SHANNARA On MTV: Terry Earns His Elf Ears & More

Dear Readers,

Quite a day today, Tuesday. Headed out for the base camp around 10 am where I was to meet with an MTV stringer crew to film an interview for the networks publicity purposes about my involvement with the TV show. Went up country, into the hills, where it proceeded to pour down buckets. Waited it out, and then I did my hour long Q & A about the show. Had to go to make-up first, of course. Not quite beautiful enough otherwise. But it all went well, and I had lots of good things to say about how I got to this place and how excited I was about the show (I am, of course) and how I have such high hopes for Season One and after.

Returned in time to have lunch and then have Elf Ears slapped on me by make-up so that I could have pictures taken of me looking like a wise old Elf. Okay, an old Elf, anyway. Everyone is going to do this, I believe, for another promotion. I looked stupid, I imagine, but Judine kissed me so that was encouraging.

After that, we went down to the shooting site, this time on a beach, and sat with Poppy and Austin and their stunt doubles for a time talking about what they were about to do. Their physical fitness trainer was there, too, and others crowded around to hear what was being said and to take pictures. Afterwards, we moved over to the shooting site and watched a number of shots involving violence and a very cool drone camera. The day was sunny and beautiful, and I keep meeting new crew members and finding out what everyone does. Talked a few minutes with Director Jonathan Liebsman, and stayed until it was nearing 6 and we had to get back.

Still amazed at the scope of this effort and the size of the cast and crew. Whatever I was thinking, it was never this grand. Saw some more clips from the filming, and I do think this is going to be pretty special. Of course, I am severely prejudiced.

Last day tomorrow. Should end things on a high note.

Best to all, Terry

Terry and director Jonathan Liebesman

Terry and director Jonathan Liebesman

Written by Terry Brooks
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