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terry-brooksDear Readers,

I’ve been hard at work writing the third book in the new Defenders of Shannara series and proofing the galleys on the second book, but I wanted to take a break to let you know that I have also been very much engaged in what is going on with the Shannara series. I am happy to report that everything is proceeding in a timely and satisfying way.

Let me recap briefly our progress to date. MTV has committed to a season of 10 episodes based on The Elfstones of Shannara book. The entire story will be told in that first season. We have our network, our director and our lead writers, who are known as showrunners in the television business. Choosing to find a home with MTV, while unexpected by some of you, is the right choice. The discussions with the network about how the series will be adapted were positive right from the start. MTV has made a strong commitment to supporting the show and the books on which it will be based.

I am pleased to be working with people who understand the appeal of the books and recognize the intense loyalty the readers have for the stories. We are all committed to doing the very best job we can with bringing those stories to life in a way that will neither diminish nor undermine your expectations.

At present, Miles and Al are hard at work on the scripts for the first episodes. I have tremendous respect for them as craftsmen and I feel great about the working dynamic and how much respect and appreciation they have for my input. Their work in adapting the books for television has been exceptional.

In the months ahead, the remainder of the episodes will be written. Various locations will be chosen for filming. Casting will begin. All of the component pieces will be set in place. Nothing will be rushed; everything will happen in due course. As I am able to do so, I will confirm the details. What I am hoping to avoid is a lot of wild speculation. Everyone involved in this project is aware of the fact that you are watching and will eventually be passing judgment. No one wants to disappoint you. Least of all me.

Please be patient: these things take time to do well. Don’t think I am not taking into consideration any concerns you might have. I am. Every time a suggestion is made or an idea floated, my first thought is this: What will the readers think?

This is a new experience for all of us, but I believe the end result will demonstrate that the wait was worth it. I will keep you updated as possibilities become realities.

All good wishes, Terry

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you are so involved. We all make allowances for media differences, but sometimes when a book is adapted, it is so different you wonder why they even bought the rights to the book in the first place. Glad that your experience is proving to be different. Looking forward to the series!

    • WOW. I remember thirty years ago chatting at school with my friends and we all wanted an Elfstones movie, only this is better because instead of one 2 hour movie we get 10 glorious hours of magic. I know with Terry on the scene this will be a faithful rendition of the story and it’s like a dream come true.

      2015 suddenly got a lot more exciting for fantasy lovers!

  2. I am so excited to see this story come to life. This saga has been Terry’s world and I know that he only wants the best for his readers. I agree that MTV is probably the best choice for the series and think the doubters should put their faith in Terry’s judgement!

    • Right on, Melissa! Terry never disappoints his fans and I don’t think he’ll start now. I have all the faith that the Shannara series on MTV will be awesome – bigger and better than Game of Thrones. I can’t wait to see it come to life on tv!

  3. your books are excellent . I know the tv series will do them justice . So excited cant wait .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am interested in becoming an extra. I live in western pennsylvania. Will there be auditions for extras within that area? Or is there perhaps use for a Professional Photographer? I would love to do still photos as well! http://WWW.EMILYSENCHANTEDIMAGES.COM is my website, hope you check me out! I think the name is very fitting to the TV Series! Don’t you?

  5. Thank you for keeping us informed, I hope this is a huge sucess and they go on to produce more than just the one book. (great choice though) Cannot wait to see Allanon fight to save Aborlorn.

  6. I absolutely love the books!! Where will it be filmed?? Would also enjoy being an extra if available ..

  7. I’ll do the waiting part, but I will not be able to stand still. Please give it the treatment it needs. I really really hope that in time you will get to the voyage trilogy also.

  8. Terry – I don’t know about any other readers… but for me, if the author is happy with the adaptation, the readers should be happy. After all, it’s your vision.

    I’ve enjoyed your books since you started writing them and they, along with the other Terry (Pratchett), are one of the few books (hardbacks) I buy & keep… not just read and return.
    Looking forward to the series!

  9. Hi Terry! I am very excited about this!!!!! You totally deserve it!!!! I’m a big fan since I was 12 by reading TSoS. actually, I enjoy your books repeatedly. My question is, will you post the casting calls here? I would love to do a reading/audition. I know your books backwards to forwards. Thank you for keeping Shannara alive! I hope to see more Running with the demon and Landover books too!!!!!!

  10. I’m so excited for this to become a reality. I’ve been reading the Shannara series ever since I was little. It would just be amazing if you went through Indianapolis looking for someone to fill for a stocky character.

  11. At first I had my doubts about a TV or movie adaptation of Terry’s books, but in recent years Hollywood has proven to me that they are capable of making faithful adaptations of beloved novels – as long as the author is involved and the project is well funded. LOTR proved that a (mostly) faithful adaptation could be done and still make money, so that seems to be all the rage right now. Game of Thrones is a great example as well – though I doubt MTV will throw quite as much money at a Shannara series as HBO has at GoT. 🙂 Hopefully MTV will pony up enough to do it justice.

