MTV Officially Orders First Season Of SHANNARA TV Series!

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Dear Readers,

I am very excited and proud to tell you that the dream to turn the Shannara books into an epic television series has just become a reality. MTV has officially ordered the first season of SHANNARA, which will be 10-episodes, and based on The Elfstones of Shannara.

Miles Millar and Al Gough are writing the series, and have done an amazing job with the scripts they’ve written at this point. I really couldn’t be happier with how it’s all coming together, and I am very much involved in the process. Jonathan Liebesman will now direct the first 2 episodes. I am Executve Producing along with Al Gough, Miles Millar, Jon Favreau, Jonathan Liebesman, and Dan Farah, who I began this long journey with several years ago. Sonar Entertainment is our studio partner. It’s a terrific team and I greatly appreciate and respect each and every person on it.

As previously announced, Jon Favreau was going to direct, however, due to scheduling conflicts he is unavailable to do so, but remains very passionate about the project and will stay on board as an Exec Producer.

I’ve been dreaming about seeing these books adapted properly for thirty-five years, and now its really happening. So let’s all celebrate dreams coming true. I will continue to keep you all posted as things progress.

All good wishes, Terry

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177 responses to “MTV Officially Orders First Season Of SHANNARA TV Series!”

  1. Awesome. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting every since I first read his stuff.

    What is the time line fall of 2015?

  2. I am so Happy to hear this. I have read all the the Shannara Series and look forward to see it.

  3. Can’t wait, have read The Shannara series for years, especially while out to sea, but why Elfstones and not Sword?

    • In an earlier post, there was some reference to Elfstones benefits by having strong female characters also.

    • well it’s been a long time since I read the books, but if I remember right. The Elfstones came first they were around long before even the sword was made. So maybe this television series will go as far as saying how the stones were made as well.

    • I actually think it’s because the story line involving the elfstones is more evolved than the sword storyline. Starting with the elfstones will allow them to easily transition through the books regarding the history and destiny of the elfstones, since they are referenced and sought after in many of the books. Even as far as the Dark Legacy series. That is just my opinion though, lol. 🙂

  4. Amazing news! I have thought this story line was deserving of cinematic love since I read the first novel. Good luck to all those involved in this endeavor.

  5. Good luck with new project. I know how diligent you were while writing that first book and am very happy for your huge success.

    • As Terry and Shawn have said, the basic problem with SWORD is that it is very similar to LotR, especially the first half, and might give people new to the series the wrong impression. ELFSTONES is more original and a better presentation of Brooks as a storyteller in his own right. Don’t get me wrong, I love SWORD too, but the point is to give the strongest and most unique face to the series right off the bat. But I do hope they make a movie or series out of SWORD later, too – maybe sort of the reverse of what Wheedon did with Firefly and Serenity?

      • Sword, in my opinion, isn’t as much of an LOTR ripoff as people say it is, but the similarities are there, and those who aren’t acquainted with the fantasy genre will see more of the similarities and less of the differences.

  6. Great news! I enjoyed reading the Shannara series. But two points: #1 Why skip the first book, and #2, MTV? I hope they will give the look, feel and attention this deserves.

    • Yeah, I agree MTV seems kinda weird, but I believe it will be done well. Now for your first question, they are doing this because Sword of Shannara=Lord of the Rings. It’s wayyyyyyyyy too similar. Sure I love that book and have read it a lot, but Elfstones makes more sense because it shows Terry Brooks amazing talent as a writer AND it was said they are doing this also because sword doesn’t have a strong female character

      • I just hope they don’t do it like Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series – that was an utter failure because it wasn’t done as an Epic series from one of the movie channels like HBO or Starz. They did it like a second rate Zena production! Take a tip from Game of Thrones and do it right!

  7. I have been reading your books for over 30 years & I love each & everyone of the. Can’t wait to see, them on the small screen. & to see if the characters are how i i imagined them Thank you for you great imagination & Talent <3 x

  8. Cant wait been a fan of Terry for a couple of decades,more excited about this than Game Of Thrones.

  9. This is SUPER news….happy dance going on and my feet just won’t stop! WOOOOHOOO! Good luck and I so look forward to seeing these episodes.

