2013 Year End Letter to the Fans


Dear BrooksBooks Readers,

What a year! I don’t know about yours, but I am exhausted from mine. Thank goodness it’s 2014. There’s lots of madness and hard work ahead, but I think I might be on the downhill side of a few of the more complex and challenging struggles I’ve been dealing with over the past twelve months. As usual with this year-end epistle, I will share it all with you now.

The most frustrating effort has been with the negotiations that led up to my partnering with MTV to make a television series of the Shannara Books. By now, you probably have heard something about it (click HERE if not). You are just finding out. I have known about it for months and not been able to talk about it because the details weren’t settled. That was maddening. Everyday, I expected to see an announcement about the project. It took almost all year for it to come to fruition. This culminates more than 35 years of trying to find a way to bring Shannara to the screen in some form. Each time an option was secured, the effort collapsed. It is not an exaggeration to say it was all for the good. Our current situation is so much better than anything we’ve had before it is like night and day. Because of the nature of the agreement, I will be able to help keep the heart of the book series intact. Sure there will be a few changes, but I have every reason to believe you won’t be upset with any of it. Right now, everyone is hard at work on bringing Elfstones of Shannara to life. More on this when I have more to tell you.

At the same time this was happening, Warner Brothers was moving ahead with the movie of Magic Kingdom. My connection with this project is more peripheral, but of course I am in there attempting to hold their feet to the fire as promised. Steve Carell is still signed on to produce and star. The people involved in the production are still committed. The new screenplay is much better than the last. All things look favorable. Still, it cost me some blood, sweat and tears to stay on top of things. But I think it was worth it, and I have high hopes. More later on this, too.

I also decided to write the end of the Shannara series. I keep joking that if I don’t and die unexpectedly, Brandon Sanderson will finish it for me. He would do a good job of it, too – if Shawn didn’t get to it first. But I think I should be the one to do it. Really, it is time. I want to move on to other projects. So I have signed on with Del Rey for one last Shannara fling. I have three new Shannara lead-ups coming out this year and next and the next two years, but after that I will begin writing and publishing the final three books. Yes, it will be a trilogy. Yes, these will be epic in the same way the originals were. What a surprise, huh?

Other writing projects are on the drawing board. As you know, I don’t believe in talking about anything that I haven’t written in any great detail. It saps the life out of the project when you do that. So you will have to wait on me and trust that I will come through for you with the finished result. I will say that I am excited about what I am going to do. I think doing something entirely new is necessary and important to a writer’s life. Hope it turns out that way for me.

Been a lot of fun spending time with some of you at the signings I did for Bloodfire Quest and Witch Wraith. Thanks for coming out to say hello. Also to those who came to other, unrelated book events. You were all great.

Also, thanks to my Italian readers, especially the Blue Divide contingent, for visiting with Judine and me in Italy this past September. Did a number of events in Mantova and Bologna and out on the island of Sardinia, as well. Ate a lot of good food, drank a lot of good wine, and had some good conversations in spite of my limitations speaking the language.

In a few days, I will celebrate my 70th birthday. Can’t say that I feel any different than I did last year or the year before, but it is a big number. In spirit, I will be spending it with all of you. Who else do I owe more to for my last 35 years as an author than my readers? You have been faithful and stand-up all the way. I am blessed.

All good wishes in the New Year, Terry.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Have loved all your books. I do think you should get everything summed up. Other writers “might” be able to do the series good, but it would’nt be the same. Hope you live long and prosper!!

  2. Mr. Brooks,

    I cant tell you how many hours of enjoyment you have given me in my 55 years. I will be sad to see the Shannara end, but look forward to many many hours of enjoyment that you will give me

  3. Terry, you are amazing. I truly appreciate all the work you put into your books and the projects coming to the screen. Take care of yourself and happy birthday!

  4. Thank you so much for closing out the Shannara series! As much as we love it (and we do!) all good things must come to an end. It’s like Stephen King shutting down Castle Rock or Tolkien drawing the curtain closed over Middle Earth – it’s the only right way to do it.

    No offense intended to the incredibly accomplished Mr. Sanderson or our own Web Druid Mr. Speakman, but I know that I am so looking forward to the story you began so long ago being closed out in the right time in the right way – it will really complete the series to know that every drop of blood was yours.

    Thank you for the voyage of a lifetime, and I’m looking forward to shedding a tear on that last page.


  5. Hey, Terry!

    I wish you a wonderful 70th birthday and continuing good health and imagination! I’ve been with you–in spirit–pretty much since the very beginning (I read my sister’s copy of “The Sword of Shannara” in late 1977 or early 1978), and I think I’ve read just about everything you’ve written for us fans. Please keep up the good work! I always look forward to the next book, short story, and even these letters!Take care!


