the start of the series to The fact of two strong female lead characters. Why not? it is all the vogue on television these days. Then people wonder why men today don’t respect women. Because according to the world many men today feel women are no longer the weaker sex so lets lay back and let them support us. One may think I am off the mark with my comments, but I am only making a point, MTV is just falling in line with the other network shows with the strong female leads of Secret Circle, Lost Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Fringe, Revolution, Hunger Games etc. Maybe that’s why Landover hasn’t made it to the screen yet, I guess green tree women don’t count. But then again it would be nice just to see Terry receive some of the accolades he deserves. It would be nice just to see a good show with good values and a good story.

  84. Never say never, huh? Due to the massively inferior programming, I’ve refused to watch MTV for years. Perhaps this will give MTV’s half-billion viewers something worth watching, eh? Well, half-billion +1, because I’ll be there. With Terry Brooks maintaining creative control and the CV of the other producers involved, this has the pedigree to be the next big hit on television. I cannot exert enough patience for this. Bring on the ELFSTONES!

  85. Lets all hope that this endeavor will be better then “legend of the Seeker” If it’s anything close to that disaster it will be a gigantic disappointment and a waste of everyone’s time making it and for those watching it. It has to be at least close to the production value of Game of Thrones or it will be a total ruin. I hope for the best with this, but having MTV involved worries me. When you are known for crappy reality TV it makes me wonder how they can have anything really good come out of this. We all love Terry and want him to look good and in that vein hopefully bringing a new group of readers into his world but if this is garbage that will be tough to do. Best of luck with this!

  86. I’m actually REALLY sure that it will rock. Everybody network-wise is looking for something to trump Game of Thrones on HBO…so I’m sure they will do the very best to make sure all the fans are served, and Terry’s story is maintained. Also, can see why not Sword..it is kinda similar. Sword=One Ring…mystical artifact that is the ONLY way to destroy an entity who has lost it’s corporeal form. Still, is a shame, as was my first fantasy novel ever.

  87. A couple questions since I didn’t notice them mentioned in either post:

    – Will it be LIVE ACTION or Animated. I think we are assuming live action, but it really was not specified.

    – Will it be done in a style similar to Game of Thrones (but cleaner)?

    – If MTV does not like the script, will a new one be written or will it be shopped elsewhere? Could it possibly be made as straight to video?

    – Many Networks have done short run internet series to test the audience. 8-15 minutes per episode. There are many options to consider. Also, Netflix is branching out into series development.

  88. So now it would seem the final circle of my childhood is spinning full. I’m 47 now. But, I remember a long time ago when my world was more full of fantasy than reality and even though Tolkein will forever be the Master, you, Mr. Brooks, are definitely next in line. I first stumbled across the Sword of Shannara in the New York City Public Library. My father and I used to trade books there and I found the book collecting dust. It was a first edition, trade paperback printing with glossy pages and original artwork by the Brother’s Hildebrandt. It was heavy and still in good shape, too. Not like a normal paperback at all. I wasn’t going to claim it at first, but it seemed to call to me and, as we were leaving to return home, I stopped, ran back and grabbed it. I never regretted doing that, either. I loved it. I started reading it on a Friday night and did not stop reading until Sunday Afternoon. I was nine years old. I have been a Shannara fan ever since. I followed the series up until the death of Walker Boh and “the First King.” By then I was much older and what can I say? Life got busy. To be continued….

  89. Continuation…I think any movie should start from where every good series starts- the beginning. To give into all the “she-ra” types is selling out if you ask me. They sold out in “the Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug” by creating that woman elf who simply does not exist at all in the book and there is absolutely no mention of Legolas and The Necromancer, either (among other faults). But hey, that’s Hollywood. Always messing up something to make a buck. The Elfstones is by the far the BEST of all the Shanarra books I have read. It is virtually flawless and a testimony to how much the author matured in his writing skills. Lol, It is the one I would want to see most. The special effects should be phenomenal, especially when the battle between Demon and Elf is engaged. Just don’t let them cast some moron like Arnold Swatshisname to play the part of Stee Jans (my favorite character next to Allanon). I have waited patiently for about 40 years for this to happen. Please do not disappoint. Anyway, time to go. You might be pleased to know I still have that book, along with first edition trade paperbaks of the Elfstones and Wishsong, as well. All are carefully preserved. I intend on passing them down to my five year old when he is old enough to appreciate them (I was a late bloomer, what can I say).