  12. Longtime fan, loved all the books but I have no hope that a network like MTV will do the show any justice – still going to watch it because I’ve waited so long to see what Elfstones will look like on the big screen, but it’s like waiting for a trainwreck. I pray with all my heart that I am wrong

  13. I’ll be happy as long as it isn’t butchered like Jackson did to Tolkiens work. I’ve grown very fond of your work over the years Terry and wouldn’t like to see someone else think they know better than you…….. I’m really looking forward to this.

  14. I am trying to patiently wait for this series to come out but the excitement will not abate! With that said, I will be watching this site and keeping abreast of new developments as they are posted! Thank you again for your patience so this was finally able to happen. Who knows? This might get the attention of Hollywood on a larger scale and there is no telling where it might lead…… We can only hope and wait for the next fantastic book to come out!

  15. Woohoo! I can’t wait to see this! Elfstones was my first fantasy book and still one of my favorites.

    I know it seems to some that MTV is a bad fit, but, I believe its an outstanding opportunity for success. MTV seems to be taking steps like AMC did awhile back. I am excited and will be getting cable just to watch this.

  16. Way cool.. Glad to know.. I will be looking for it. and will be happy to see how it works out.. I hope they can continue on with the rest of the books or maybe take the storyline on by itself with a good set of writers..

  17. I can’t hold a book due to problems with my hands,so I have your audio books. I love your stories. The adventures and battles with good and evil.

  18. Una bella notizia per noi fan della Saga di
    Shannara. Immagina in TV!!!!!!
    Shannara in Tv
    Great news!!!!!!!!

  19. I have been a fan and a loyal reader since I was 8 (I am now 33) and I always said if you made your books into a movie, game, or TV show I wanted to be a part of it even as an extra on set. So I am anxiously awaiting your announcement of casting calls because I am there!!!!

  20. Congratulations Terry!! Testimony to how amazing all your writing is. I’m glad its going to TV and not film, I think the format will be a great match for the story. It doesn’t matter to me what network–thank you MTV for bringing one of my favorite series to life–its the special edition Blu-Ray’s that I can’t wait to have in my collection…

  21. I can’t wait for this to be on the screen!!! Like many others I am too wondering about how the casting will come about and hope that information can be posted for everyone interested! 🙂

  22. I can’t wait for this to be on the screen!!! Like many others I am too wondering about how the casting will come about and hope that information can be posted for everyone interested 🙂

  23. On Instagram I am the only Shannara/ Terry Brooks fanpage out there! If you are looking for updates on anything Terry as well as cool Shannara art, fanart, maps and lots more check out
    Just trying to spread the joy that Terry brings to all of his dear readers!


  24. Oh Terry, I cant believe it, I have tears of joy running down my face. Thanks MTV you know a good thing when you see it. Hurry, hurry please

  25. I had the pleasure of having my Druid of Shannara signed by Terry in Albany, NY over 20 years ago. He asked me who my favorite character was while signing and I said Stee Jans. I hope that the actor chosen for his role can fill those shoes. I cannot wait to see the Elfstones on screen.

    • I had Terry sign my hardback copy of Sword of Shannara here in Richmond, Va a couple of years ago. He instantly recognized it as a book club edition lol. I got a chuckle out of him when I joked that I wanted him to sign it “I Terry Brooks do solemnly swear never to stop writing this series as long as I can lift a pen.”

  26. Like for all Terry’s fans, this is a dream come true. I still love the Elfstones of Shannara. I can’t stop thinking who will fill in particular, the roles of:

    Wil Ohmsford
    Stee Jans – Obviously someone with Ginger hair right? lol

    I think Anthony Hopkins would be a great “King of the Silver River or Eventine Elessedil. Terry – What do you think?

    Can’t wait to see how it pans out. I would give my right arm to be in the series, but then who wouldn’t right?


    • Sadly, if you gave your right arm you’d be limited to the role of Panamon Creel (who only appears in “Sword”) … I like the idea of Hopkins as Eventine though, I could see that!

    • I totally agree with Hopkins as Eventine but then we must find a way for him to be young for the Sword…That’s the problem with Eventine and Flick, they appear both young and old…

      • Like with LOTR and The Hobbit, you can just use two different people, hopefully they share similar features. I think they did that once with Denzel and his son.

  27. I can’t wait to watch the series. I have been reading Terry’s books since it The Sword Of Shannara first came out. I have been a fan for years. I have all of his Shannara books. I love the way he writes. I know the series will be good if Terry is happy with it. I love the first book in the defenders series. Looking forward to the others. Thank you for being such a talented Author.

  28. Yesterday, in Italy, we watched “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.
    Expectations were high, because we have all been loyal fan of the original cartoon in 80’s.
    We have to say that we liked how Jonathan Liebesman directed the movie and now we are more confident that he can do a good job with Shannara tv series

    [Shannara Italian Fans from]

  29. All this waiting…..when will it be on? It will have to be posted on the website or I will miss it. I haven’t watched MTV since, well, a long time.

  30. I am SO excited about this and so happy for your success! I first read the Shannara series in my late teens and the series has always stuck with me as one of my favorites. Looks like I need to re-buy the original trilogy and re-read it. Sadly I lost those books years ago. I had a serious crush on Allanon for ages. I can’t wait to see who gets cast!

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