  6. Mr Brooks, I cant thank you enough for all of the entertaiment you have provided for me over the years. Also your Shannara Series have taught my children how a simple book can open up a new world for them. For that alone I will always be thankful! Can’t wait for the movies, I hope to watch them with my kids too! Very happy to know that you will be the one to finish the series and yet so very sad to know that will be the end. however, always present in our hearts! Wishing love and happiness to you and yours and thanks for all you’ve sent our way, God Bless You! Happy New Year!

  7. Hey Terry 🙂

    Want to wish you a Happy Birthday to you!

    Thank you for 35 years of wonderful reading so far. I’m looking forward to reading your new projects. You are one of my most favorite writers that I love to read from, and you are the only author that I follow. I may be a little biased when it comes to comparing others works with yours. lol


  8. I want to Thank You for all of the years of memorable characters and locations. Your books have been my favorites since Sword first came out.

  9. Dear Terry,
    As I read your letter to us the fans, I am feeling mixed emotions. I have been a fan since a college friend introduced me to The Sword of Shannara in 1987. I have read all of your books more than once. They are some of my all time favorites. Right now I am in the process of rereading Magic Kingdom for Sale.
    Your characters have a life of their own. They have become my friends. I cry, laugh, and cheer.
    Why am I feeling mixed emotions then? Well, I am very very excited about you writing more Shannara books and about the upcoming tv series. But, I am sad that I do not have cable tv and will be unable to watch the show. (Elfstones is one of my favorite books!. If i had ever been blessed with children I wanted a little girl named Amberle.) I am very glad that you will put an end to the Shannara series and tie up all loose ends before you pass on. (One of my other favorite authors did not do that before she passed and although her son is trying to continue, its not been the same.) But, I am very sad that one day I will hold in my hand the very last new Shannara book. Sigh!
    I do look forward to reading more from you!
    I hope that your 70th birthday is full of joy. God bless you Terry!

  10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories over all these years. You have been my favorite author since the 70’s ! I look forward to the finalization of the Shannara story as well.

    Dawn C.

    P.S. My most prized book in my collection is the one autographed by you!

  11. Happy Birthday, Mr Brooks! May your day be filled with magic. Your books have been great enjoyment and inspiration to me. Thank you. I look forward to seeing them come to life.

  12. Timely. I am returning to Shannara after many years- I only read the first two books in the 80’s and then read no fantasy or sci-fi for years. Along with Tolkien, Shannara helped me get through my parents’ divorce. My daughter is going to read The Sword after me.

  13. It is wonderful as a reader to know that soon the words will be brought to life in a different dimension. looking forward to “Magic Kingdom” being produced. I am glad there will be closure with “Shannara”. May you future years be as blessed as we have been by your Magic.

  14. Happy Birthday Terry! Hope you have a great day.

    Thank you for the journeys. Every time you bring out a new book, parts of the previous books come a little more in focus. Each time you go back, there’s something new – either forgotten or missed from the previous reads.

    I trust that the Brona and Galaphile story is still on the cards to finish the pre-history…

    All the best.

  15. Terry,

    It was 24 years ago when I first read the Sword of Shannara. It was that book that began my love of the fantasy genre, and since then I have eagerly devoured every word that you have written. While I will always continue to look forward to your new projects, I must admit that picking up my well-worn copy of the SoS is like spending time with a dear old friend.

    Thanks for all of the adventures you’ve shared over the years. Best wishes to you for a very happy birthday!

  16. I have thoroughly enjoyed Shannara, and am reading Witches Wraith at the moment….. You readers in Australia would love to see you…. It sounds exciting what you have planned….. And most of all I would love to wish you a happy birthday….. I own all the written Shannara, Landover, and Word/Void….. It was very clever how the Word and the Void had a clear connection to Shannara…..

  17. I have been a fan since you first published Sword of Shannara oh so many years ago. I was hooked from the start and always impatiently wait for the next novel. While I don’t want it to end, I rather that you write the end of the story instead of someone else.
    Wishing you a happy birthday and very many more!

  18. Happy Birthday Terry! I can imagine how grueling touring must be, and can’t be getting easier. We’ll treasure your appearances even more in the future. One of these times you’ll remember me .. and forgive me.

    David Salchow

  19. Happy New Year Terry and Shawn!

    Exciting news in this year-end letter. I am looking forward to Shannara on MTV. It will be great. Also, I’ll be first in line if Magic Kingdom makes it to the big screen.

    Bittersweet news about end of Shannara, but I’m glad Terry can do it. Terry’s books have given me the best reading hours of my life.

    Gonna be another good year for Terry Brooks’ fans! Looking forward to High Druid’s Blade!

  20. Best wishes to you in the new year Terry. Thanks for all the years of fantastic entertainment you’ve provided. I’ve read all of your books except two and I’m working on them both right now. Looking forward to your new novels in 2014!