  90. Well I must say it is depressing that I won’t get to see Shea and Flick in all their glory…. or Panamon Creel and Keltset, who are my favorite people in all the books. Maybe you guys will turn Sword into sort of what the Hobbit is? Anyway, despite all that crying I just did a moment ago for Panamon Creel, this is gonna be one freakin awesome adventure! Congrats on this finally getting realized for you Terry! 🙂

  91. I would like to know if these shows ever happened? I can’t find anything. I would like to see them very much if they have happened. Please email me to let me know.

  92. I’m pumped that this is going to be a TV series but I also feel that starting with something like the Word & Void series would have made more sense in today’s world of TV. Although if Elfstones works out well maybe Word & Void will become a spin off series.

    After all, Word & Void is where we are in the world today in the whole series. The Knights were the original Druids from my perspective having read all the books once and some of the series a couple times.

    Word & Void and Elfstones are some of the best fiction I have ever read in the fantasy genre. Way better than Game of Throne’s the darling of HBO.

  93. Do you know if there has been any time line as to when it will be on MTV? I have been reading the posts but there are so many I can’t find anything on a possible start date.

    From a long time fan.

  94. I cringed a bit when I heard the words TV series and MTV. The last time something similar happened, the CW took on the Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. While the books were very good, the TV show ended up being low budget and cheesy. I’m afraid that only an epic movie like LOTR could really do this series justice. Hopefully Netflix or Hulu will pick up the series so I can get a chance to see it.

  95. It’ll be interesting in how their going to make it into a series. Terry has several generations of characters where as LOTR has two. But even still LOTR has common characters in all books. LOTR was adapted into movies. Shannara is a tv series. One thing I do know about most tv series is that the characters are the same. Im actually looking forward to see how the transition from one book to the other will take place.

  96. Very excited something Shannara-related will be made into a visual…but if I had my way, I would very much like to see “Running with the Demon” made into a full-length, stand-alone movie. In the hands of the right director and studio this could be an amazing movie.

    • I agree. I thank the first 6 books should be stand alone movies. Could make 2 or 3 movies out of each book.

  97. It’s wonderful news that these brilliant books are at last being put on film. However I live in Ireland and, as we don’t get MTV, is there going to be a way I’ll be able to see this?

    • MTV is available in the UK and Ireland on the Sky satellite platform and Cable. However I suspect internationally, the series will be sold to the highest bidder in each country.

      • Hi Stuart,

        Many thanks for the info. I have Sky TV but never really look at any channels other than the main ones. I’ll keep an eye open for the wonderful Mr Brooks

  98. I’m sure that some elements of sword will be written into the first season maybe as flashbacks to key parts of the whole story behind how they all met etc. Cant wait to see what the final result will be, Terry maybe you should see if you can run a competition for some fans to maybe be extras 😉

  99. […] Nella giornata di ieri venerdì 6 dicembre, dagli Stati Uniti è arrivata la conferma ufficiale dell’adattamento di Le Pietre Magiche di Shannara in formato di serie televisiva. La notizia era nell’aria da tutta la settimana e Terry stesso non vedeva l’ora di rendere pubblica la cosa, come dice sul suo BrooksBlog. […]

  100. Not happy with this at all. Would much rather see the Shannara series be put into movies like the lord of the rings. But they would need to start with The Sword of Shannara. I think doing a series on MTV of all networks and starting with the Elf stones just for the romance thing of it belittles the whole series of books. I can see now how much they will chop the whole series to where it will be nothing like the books.

    • Terry is overseeing the show. Starting with Sword is a poor choice due to its connections to LOTR and its lack of female characters. Elfstones is its own story with strong female characters. It’s also Terry’s choice of where to start. Have faith in what Terry is doing, please.

    • Starting with Elfstones and leaving Sword out is the right choice. Would fans of Sword be ok with there being a female character(s) inserted into the story where none existed? There would probably be griping about that. Can’t please everyone. Genny, how about being psyched that Terry Brooks is finally getting on the screen? Twenty plus novels involving Shannara, dating back to the late 70s, and in 2014 we finally get something to sink our teeth into and you complain. Come on.

  101. I suspect the first season will air in the fall of 2015. I like that since it won’t be in direct competition with GOT in the spring.

    Shannara will shoot in New Zealand from Jan-April so we should expect to see the cast expand within weeks.

    Mtv is using approximately 1.8 million dollars pet episode of teen wolf, i hope it will be a little more for this series although probably not up to the 60 million that Hbo and Netflix spend on their signature shows.

  102. As a big fan of the entire Shannara offering TB I am exited to see the series. Lets just wait and give it a chance. I have faith in TB and his choices.

