Postponed: The High Druid’s Blade

Publishing: July 15, 2014
Publishing: July 15, 2014
Dear Readers,

Got some news about the next book. Good and bad, depending on who you are and how you stand on things. Del Rey has decided to postpone publication of The High Druid’s Blade until this coming July 15th. There will be no new book in March. Perhaps they are worried about my turning 70. It might be wise not to overwork me. Perhaps they wish to take advantage of the TV show publicity which we are expecting later in the year. Perhaps no one reads my books anymore and they are easing me out the door!

Gee, I hadn’t thought of that one until just right now! What if my career is over?

Well, let’s assume not. But whatever the case, this gives me a little more time to work on the 3rd book and on the concluding trilogy. Always grateful for that.

Right now, The High Druid’s Blade will publish this July and the second book, The Darkling Child, will publish in July/August 2015. Looks like I am back to being a one book a year kind of guy.

Just wanted you to hear it from me and not the untrustworthy grapevine.

More soon on various projects,

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  1. This is disappointing, but I am a true Terry Brooks fan and will wait. Nothing good to read then for the rest of the year. Grrrrrrrr!

    • Its disappointing especially since I already pre-ordered it. Your still very relevant. Every book is awesome. Please continue to write and keep them coming. Please come to Vegas to sign books soon!! Thanks.

    • Oh DARN! I guess I’ll just have to go back and re-read my collection of Jacqueline Suzanne books awaiting the release of the new Terry Brooks Shannara novel! :p So, I’ll read it when I get back from Pennsic. I’m always up for a new Terry Brooks novel. 😉

    • Ditto to – “This is disappointing, but I am a true Terry Brooks fan and will wait. Nothing good to read then for the rest of the year. Grrrrrrrr!” Can we write to the publishing company and voice our disappointment?

  2. Well, sometimes the good guys win, and sometimes the Federation wins.

    Since we must wait till August… Any chance of a short story release to tide us over?

    • A short story release is exactly what I pitched to Terry when he sent me this news, Tim. I am hopeful. Terry has a lot on his plate right now but if he can find the time I’m sure he will do it. Fingers crossed!

      • You Rock for thinking ahead for us Shawn… How goes the sequel to dark thorn? My wife is reading it now that I’ve finished it. The oldest boy is next in line.

        • The sequel is coming along. Just not as fast as I would like. I have been working on two different short stories set in the same world and those are taking up my January. Gotta write the things that have deadlines first. That said, The Everwinter Wraith is fully outlined and I’m about 1/3 into it. I think it is a better book. Answers a lot of questions from the last book but I’ve inserted a few additional questions that will lead into the third book, The Splintered King. Fun stuff. Can’t wait for everyone to read it!

          • Oh, and be sure to write a review for The Dark Thorn on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be long — just honest. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 🙂 I’ll be curious what your wife things of the book too, Dale!

      • a short story would be great! personally i would like one on either walker boh or stee jans. maybe a free born mission. just a thought…

  3. Traditional publishing’s ridiculous commitment to an outdated paradigm that a book release is an “event” is simply wrong for the writer and the consumer. Wrong for the writer since you can obviously write more than just one book a year and wrong for the consumer since we fans will buy and read a book when we want to. This move by Del Rey is a product of old-style thinking, one that says novels are like perishable goods – a month on the shelf and they get stale, so move ’em out. Hello. New world out here, Del Rey. Terry, you have enough clout and a big enough fan base to skip the middleman. Self-publish.

    • How can one simply make a statement like this especially when you do not know why the decision to push back the publication date was made? I do not like to miss out on anything Mr Brooks puts forth but assuming that it was to take advantage of some publicity from a forth coming TV Show then I say all the power to him. When you make your passion your career the business side pops in there as well… and well… if some extra publicity that helps to motivate my favorite author to continue putting out quality work by providing him with some extra benefit, monetary or otherwise then I will happily sit back and wait till July 15th.

      And if it was something else that caused the push back, then I will simply sit and wait anyhow and trust that Terry will do what he needs to do.

  4. January 16 it’s my birthday /67/.Such a bad message!I’m going to cry.I’ll wait like everyone else who loves your books.

  5. I am infinitely grateful that we heard this first from you. Press releases and the like about this sort of thing (regardless of author commentary after the fact) just leave one frustrated. Thank you, Mr. Brooks.