  10. This is incredible news and long time in the making for all of us Shannara fans and for the legendary man himself, Terry! So glad they are starting with Elfstones, my personal favorite, as it has such a wonderful, emotional story with Wil and Amberle and the Ellcrys dying, but also the epic battle scenes between Allanon, The Elven Army, The Legion Free Corps, and some Dwaven sappers against the Dagda Mor and his Demon Horde unleashed from the collapsed Forbidding. A lot of great characters (and creatures) to cast for this, but I can’t wait to see how they portray Stee Jans and Allanon. In Terry we trust!

  11. Whilst I’m happy about this, Elfstones first is an odd, odd choice. Aspects of the characterisation and sacrifice of the cast will be wasted without having witnessed the Border Legion at Tyrsis desperate for eleven aid, and why the Free Corps at first feels like a betrayal, or the epic moment of united-ness when the trolls put aside ancient enmity, or the inner conflict Wil goes through because of what Shea did with the stones….

  12. Outstanding news! I hope they’ll be released on Netflix and/or Amazon Prime (I don’t do cable TV anymore)!

  13. This is great news! I’m actually kind of glad they started with Elfstones as Most would Say that Sword of Shannara is too much like Lord of the Rings.

  14. Cannot wait to see if my views and whats on tv are similar. Dont care!!!!!! So happy for you and us fans!

  15. I am so happy, I could cry! This is amazing and a dream come true, not only for myself, but for Terry and millions of fans out there. I cannot WAIT to see this and I will diligently watch every second of every episode that airs. I just…cannot contain my excitement!

  16. I cannot wait!

    I have been reading all your work for 25 years.

    This will be an epic transition bringing Terry’s world to th screen! This will open this amazing fantasy world to even more people.

    Congrats Mr, Brooks!

    Hopefully in the distance future. The big screen!

    Way to go!

    This rocks!

  17. how come “Sword of Shanarra” isn’t being done first. Won’t all the important stuff be missing? When is it coming on? Is it going to be a cartoon? What channel is MTV on? Happy to hear it’s coming on. Thanks

    • As others have stated…Elfstones is a much more unique story and highlights Terry’s awesome story telling. Sword has too many similarities to Lord Of The Rings and would most likely give viewers not familiar with Terry’s entire catalog of work the wrong impression. Live action and MTV is the channel…varies depending on your cable/satellite provider.

  18. Very cool. Congrats and can’t wait to see one of my favorite story lines on the screen. My only question is, why did they start with Elfstones and not the Sword? Or even better, start from the beginning with First King.

  19. your book sword of shannara was the first book i had ever read and i could not read till then as i suffer with dyslexia but you have giving me great drive with my imagination with wrighting storys, music and acting.
    i am excited of the news and cant wait.
    thank you for your great work that you have shared over so many years.

  20. So excited for this to happen.I have read the entire series many times over and have imagined what the characters would look like..these books have added great joy to my stoked to see the tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!-!–

  21. I am ecstatic to hear this! I read all the books growing up and absolutely love fantasy fiction, especially the Shannara books. I could not be more pleased!

  22. I have been waiting for this since I started reading your books as a child. My dad and I love to share your stories with each other, and I can’t wait to tell him the good news!!

  23. If this stays true to your vision I will be thrilled. All that I ask is that you consider me for the role of Bryn. It is only fair 😉

  24. I have been waiting a long time to see The Shannara Series translated to a visual media. I have been reading The Shannara Series since I was in high school thanks to a close friend of mine during that time. The Elfstones of Shannara is a great place to start. It has a lot of emotion that I think people can relate to. My this be just the beginning 🙂 Many blessings Terry. I have been a fan since I was a teenager.

  25. Wow! I just realized I read the whole letter with my jaw hanging open, and now I can’t stop smiling. Congratulations Terry!!!

  26. Lets hope this doesn’t go the way that Wizards First Rule went as a TV series cause that one stunk!

    • I think Legend of the Seeker failed due to a lengthy season and too many fillers also the story arc for the season wasn’t as tightened as say Game of Thrones is with only 10 episodes per season, they stayed within the confines of the books.

      This too will be 10 episodes so not a whole lot of room for filler episodes or extra bits of adventure and such. I’m glad for a short season, no need for all the fluff and can stick with the story. The story itself is already so good why add anything extra.

      I’m also completely on board with starting with Elfstones as it was always stated, Sword is too close to LOTR in story arc that you can’t do it without the comparison. Maybe someday in the future they could once the world has been established or they go in reverse and start with the Word and Void books too then combine them with the Shannara series. Who knows, I’m just glad they got this far really. Now I just need to know when a premiere date is and I’ll be set.

