Pictures: Terry Visits Hobbiton

Terry attended Armageddon Expos in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand over the last two weekends.

In between those weekend conventions, Terry and his wife Judine traveled all over the place. One of the coolest things they had planned was visiting Hobbiton, the setting for the Shire in the Lord of the Rings movies.

The photos don’t disappoint. Here they are:

I threw in a photo of Terry will Jim “Hacksaw” Duggan just because I could. Ha!

How cool is Hobbiton? I need to visit!

5 responses to “Pictures: Terry Visits Hobbiton”

  1. Now for some reason, I just really enjoyed the thought of Terry in Hobbiton! Thanks for posting. All the best, Bill T.

  2. As an avid Terry brooks fan, I was excited to see the picture of him with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. I remember seeing him in wrestling. I was always a fan of his and the two by four he always carried. He always stood proud for the Red, White and Blue. I am excited and eager to see the Shannara series coming to MTV. I want to thank Terry for all of his hard work and dedication to his books. I have been a proud and avid reader of his books since the very first Sword novel. Can not wait for more adventures.

  3. It was great seeing Hobbiton again. My family and I visited when they were rebuilding the sets for The Hobbit. It still was so exciting seeing the rebuilding of Hobbit holes, the inn and mill, and especially Bilbo’s house. In February we head to the south island to see other sites from The Lord of the Rings. I’m so excited! And keep writing, Terry!!

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