SHANNARA On MTV: King Eventine Cast

cast-rhys-daviesShannara has found its Elven king!

John Rhys-Davies has been cast as King Eventine Elessedil, one of the most important characters in The Elfstones of Shannara. You have certainly seen the actor’s work before. Rhys-Davies is best known for his roles in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, as well as playing Gimli in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Click HERE to read what The Hollywood Reporter has to say:

MTV’s Shannara adaptation has found its king.

Rhys-Davies will play King Eventine, Amberle’s (Poppy Drayton) grandfather, who has ruled the Elvin kingdom of Arborlon for decades, flanked by his sons Arion and Ander. Eventine has done questionable things to keep the Four Lands at peace, but when his beloved granddaughter is chosen to fulfill a dangerous destiny, his path is changed as well.

I am super excited about this. There is an interesting irony at play. Rhys-Davies has played a Dwarf. And now, more than ten years later, he will be playing an Elf King. I think he brings a gravitas to the role that is important for a king and even more so for Eventine.

More news when we have it!

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15 responses to “SHANNARA On MTV: King Eventine Cast”

    • Yeah, but Legolas ended up being a great friend & ally so I think he’d be okay with it in the end!

  1. This is just amazing news ! When Speakman wrote 2015 is our year he wasn’t kidding. Thank the Word this small screen adventure is turning out to be so much more than I’d hoped for

  2. This is very exciting news. I’ve been reading the Shannara series since I was 14 and I am now 27. I’ve read Elfstones alone at least 15 times, it’s my second favorite of the series. I’m loving the casting so far, and I cannot wait till we get our first teaser to the series, which, I assume, won’t be for awhile. I wonder if the Demons like Dagda Mor will be cgi, with a real actor or a bit of both? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Love this site, I check it daily.

  3. OK holy shiz! I admit i’m a turncoat after my initial skepticism. But quit rubbing it in my face with these actors. john davies is one of my all times! I get it ok! Shawn youre awesome and do a terrific job. Terry, whats to say that hasnt been said? I guess just thanks for the hard work because shannara is pretty serious business in my family’s house, and the hype train is out of control. Also we seen filming is starting next month with auckland studios. Xanax please!

  4. I should have realized the irony that Shawn mentioned about a former Dwarf now Elf King, but I was too excited to hear that one of my favorite actors is gonna be apart of this. So far I’m very excited and impressed by the choice of actors. This may put aside any worries, reservations, or skepticism I may have with this adaptation. Now I need to wait for a trailer or something to give me an idea where this is all going before I have become fully excited.

  5. Wonderful news! I’ve always thought he was a great actor. But I would have said he’s “best known” for playing the Professor in Sliders.

    He was also the voice of Grand Pabbie of the Rock Trolls (originally voiced by Ciarán Hinds in the movie Frozen) in the TV series Once Upon a Time recently.

  6. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!! The Shannara series & all books related are some of my favorites of all time! I hope after this goes so well, they’ll continue on with the Genesis of Shannara & The Word & the Void series!!