      • Legend of the seeker failed because it was rubbish and looked like it was made at the same time as the A Team.

      • Legend failed because it diddn’t stick to the first book and jumped all over the map through several books. Also Terry Goodkind from whay I understand had a hands off aproach to the series.

  27. Can’t wait. Started reading the Shannara series when I was serving in the Army while in Saudi Arabia and am still reading it today. Congrats Terry.

  28. I am thrilled to hear this….the books are phenomenal and it sounds like very talented people are involved with making the series.

  29. I am excited that this is finally becoming a reality for my favorite author! I could not be happier for you and will not only watch the series, but buy the discs when they become available!

  30. Hooray, please make sure they don’t deviate from the storylines of the book. So many writers have had their works altered for the big screen and some things get lost on the way. Really looking forward to this

  31. I heard that Warner Brothers had bought the rights to make 2 Shannara movies, The Sword and The Elfstones. They were going to make The Elfstones first because it deals with the history of the world. Allanon gives Shea a history lesson in The Sword, so if they make The Elfstones first they can skip the explanation when they make The Sword.

  32. awesome! i just hope they do it properly GOT style. would hate to see awesomness ruined through bad production

  33. If this gets people reading books by my favourite author then I’m all for it. Let’s hope it is done as well as the Game of Thrones series.

  34. Congratulations Terry on getting the series. Long over due. I too have waited a very long time for this to becomea series.

  35. I am so looking forward to this although I don’t have cable therefore no MTV. However I am excited for this project, your books are getting the recognition they deserve.

  36. Can’t wait to see this! I’m still anxious about it being on MTV, but I will definitely be down to watch this first season, for sure.

  37. congratulations! I’m an eternal fan of yours!

    I pray that people, young and old alike, will only be more compelled to READ your works through this!

  38. Will the first season completely cover the Elfstones story or will it take multiple seasons? Unlike GoT there are huge gaps of time and complete character changes between most of the Shannara books. As much as I am excited about this, Wishsong was my favorite of the original trilogy, I hope some day that happens!

  39. About time!!! -does a happy dance before his Shannara Alter. haha- it will be interesting to see how they handle the casting of the characters. For those who have read it, we will know how we see them.. but will there be anyone to fit the bill. Best of luck to the producers and director(s). I’ll be waiting with baited breath for it.. FINALLY!!!

  40. I read these years ago, now I must read them again. Can’t wait for the TV version, but my imagination will be hard to surpass. Hopefully relatively new comers to the acting stage will be cast like in Game of Thrones, we don’t need over paid underachievers like Hollywood is full of now. Can’t wait!

  41. Great news….had always hoped a movies would be made and now my wish is granted 😉 Named my first daughter Shannara…..thank you Terry

  42. It’s too bad Damien Thomas isn’t alive. He would have made the PERFECT Allanon.

    If you recall, he played Father Alvito in Shogun.

  43. Great news.
    Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brooks over 20 years ago. I asked if there was a chance for a movie, he said ” only if it’s done right” .
    I think back now and much like Game of Thrones, there’s no way any of the early books could translated properly in the time frame of a movie.
    Also glad Elfstones will be the basis for this project. As much as I love the Sword, I’ve always felt the Elfstones was a better story.

  44. This is great news ! I cannot wait. Since reading Elfstones all those years back, I have desperately wanted to see Stee Jans, Prince Ander, and the elven host fight to give Wil and Amberle the time they need to emerse the seed of the Ellcrys in the mythical Bloodfire. Allanon, last protector of the races, do battle atop his borrowed Roc with the wicked demon, the Dagda Mor. I could feel the desperation as I read, and now…well now we will see Terry’s work finally come to life on the small screen. Thank the Word this is happening!! EILT DRUIN !!!

  45. I started re-reading the Sword of Shannara last night and told my wife that someone needs to make these into movies. A TV show is good too!

  46. Excellent news. I hope it’s a good series, even if it’s not strictly faithful to the book, and that we can see a trailer soon.

  47. This is a great news: congratulations Terry!
    Your italian fans are tingling in the wait for the Shannara tv series

    I have a little suggestion for the soundtrack: the epic style of Rhapsody of Fire (try listening A Tale of Magic) 😀

  48. Congratulations, Terry! I’m glad that your dream has been realized! Despite my original misgivings, I am excited to see this story on the screen as well. I’m looking forward to watching it soon!