  6. Was looking forward to the March publication, but will just have to wait. My hubby and I are true Terry Brooks fans. They better not be phasing you out, we’d be mad. No matter your age you are a GREAT writer.

  7. Ahh man. That really is sad. Guess we have no choice in the matter. If he is to busy with the TV.Movie etc than maybe it’s best. Now I have nothing to read until Aug.

  8. Thank you for the update Terry! Gives me time to read what I am behind on since I am an artist and have limited funds. Also gives me something to look forward to!

  9. It is always sad news when your favorite book series is postponed by the publishers… most likely because of the forthcoming TV series. And Del Ray wants to ride the way of popularity off the TV series to cash in on the final trilogy of Shannara! Terry Brooks doesn’t have to worry about being phased out and shoved out the door… his fans demand right the opposite from their favorite authors; two to three books a year. And while age is a factor, at 70, we can live with one book a year!

    Hopefully, we can expect another Paladin’s eBook this year! Something for the fans … and eventually with enough short stories we can get a hardcover edition of Paladin’s of Shannara.

    And while, Print-On-Demand, and Self-Publishing, and Ebooks, is always an option of an Author with a solid fan base. Most Authors are locked into a contract with a publisher for years and years! But there is the option of doing smaller books – the bare minumn word count! To publish more books within a given year! Several author have done smaller pocket books to full-fill a contractual obligation!

    Happy 70th Birthday Terry – keep writing and healthy living!


  10. well hopefully it will be on my birthday like they use to then I can get them signed again at the u-bookstore, its always a treat. Terry and Shawn are always awesome in person.

  11. I’m not able to get on here on a regular basis, but have been a fan since I read Sword in High School in 82. Unless I’m missing something, and I’m sure I am – what’s the comment about Television show publicity?

  12. Super bummed to hear about the postponing of the book. Any news how this will impact the other two books that follow High Druids Blade? Darkling Child was initially penciled to be released for September of 2014. Don’t see the likelihood of them releasing a book one month then the sequel the following….. Too good to be true 🙂

  13. Not all that disappointment, I have fallen behind and now I have a chance to get caught back up. Thank you Mr. Brooks for all the amazing stories.

  14. Hey Terry!

    What a beautiful cover for the new book!
    Your books are always classics; the stories will not grow old on the shelf. Truth be told, I have your last trilogy waiting to be read. (I’m so busy lately). That said, it gives me a reason for tomorrow………..
    A fan since the very beginning!!!

    Live Long and Prosper!

  15. Im very disappointed but now I wont have a comflict on which book I should read first Terrys or R.A. Salvatores I cant wait for the TV show to start, I have been a terry fan for so long and meet him several times really hard to believe he is 70.

  16. Very disappointed! You will continue to be read by a large following for a very long time! Keep up the excellent work and good luck with the tv show. You will certainly add much needed class to MTV!

  17. Better to have heard the disappointing news from you first. Guess I will just have to start at the beginning and read through chronologically …. by the time I get that done I can say I’m caught up and maybe High Druid’s Blade will be out.

    They better not be trying to usher you out the door …. they have no idea what a mistake that would be.

    Loyal fan since ’83

  18. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say. Besides, now I have a perfect excuse to go through the series again. Good things come to those who wait.

  19. Shame on you for thinking that way, Mr. Brooks, that age has anything to with how well you write if not how good an author you are, not to mention the fact that Del Rey Publishing is slowly easing you out the door. I have been a fan of yours for I don’t know how long and although I hadn’t had all that much success in being able to finish reading one of your books, more so when I was growing up rather than now, I have always had the highest respect for you as a writer and for you to think the way that you do is just unsconionable, and as for losing you as one of my favorite authors, much of the same could be said for that as well.


  21. That’s fine for me You have given me so much entertainment and joy from all you’re other Books, which I am still trying too read so this gives me more catch up time. Don’t push yourself too hard.

  22. Doesn’t the publisher wish to give a reason for the delay? This seems a poor way to treat a writer, especially one who has sold many books.

  23. Thank you Terry for all of your wonderful books. You have given me a lifetime of pleasure. I have been reading your books for over 30 years, and no other author has come close. I can wait until August. It will be a fine birthday present! I hope you have a wonderful 70th birthday and many happy returns 🙂

  24. Would someone kindly remind Del Rey that without us fans buying books from all the authors they publish, they would make nothing! Without the authors writing the books they would publish nothing! Terry I will follow you the writer no matter who you have to get to publish it. What I don’t understand is that book is finished, possibly even printed already and in my case paid for on the Signed Page, So what’s the difference, just release it! I would easily understand postponing the second book in that series until like July 2015 (The month Elfstones published) and that way we still get one a year.

