Day: February 9, 2015

  • Pre-Order: THE DARKLING CHILD Signed

    Pre-Order: THE DARKLING CHILD Signed

    The Darkling Child by Terry Brooks is publishing on June 9, 2015! It is the second volume in the Defenders of Shannara, a set of books that lead into the final Shannara trilogy that Terry will begin writing next year. Like The High Druid’s Blade, the story centers around Paxon, inheritor of the Sword of…

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  • SHANNARA On MTV: Back On Set & Filming

    SHANNARA On MTV: Back On Set & Filming

    Greetings All, Back on set today, Monday, the first of three in which we will be watching the shooting, after which we are on our way elsewhere. This time out we were rested and got an early start – for us. We were there until dinner time, then had an evening out with the writers…