    • Also, just wondering… Does the first season plan on covering “Elfstones” in it’s entirety? If it does well and there’s a season 2 would it move on to “WIshsong” or be a part 2 to Elfstones?

  49. Would the episodes be hopefully like Song of Ice and Fire about 45 mins a piece or more about a regular show which is roughly 20 mins a piece, and will this be 10 for all three books or 10 for a book?

    And the possibility for a pre shannara series next mistake the walking dead does since e the demons essentially started a zombie apocalypse a few viewers could be easily swayed in the fact Carl isn’t involved anyway besides a poor scene where some kid is caught by the zombies…..

  50. Born and raised in the Sauk Valley (Eldena to be exact) and my aunt’s copy of Sword of Shannara caught my interest as a 10 year old in 1982. She encouraged me to read it and I have read and been collecting every TB book since. My mother for a birthday hauled to the Sterling Waldenbooks every book I owned (at the time) for which Terry graciously signed every one. Today those are my most prized possessions. My aunt and I spent many hours discussing your books and how we thought a movie would be. Sadly she passed but I can only imagine how excited she would be right now.

  51. I just hope it doesn’t turn out like “The Seeker” did, which was based upon Terry Goodkind’s “Wizard’s First Rule.”

  52. I am excited, cannot believe it. Do Alanon right please….Any updates about casting, air date etc? Druid, now you can speak.

  53. Seriously, are there auditions? Can I audition? How is casting being handled? I can’t even begin to describe how honored I would be to be a part of this cast!

    • I would absolutely love to see Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold as a movie. I know it was attached to Steve Carrel for a while but I’m not sure if I would have liked the straightforward comedy I assume this would have been.

      • Steve Carrel does more than just comedy, FYI. He’s one of the better dramatic characters we have right now, in my opinion. There are a number of movies out there that he stars in that have no comedy in them. This is what makes him a perfect candidate to play Ben Holiday, a man who has an inner darkness thrust into an — at times — absurd world.

  54. […] È ormai ufficiale:  Shannara, il ciclo di romanzi di Terry Brooks che riscuote uno straordinario successo da quasi quarant’anni, diventerà ora una serie televisiva. MTV ha ufficialmente richiesto i dieci episodi che costituiranno la prima serie. La notizia è stata fornita dallo stesso Brooks nel suo sito ufficiale. […]

  55. I want to play Ander Elessedil! I’d be the perfect cast – since I was a child I am sure of that… well I have an Austrian accent, but hey Antonio Banderas and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s English is waaay worse than mine :-p

    Apart from naive wish… I keep all my fingers crossed that your best book will find the same success as a series! 🙂

  56. This is indeed great news. We’ve been waiting for a film adaptation of the ‘Shannara’ series for a long time. A series will do great but a film would have justified the brilliance of the series. How are you going to show all the magical stuff, cant look cheap or b grade,otherwise it will kill the thrill. I am surprised nobody from Hollywood didn’t want to make a film out of this ,it would have gone down in the history on par with the ‘Star Wars’ & the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series.

  57. I read the Sword of Shanarra 17 years ago and have been waiting for it to be made live ever since!

    • I too read the sword of shannara as a child (28 years ago now). Unfortunately they are not adapting the Sword as I believe it’s because it’s too similar to the Lord of the Rings. If you read the post they are skipping Sword and starting with the Elfstones. Good idea.

  58. Absolutely brilliant news – about time!!! Cannot believe this hasn’t been done years ago – can’t wait.

  59. I’ve been aiting 30 years for this, I am very excited and cannot wait for the premier.
    Congratulations Terry. I hope it is a huge sucess for you.

    Thanks for all the hours of tremendous reading rfrom your different trilogys,

    Looking forward to you next series,

  60. I have been reading these books since I was a child and this makes me happier than almost anything! They have been such an influence in my own writing, I can’t tell you how happy I am that the Shannara series finally gets a chance at TV! Maybe a future movie?

  61. I am excited about this work. If they stick to the story line and not add any fluff or gratuitous crap it will be fab. I may be one of the few people that do not constantly compare Tolkien and Brooks’ work because I think they both have their merits. When I’m reading Sword or Elfstones I am not thinking of LOTR…likewise when I am reading LOTR I am not thinking Shannara. My favorite book is First King of Shannara!

    P.S. Waiting impatiently for Darkling Child!