    • Jeff, Read this blog post by Kris Rusch – the details to her explanation as to traditional publishing release dates starts down the article a bit. The industry is in turmoil and they are trying to control as much as they can – which makes it worse, not better, for readers. I agree with you, without us and the writers, they don’t have anything to offer. In fact, indie publishing has proved that indeed they have nothing to offer.

      • Great link Lyn! I bet that’s exactly what happened with the High Druids Blade. If that article is true (and there is no reason not to think so) then this is going to be an interesting year for the book world.

  25. Terry I own a First Edition Hardback of every book you have written. I read your first 3 books at least twice a year. I also have some of them autographed and want to get the rest autographed. I am currently waiting for your next book to some out so I can add it to my collection. It makes me sad they are not publishing the next one until August.

  26. Disappointed? Yes. Willing to wait? Of course. Just started at the beginning again so will give me more time and will all be fresh in my memory again.

  27. I really miss the fantasy covers of the original books by the Hildebrandt Brothers and Darrel K. Sweet! The new covers of the last six to tweleve books look like Photoshop Marketing! Especially the final three novels of Shannara…. Defenders Series: High Druid’s Blade.

  28. Unless this is what you wanted Terry, I would recommend you self publish whenever your contract runs out. You don’t need Del Rey as your fans will follow you no matter how to put out the book. The publishing house days are numbered thanks to the technology out there today and they know it and will do what they can to stop it or bury it. Just ask Hugh Howey.

  29. Oh, I was really looking forward to March, because of The High Druid’s Blade. I already ordered it on the Signed Page. I guess I will have to find some other books to read until August. I love Terry’s books.

  30. Bunch of bogus Beurocrats(sp?) Terry, you should just start self publishing. From what I see on Science Fiction Book Club, Amazon, and my local book stores, you’re still one of the top rated sf/f authors of all time. Unless the publisher’s name sells the books I don’t see why you couldn’t publish your books on your own convinient time schedule. Am I wrong?

  31. Really too bad, and I can’t say I understand the reasoning, but I’ll stand by Terry no matter what. But I don’t get why Del Rey wants to delay revenue from a committed fanbase – that seems really odd to me. But the readers aren’t going anywhere, you can count on thay!!

  32. Oh, no, I’d just read on a site about the March publication and was noting it in my calendar book! I’ve been reading your books since I was a wee one! And I’m so looking forward to the next one. Keep them coming, Mr. Brooks!

  33. Terry I love books and have been enthralled with work for 14 years now. I have all your books in hardcopy and from Google books. The mere thought of you saying that nobody reads your books anymore is saddening as I think your stories are far better than even the Lord of the rings. Your work is admired by any who dare to embark in the journeys you have set us on. Don’t ever let your elf stones run out of ink!

  34. Well, if it keeps you happy Terry, and produces good quality books, I’m all for it. Heck, I’ve gotten so far behind in my reading I need the time to try and catch up.

  35. I love you terry and think you are the best fantasy writer the shannara serious is better then game of thrones

  36. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this since December, disappointed with the extra wait 🙁

  37. My highlight every year is to read your books. August is not that far away.
    You have many fans here in the Philippines. I hope you find time to come over for a reading and autograph sessions.

  38. Terry – you take your time buddy and we’ll see ya at release time! I broke the record in Phoenix last year with number of books you signed (remember Rob & Lynn?!). We hail from the Carolinas and never met you so I brought the entire house! You signed EVERY book you’ve written since 1975 for me in Phoenix plus extras via paperbacks! My wife and I enjoyed every second! We love you so you keep busy doing what you do best – writing!

  39. I’m so very sorry to read about this cancellation, but be that as it may, I can patiently await for my new book in August. Terry Brooks you have and STILL ARE my FAVE Author in the Fantasy realm. Keep up the good work and as always be forever SHANNARA!!

  40. Dear terry you re just great! We ll have to wait a little bit longer than expected but knowing that it will be once again a great book!!! Wish you and your family all the best and hope that to see you again in Italy this year!!

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