SHANNARA On MTV: Amberle Elessedil Cast

cast-draytonHi Everyone,

Amberle Elessedil has been cast for MTV’s Shannara!

Deadline reports that Poppy Drayton has landed the role of one of the most important characters in The Elfstones of Shannara.

Here is the news from Deadline:

Poppy Drayton (When Calls The Heart, Downton Abbey) has landed the lead in Shannara, MTV’s 10-episode straight-to-series drama based on Terry Brooks’ massive fantasy book series. Written by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, Shannara is set in our world, thousands of years after the destruction of our civilization. The story centers on the Shannara family, whose descendants are empowered with ancient magic and whose adventures continuously reshape the future of the world. The first season is based on The Elfstones Of Shannara, the second title in the series.

Drayton will play Amberle – an Elven Princess. Agile, fit and capable, she has become the first female to be accepted as one of the Chosen, the special group of Elves responsible for the protection and care of the ancient Ellcrys tree. But unlike the rest of the Chosen, Amberle’s dangerous and heroic journey is just beginning.

Other cast members will begin to be announced soon.

Stay tuned!

15 responses to “SHANNARA On MTV: Amberle Elessedil Cast”

  1. I’m looking forward to this, Wishsong, Voyage (man, that’ll be so many seasons later) and then Armageddon’s Children especially. There’s a LOT of Shannara to cover!

  2. im not familiar with this actress but I hope they lighten her hair for the show. I always pictured Amberle with light colored hair. Probably due to the book cover, one of my favorite Shannara covers.

  3. I have not seen any of the shows she is in so I will have to wait and see how she does. My favorite character in the book is the Rover girl.

    • Poppy is gonna kill it as Amberle. She is such a great kid. Ivana and her are gonna be so great together. Stature wise, it’s a great juxtaposition, as Poppy is a little taller than Ivana. Sooooo excited to see them in front of the camera fronting off against each other. smouldering adersaries …. YUSS!!!!!!

  4. Having read all of the Shannara books I am definitely looking forward to seeing the Elfstones of Shannara. Terry Brooks is one of my favorite authors.

  5. I am a long time fan and reader of the Shannara series but did not of the upcoming tv series please inform me when is the starting date. I would also like to know why on MTV

  6. can’t wait, would love to see so many beloved characters come to the screen ie: Flick and Shea and their self appointed protector and friend Menion and in later books people like Garet Jax and Walker Boh and must never forget the nexus of Allanon

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