Not An Excerpt One: The High Druid’s Blade

Order a Signed Copy!
Order a Signed Copy!
The High Druid’s Blade by Terry Brooks publishes on July 8, 2014.

Usually, being several weeks away from publication, Terry and I would have posted several excerpts from the book for the readers to enjoy. A first few chapters or so, to help soften the wait—or drive some of you crazy.

But this time, Terry decided to do something different for the new release.

He decided to write new scenes!

Every Shannara books has a number of characters, all of which contribute to the tale in some way. Some of those characters get point of view chapters. But most of the them do not. Terry decided to write two new scenes from the point of view of two characters who don’t have points of view in the finished book.

The result? Some extra reading for you to enjoy!

This first “Not an Excerpt” takes place near the front of The High Druid’s Blade. It gives readers a glimpse of what trouble Paxon Leah and friend Jayet have gotten themselves into!

The High Druid’s Blade publishes July 8th.

The beginning of the end has begun…


Out-Take One

Click the first page above to download the three-page PDF! Must have Adobe Reader!

Did you like that? Should Terry and I post another one on July 1st?

Let us know!

26 responses to “Not An Excerpt One: The High Druid’s Blade”

  1. Really good read! Enjoy the new characters, I am really looking forward to the book!
    I think you should post more on July 1st!

  2. Thank you for that sneek peek… here’s my version!

    Paxon’s dark shadow, broad shoulder and tall frame, filled the doorway to the bedroom. Jayet peered from behind, grace and ease across smoothness, she flattened herself against the hallway wall. Shifted his position, blocked her view, someone was in the room. Paxon knew, she was out there, she could not see in.

    Started talking, deep and familiar voice responded. She shivered, remembering Chrys and the Dark House. It was Arcannen. A moment longer, did not care, repeated those moments. Remembering how it felt to be near him. The man they had come to find. Was Chrys in there too?

    She didn’t have time, opportunity to see, voices silent. Wasn’t working out, Paxon envisioned. Their efforts would be for nothing, if Chrys wasn’t there.

    “Did you bring any money?” asked Arcannen.

      • Thanks! It was just a writing exercise … But who will take over the Shannara series? Shawn Speakman or Brandon Sanderson? Once Terry Brooks retires! I would like to see an open world series like DragonLance, where many authors contribute to the series.

        • Terry does not condone the open world idea. But he’s said repeatedly at signings that when he is gone that the publisher will likely find “a box filled with old Shannara manuscripts” and they will be published against his wishes. The odd thing being there is no such box. haha

  3. I remember last year at the Salt Lake City Barnes and Noble listening to Terry reading his first written version of the above. He only gets better with his writing as he gets older. 🙂

  4. Oh! That’s like a thimble full of water after crossing the desert. MORE MORE MORE

    This could be fun, with bits here and there. Anything is just wonderful.

  5. This scene or not an excerpt… really doesn’t make sense? It appears that Arcannan is holding Chrys hostage for money? And Paxon and Jayet are there to rescue her! I can see why Terry deleted it from the published book. It seems a little creepy…

  6. Can’t wait for the release of this. I did notice a typo, where Chrys is spelled Chris, on Page 2, second paragraph. Sure this will be corrected by the editors. Looking forward to all three of these upcoming standalone novels and hopefully an update on The Elfstones MTV project soon.

    • Terry will publish six more Shannara books that will be the end of continuity. Then he will go back and fill in some holes, like the time period after Measure of the Magic. Terry wants to wrap up his series without having the likes of me or Brandon Sanderson being hired to finish it. Ha.

      • Ah. That’s not so bad then. It is kind of like what Ann McCaffrey and her son Todd did with the Pern series, except he started in due to his mom’s health.

      • Wow! You’ve burst my bubble. With the wealth of Shannara knowledge you have, your own ability to tell a very good story, your connections with the publisher and to Terry I would think you would be the perfect choice to carry the torch. Knowing that there will be an end to Shannara at some point in a somewhat depressing thought.

        • As much as I hate to see the Shannara series end, I wouldn’t want anyone else to write it. It’s Terry words and thoughts that drive the story. His ideas and the way he writes is unique to him alone and any attempt at duplicating or expanding his work without him just seems hollow. Much admiration and can’t wait for the next one….and the next one…as many as he’ll write, I’ll read.

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