  103. Having read all the comments, I can only say WE all will have to trust in Terry’s judgement. He would not want this series produced unless it was anything less than perfection.

    Our dreams will come true!

    If it is anything like Hobbit/Game Of Thrones, we are heading for an exciting 2015/6.

    Could this be the start of something even further special???

  104. While I am exited to hear about the series , I hope they keep it true to the book and do not butcher the story line like what happened with the Sword of truth series a few years back on the G4 tv channel.

    • The movie studios who purchased the rights for Shannara over the years never green lit the rights into production. Then Sonar Entertainment came along and they had a powerful vision for the series. We are seeing that vision playing out as we speak.

  105. This is so awesome. I started reading TB books over seas and he has since became my favorite author. I am so excited about this show.

  106. This is something I’ve been waiting for since I first started reading Terry’s books. I’m 68 years old now and am so glad I’ll get the chance to see everything from Terry’s/my imagination on the screen, albeit a TV channel. LOTR was a favourite of mine but I think the stories were butchered in the films. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to the wonderful, magical Shannara series.

    • LOTR was not butchered but adapted for the screen as well as possible. I suspect you will have more reason to worry about the adaptation of Shannara as you just have to see what MTV presents now to its viewing public. It’s great that Shannara with be coming to TV, but a combination of a TV budget plus the network it is coming to fills me with foreboding.

      • Hi Stuart,

        Unfortunately I can’t agree with your comment re ‘butchering’ of LOTR. The film versions certainly didn’t show some of the most crucial points in the books. One part alone stands out above all others. At the end of the book ‘Return of the King’ Samwise goes around The Shire spreading dust given him by Galadriel to help heal the land and also plants a silver nugget to replace the Party Tree. Where did these things come from, as in the film no such gifts were given to him? It may seem trivial to some people, but to me it was the whole point in the saving of The Shire and Frodo’s sacrifice.

        Sorry to go off on a tangent when this is all about Terry’s stories but I get angry when directors (and I know you can’t put everything on screen) can’t get the really important details included.

        • Overall, I think they did a terrific job with those movies. I can live with the omission of the Scouring of the Shire and Bombadil. I can even live with the extra parts given to Arwen, or the Lothlorien elves showing up at Helm’s Deep (stupid!)…. however to me, the most ludicrous change was having Frodo and Faramir backtrack to Osgiliath, the Nazgul spotting them, and yet deciding “Eh… now’s not the time to get the ring”. Tolkien’s story was without flaw, as are Terry’s. It makes me cringe when Hollywood feels they “need” to make some of these changes that only create flaws in the motivation of characters.

          • I’m with you on that one Luke. Howwever I suppose different sections mean different things to different people – can’t please all the people all the time. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this’ll work out OK.

  107. This is going to be awful. The guy playing Allanon, the only good character ever in Shannara, (and I do love the books, until he killed the only good character), isn’t even close to resembling Allanon. Why didn’t they just do movies, like other books, and start in the right damn place. I’ll be passing on this I think, as the disappointment will just be way too much. I’d rather see Magic Kingdom done. At least maybe they couldn’t screw that up as much as they already have this series with the idiot casting they did for the parts. The cast for this show is as bad as it is for the new so called Fantastic Farce movie. I’m 52, and damn sick and tired of seeing characters we all love trashed into oblivion for no reason than studios are too lazy to do anything right, starting with casting. Mr. Brooks made a mistake allowing this to happen.Still love him though.

    • The majority of the people love the casting. Since that casting doesn’t match your vision, definitely do not watch it. No reason to be stressed out over a TV show. Cheers.

      • That’s because people are sheep and retarded, and care nothing for what the author wrote. You don’t make characters different than they are. Not i n attitude, color, race, height, anything or it destroys the source material, and you need to rename it, because it is not what it claims to be. That simple. I’ve looked forward to this for so long, and now they ruin it. So no, I won’t be watching this crap fest, any more than I will the new FF, or that kryptonian garbage. You do not change characters, ever, period. And you and your kind are fools. You are the kind that allow these things to happen. Screw it, screw you, and screw this site. I’m done with Brooks anyway. He’s a sellout like all others. More concerned with more money, than his own damn characters. Fuck him. And all of you that agree with this abomination.

        • Maybe you’d feel better if Mr. Brooks could ruin it further by offering you a part in the show as one of the trolls. Oh, wait…

        • What do you do when something that actually matters doesn’t go your way? If this is enough to get you that laughably affronted, maybe you’re fortunate enough not to know what a real problem is.

