Poll: Do You Read Early-Released Excerpts?

US Cover
US Cover
The High Druid’s Blade by Terry Brooks publishes March 11, August 2014!

Last week, I decided to have some fun and hold a Facebook contest where, if Terry’s fans Liked and Shared a post enough, I would release Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 together from the new book. The response was overwhelming, of course. When Terry’s fans want something and band together, they become an unstoppable force. Within an hour, I had to post the two chapter excerpts, letting people read the opening chapters from The High Druid’s Blade.

Readers are very different from one another though. Some like reading excerpts of forthcoming books early; others hate that, preferring to have the entire book before starting it.

Many of Terry’s fans jumped at the chance to begin reading the next book early. Others Liked and Shared the post to help their fellow fans but they didn’t want to read the excerpts.

In my mind at least, it set up an interesting question:

Do you read early-released excerpts from books you are excited about?

Post your thoughts and comments below!


23 responses to “Poll: Do You Read Early-Released Excerpts?”

  1. I don’t read them because I would want to know more which I can’t until the book comes out. I don’t like being teased when it comes to reading my Shannara series.

  2. I don’t like reading excerpts. I want to read the whole thing when I start. When I buy a serial book I always wait until I have the whole thing before I start it.

  3. Yes I read your early releases with great excitement and then I’m sad, knowing that ill have to wait to read the full story. I am the same way when one of your new books comes out as well. I pick it up from my local bookstore and by the next evening I’m done with it and looking forward to the next release date. Thanks for what you do!

  4. I very rarely read excerpts. I’d rather have the entire book in front of me. I have never read a Shannara excerpt. The suspense is too much.

  5. I love reading Terry’s books as soon as possible! I’ll read the excerpt, and be just as stoked when I get to read it with the rest of the book again…

  6. I don’t like reading excerpts, it’s a tease, and since I prefer to read paperbacks rather than hardcover it can be a really long wait!

  7. I love to read excerpts! It may be a tease in one sense, however it gets the anticipation up for the book release. I do not like “spolers” though. I read excerpts as much as I can.

  8. Sometimes i read them. Sometimes i dont , but as im your number one irish fan , any chance of sending me a signed copy. Please…

  9. Yes I read excerpts. I can’t stop myself. Then I go crazy till the book is released and I can finally know how the story ends. And the cycle starts all over again. 🙂

  10. Oh yes I read the chapters and now I can’t wait for my birthday, because that is the day it will be released. The book will diffidently be a birthday present to me.

  11. Really? Seriously? You even needed to ask this? LOL!

    The best part of the meal, when done in harmony, is the Appiteaser!

  12. A few years back I used to read them. The last one I read was for Tanequil. I read it, and then moved onto some other books before it was published. When I did finally get my hands on the book, I had the strangest sense of Deja Vu having forgotten that I’d read the excerpt months before. That, and the fact that the excerpt is never enough, were reasons enough for me to no longer read them.

    Of course, when they do appear, it is very tempting to read them, but it’s a bit like having fish and chips before a banquet.

  13. i do read them because it gives me insight into what is bound to happen, and gets me excited for for getting the books as soon as it comes out.

  14. I am confused. Is the Khyber Elissidel in Wards of Fairie the same as the one in The High Druid series and if so, how can the Elf Stones have been lost when she had them when she was younger?

    • Wrong Elfstones, Mary. Only the Blue Elfstones have been in the Four Lands. The other sets of Elfstones? Lost in the time of Faerie. These lost ones are the ones that Khyber is after in Dark Legacy.

  15. Usually, yes, but this time I am reminding myself to reread the Dark Legacy series, or at least Witch Wraith, before plunging into the new book. Resisting the urge to open that PDF sure takes a lot of willpower.

  16. I always do read the excerpts. They make me even more excited to get my hands on the book,, but that is ok I enjoy being excited.

  17. I’m a sucker for previews in whatever form, so I always read your excerpts Terry. I’m gonna go absolutely apesh*t over the Elfstones TV series trailers and previews! Bring ’em on!!!

  18. They whet the appetite and make the anticipation of what is yet to come even greater! As long as they are available, I will be reading them!

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