  62. I read the hobbit for my 7th grade advanced English class and found it to be good. So I read LotR next and found it to be really good.
    Then I went back to reading my Zane Grey westerns and Archie comic books.
    3 years later I was starved for things to read, I had read most of the books I could at my high school library (even some non fiction like papillon and alive) so I turned to the public library. The librarian there mentioned that I might enjoy a relatively new series of books written by someone named terry brooks starting with something called “the sword of shannara”.
    Since then I have read almost exclusively inside the science fiction fantasy genre – hundreds upon hundreds of books – and have fallen in love with many worlds…from Anne macaffrey’s dragon riders of pern to Robert Jordan’s wheel of time and terry goodkind’s SoT and the land of ice and fire created by George rr Martin, even Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman of dragon lance fame….but I always, always, always, come back to the land terry brooks created – to shannara where my love affair with fantasy began.
    I cannot believe that 30 years have gone by. 30 years and I still get to read new stories about what I’ve almost come to think of as my second home – and now they’re finally getting around to putting it onscreen.
    I truly hope that there aren’t so many constraints that far too many concessions have to be made and it gets all mucked up like what happened to legend of the seeker. 10 episodes seems a bit too brief to truly get into the meat of the story. and it being aired on a station known for killing the radio star and (yet hasn’t aired a music video in how long?) “yo mtv raps” and “jersey shore” makes me shudder.
    I’m thrilled that Terry’s dream is being realized, however, and wish him all the best…my dream was realized last year at Phoenix comicon when I finally got to meet him and he truly seems to be a wonderful person who deserves what’s finally coming to him.
    Congratulations Mr. Brooks. And thank you, for a lifetime of wonderful reading.

  63. GREAT! I’ve just finished the whole series and am wanting more and was thinking this would be great for TV.
    I only had one problem with the books. I am not a prude but I do try to encourage kids to read and up until near the last books I read I thought they would be good for kids. Any sexuality should not be in a book kids read. Otherwise these would be great for kids.

    • Oh, come on! Kids are confronted with “sexuality” on a daily basis! Sexuality is part of everyone’s life – even for kids, who by the way should NOT be the audience of the Shannara books as they picture other, much more child-unfriendly topics. Decapitated druids in dark legacy, slaughtered travelleres in Antrax are Ok, but sexuality is a problem?!

  64. Congratulations Terry! I’m super excited about this news! Even more excited by the fact its The Elfstones of Shannara, as that was the first book i ever bought by you when i was around 12-13.
    I’m now 29 and i continue to read and be sucked into these amazing worlds and stories you create. Your a master class author, my favourite one.

  65. As everyone has already said, “this is great news”. However, whats the chance of some of your fans getting a role in the series no matter how small the role is???????????????

  66. I’m a big fan But I’m a little skeptical about tv series a lot of books are completely different on movie that of the book As I said, I’m a big fan There maybe a couple of books that I did not read Time will tell With full respect to Mr Brooks and all fans

  67. Hi Terry! This is awesome I’ve been addicted to the whole series since my dad showed me when I was a kid. My girlfriend is an actress, very awesome and with a very unique look, she would be perfect for the King of the Silver River’s daughter or others!

  68. Any News on when they Might be on TV? Fall 2016 or later seems this talk has been ongoing now for sometime. Still no news as to when they will be on TV if they have yet to pick those that will be in the Cast? Maybe further out 2017 or 2018???

      • 2015 could really setup well for it. Since it will probably come later, people will need their fantasy fix because game of thrones will have finished it’s season already. And TV shows like american horror story and true detective will familiarize tv audiences with the new season=new story and new characters thing. That was something that I originally thought was gonna doom the series on television

  69. When I’m on deployment, I carry at least one of the Shannara series. Amazing stuff when you’ve got some down time.

  70. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and unblock MTV, but how good could it be, this is MTV they’ll sugar coat it I bet they don’t even follow the books. Books like these should be on HBO, or Showtime, Starz, etc. I remember when “The Sword of Truth” was announced I was completely excited, then I watched the first episode (and the only episode I watched) and was completely disappointed what an absolute joke, that should definitely been on one of the “adult” channels. But maybe I’ll be wrong I hope so. But this is MTV, so we’ll see. Also, a disclaimer did you know MTV used to play these things called music videos.

  71. When will this be air. I keep seeing it but can not see when its on. Pls help. Micheal from Ireland love all the books

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