          Personally, I’d rather not hear your opinion. It’s terribly impolite and childish. You actually stated you are 52? If you had any class you should be embarrassed with yourself. Pathetic.

          • Donald Smith: the only American who apparently cares nothing for money and becomes judgmental and rude when others seek it.

            News flash, Ol Donny boy, Terry wrote the book back in 1982 and went through the gauntlet of having it published…. (ready for it?) … FOR MONEY. Sure, there’s the satisfaction of the accomplishment itself, but money drives us all… even you, I’m sure, Don.

            It’s never too late to grow up though, luckily for you. It’s easy to be impolite and call names with nothing but a keyboard in front of you. I’d like to say a few more choice words, but this is not the forum. Have a nice day Don.

          • I didn’t think anyone became a writer for the money! Lol. I don’t think either of you are right here. Terry went through the publishing gauntlet, and by some miracle, caught lightning in a bottle. Every famous author is secretly dumbfounded over how they succeeded where so many others have failed. Even if you do succeed, chances are you will barely be able to make a living at it. So why do it? There’s really only one reason — a deep and desperate longing to tell your stories to the world. But here’s the thing. TV and film makers are artists and have visions too. The changes they’ve made for this series are ones which they believe will help it to bring in the biggest audience, because if no one watches, the show won’t last long. If an author wants his work to be adapted so his or her stories reach an even wider audience, he or she be willing to allow the filmmakers some creative freedom. Woe be the author who complains and nitpicks about every little thing. Just watch “Saving Mr. Banks” to see how that goes over (like a lead balloon). I think (from what I’ve heard here) Terry has done an admirable job providing input without being a pain in the arse.

          • Wendy, I agree with all of your points. I don’t pretend to know why Terry did what… my bad if I came across that way. Though I did state the satisfaction of the accomplishment matters.

            Nonetheless, the finger pointing about the money bothers me. It’s hypocritical. Terry is a professional writer, meaning he’s paid for it. Just like you or I for whatever we do, whether we love it or not. I don’t see why that’s a reason to criticize. Point being, if the sole motivation was to see the story on screen I would assume Terry could’ve given it away for free decades ago and avoided the bother of negotiating with studios. I don’t blame him at all for doing so, it shows he respects his creation, despite Donald’s assessment. Would I be bothered if he gave it away for nothing and didn’t care where it went from there? Absolutely. Luckily Terry hasn’t done that, therefore Donald’s comments bother me because, let’s face it, they’re unfounded and immature.

          • True. But I don’t think the publisher would go for giving it away for free! 😀 But the fact remains that if Terry and his publisher only cared about money, they would have let those people who wanted to turn Allanon into a talking computer have a go at it years ago. The changes that have been made for this series are relatively minor by comparison.

          • Wendy, where did you see me say it was ONLY about the money? Never did I once. I only stressed the money aspect because it clearly plays a role, and I am saying it SHOULD. Donald boldly criticized Terry for selling the show to TV for money, I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of that statement. Twisting my words around to make them into something I didn’t say is a shame, albeit one that I can’t prevent, other that to say you should read it again.

            By your logic Terry and his publisher would be happy if all his fans went to the local Kinkos and started churning out copies of his books so the stories would reach as many folks as possible. I’m saying that’s not the case at all. Can’t see where I’m wrong.

          • No, no. I didn’t mean to imply that you thought that. You made it very clear in your follow up that you didn’t — just that it’s okay to be motivated at least in part by money. I can’t argue with that. Hey, we’ve all got to live, right? I would say that I think publishers are all about the Benjamins, though! And I’m pretty sure one has to sell their soul to work in marketing.

          • 1. Anyone who says Terry has sold out clearly impugns his integrity as a person and an author. That is unacceptable in my view since I’ve know the man’s integrity for almost twenty years now.

            2. Terry has helped The Shannara Chronicles to create a wonderful adaptation of his book as well as make money. You are both right.

  108. Why don’t we all calm down and wait and see what it brings. It’s totally pointless sniping at one another. If we all give the series a fair crack of the whip we can then make our own judgements. Some will absolutely love it and some will detest it but, as they say “it takes all sorts to make Bassetts” lol. Ever the peacemaker!!!

  109. FYI to all Re: Starting the series with Elfstones

    IMDB has a listing for ‘The Sword of Shannara’ which states that it is a project IN DEVELOPMENT.


  110. Still no confirmation on who will be airing the series in the UK. As no announcement has been made I am assuming it will be shown by MTV in the UK, as it will be in Canada. Maybe Shawn could use his contacts to find this out and post the answer here?

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