Poll: What Would Your Halloween Costume Be?

EretriaToday is Halloween!

There are many ghastly ghosts and ghouls out there, already roaming the streets, some of them only two feet tall. I’m sure they will terrorize the countryside tonight, vying for as much candy as can be had.

On to today’s poll questions though!

If you had an unlimited amount of money and resources to create the perfect Halloween costume, what would you go as?

I’m not sure what I would do. So many possibilities! Eventine? Allanon? Walker Boh without the arm? A G’Home Gnome? Probably couldn’t pull off Edgewood Dirk no matter how much money I had!

What would you do? Select what book series you would pull your character from and comment below which character it would be!

Happy Halloween! Be safe!


34 responses to “Poll: What Would Your Halloween Costume Be?”

  1. Love all his books! The Shannara and the Word & Void series are the best. I was named after the hero in the Sword of Shannara. Happy Halloween!

  2. I would go for a Hadeshorn manifestation of Allanon. Especially if I could always make an entrance like that everywhere I went.

  3. I would be a Knight of the Word – Black Runic Staff and all that. Not any specific one though.

    Second Choice would be one of the Price of Leahs though I am too old to pull that off now – so maybe Balinor instead.

  4. If I had an unlimited budget and access to Jim Henson’s workshop, I think I could do a pretty cool Abernathy 😉

  5. There’s an unlimited number of choices 🙂 But I think that any number of Elven Rangers would make an interesting but recognizable costume (and I’m built like one, with a few tweaks).

  6. I would have to go with Flick Ohmsford. I know he isn’t the most exciting character but he has been my favorite character even after I have read all Terry others books.

  7. Rimmer Dall, did it when I was younger. Black plaster mask with red eye slits and a big black cloak(fancy ladies evening cloak lol). That was twenty years ago. Still use the cloak.

  8. I would be the Isle witch and have a little fun playing the bad girl for a change. Love her character good or bad.

  9. i would go with Garet Jax, the baddest bad ass in all the shannara books, its just too bad that he died so soon in the wishsong of shannara.

  10. I would definitely be Nest Freemark, and I would dress up the dog as Wraith and perch a realistic-looking Pick the sylvan on my shoulder…better yet I would walk around Sinnisippi Park for the day! 🙂

  11. So many choices. I would say either Will Ohmsford or the Reaper from The Elfstones (his best Shannara book EVER) or John Ross from The Word and the Void series.

  12. I was Earth Mother. I love that character. Sadly I didn’t have time to make Haltwhistle. I also have Wheten named, aptly, Abernathy 🙂

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