  21. Thanks for all of your hard work Terry! We very much appreciate it. I am truly happy that you will be the one to finish the Shannara series even though it will be painful for it all to end.
    I am also VERY VERY VERY excited to see your work on screen. A Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    Here’s hoping you are in NYC some time in 2014!

  22. Terry,

    I sincerely appreciate the countless hours you have given to conceive and share with your readers so many grand and satisfying adventures.

    You are truly an inspiration…..thank you for giving us your best.

    Celebrating YOU on your 70th birthday,
    Ingrid Monroe

  23. Happy Birthday!

    A writer must write what excites them, it usually the best writing and it’s more fulfilling for a creative person. We love your books but don’t write for us, we trust you and I know you will always be my favorite writer of all time.

  24. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Mr Brooks!
    I have read and loved all Your books.I am a fan of Yours from Poland.I’m 66 years old.Thank You so much for wonderful books!Your imagination is great!You have been my favorite author.I have read all books twice.First I read in italian language,later I passively learned English.I’m sorry for the mistakes in writing but I read well.I will be sad to see the Shannara end.My daughter discovered Magic Kingdom and so began my beautiful adventure with a wonderful world.Best wishes to You Mr Brooks!Eugenia

  25. Happy Upcoming Birthday to you Mr.Brooks. I agree 2013 was a busy year and that you work very hard but my favorite memory of all is when you came to Halifax Nova Scotia in November. I brought my first edition of Sword Of Shannara that I purchased in 1977 and you signed it for me..I am now and forever shall be a fan,follower and veracious reader of whatever you produce.Have a great 2014

  26. Mister Brooks,
    I feel ashame but I just found your books a half year ago.
    I nearly read them all this year.
    Thank you very much for the good feelings !

    greetings from the netherlands !

  27. Happy Birthday.
    Since you are planning to finish the Shannara series; what are the chances of getting the three paladin short stories in print? (On paper) maybe with a new short story as well?

  28. Terry,
    I’m am just grinning ear to ear. When I first read Sword I was hooked. Thank you for what you do. I am excited for Elfstones! Despite all of the chaos in the world all seems right eh! It makes me happy that you are in what seems like a good place. I get goosebumps when I think about the end of Shannara. Continue to do what makes you happy, the Word knows you’ve earned it thrice over! Congrats on another trip around our great big star! Eilt Druin !!

    P.S. never let those corporate swines dictate your course. It’s your world and they are just renting space.

  29. Hi Terry,
    Wishing you A Happy and Magical 70th Birthday!

    My friend Joline introduced me to th Sword of Shanarra in 1982, and I have loved all of your books since! Science fiction/fantasy rocks!
    My sons are grown now, and we all enjoy reading and talking about your characters. We always had that in common during those tough teenage years!
    Thank you for all the enjoyment your books bring!
    Can’t wait to see Magic Kingdom on the screen!

    Take care of you, Terry.

    Life is Good!

  30. Happy Birthday! It looks to be a great Shannara year! (I’m not going to think about it ending…) Can’t wait to read “High Druid’s Blade”. 🙂

  31. Happy HAPPY 70th birthday!! What wonderful news in regards to the Shannara tv program. I had seen mention of it previously and have always hoped to see it on the screen. Can’t wait!! Didn’t know that Magic Kingdom was going to be put to screen so I’ll be keeping my eye out for that as well. Thank you for all that you do & looking forward to the remainder of the Shannara series!

  32. Happy Birthday, Terry. All the best. Here’s to another 35 years. Cheers!
    I love reading your books and have all of them. There has never been a time when I didn’t look forward to the next new one. Continued success for 2014. Take care.

  33. Will there be a sequel to Gypsy Morph? We need to know what happens to Panther and Cat and Cheney; Hawk’s child: the recovery of the earth. I enjoy all your books and look forward to new ones. Keep up the good work.

  34. Starting in my teens I have read and re-read my original copies of the original Shannara trilogy so many times they fell apart. I carried them through my time in the Marines, college and 22 years (so far) of law enforcement. I found my first copy of The Elfstones in a used bookstore when I was 16 and 32 years later I still can’t believe someone didn’t want it. It leapt to life in my mind and to this day very few books play so well in my mind’s eye as yours do.

    Its great to hear that Shannara may make it onto TV. While its hard to pick a single favorite character, mine has to be the King of the Silver River for his kindness and love and I hope to see him portrayed well in the series.

    The Shannara series has been a family favorite as well but my wife especially likes the Knight of the Word series; the message she took from it was when challenged by Evil, stand and face it. I couldn’t agree more. I learned that in the twilight of your world, there is still hope.

    We all look upon the cold, cruel world with a little more wonder, optimism, and hope after reading your works.

    Thank you

  35. I have loved you since I was a boy. You are one of the greatest men to ever live. Congratulations on making it to 70. I am 37 now and have been reading you since I was 12. I will be with you until the very last book!

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