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brooks-oceanHey Everyone,

Am recovered from the New Zealand experience and had a chance to rest up for a couple of weeks, I am going back to blogging now and again – but at least once a week – about writing and the writing life. Kinda got in the habit while watching them film Shannara, so I have an itch to write some more. But not necessarily about the TV show. I will muse on this and that, whatever seems of interest. I hope to find interesting and relevant things to say because you know me – I hate it when people, and I mean me especially – talk about themselves. I was raised in a publishing era when writers were told to just go home and write. Plus, I don’t like talking about myself. My books, now that’s a different matter. So I will lean more towards that in this blog. If I don’t, I am sure you will let my faithful Web Druid know.

Maybe this isn’t even a real blog. Feels more like a report or a conversation. You tell me.

I came up with the title for this blog after an article appeared online in the Hollywood reporter entitled something like “Hollywood’s 25 Most Influential Authors.” On the face of things, this sort of listing seems categorically insane. How do you even measure such a thing? What are the criteria? What sort of standard was I being measured against? I just laughed.

Of course, since I was ranked #25, I realized it might just be a case of jealousy. But, then, I didn’t care about it in the first place, so maybe jealousy doesn’t enter into it. There doesn’t seem to be a prize of any sort if you are #1, as JK Rowling is. Although you could argue her prize is having seven great movies and enough money to buy Seattle. Or at least Peoria. But the more I thought about it (yes, I did this bad thing), the more I wondered if I could find a way to move up on the scale of rankings. Why was I not at least #20? What did I have to do to get there?

So now I have embarked on an endeavor to raise my profile status on this stupid list between now and next November, when the new list comes out. If it does. I have no clue how to do this. Maybe a write-in campaign. The thing is, I don’t want to put any work into this. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort. Even if I got to #1, so what? So I expect, as with so many things, I will just let it go.

But it does give me an oddly attractive title for this blog.

So I’ll just go with that. Terry.

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  1. A nice title. Kinda shows Terry has made it to the big league. Whether or not this a good thing, this 372,622nd most influential newspaper commentator has no idea.

  2. Love the article.. Ranked 25th? I would have seen you at least at 24th, maybe even 23rd. gotta give yourself alittle of an ego boost.. haha.. but still work to strive and be more wanted by Hollywood.. I’ve been a fan since I picked up Elfstones that first time and fell in love with Shannara and the world. I know I’m not the only who has. you have created a world that can look back on its own past and learn from it, though things might get repeated with someone else of the Ohmsford or Leah families. The characters have given me the best memories from all the books I have read. Thanks!!

  3. Terry, maybe the blogging will become therapeutic in a way meaning that it might give you insight and inspiration to continue writing in the way that only you can. Sometimes a little introspective helps. Thanks for taking the time for sharing your thoughts and experiences with your fans.. we all appreciate it!

  4. What a career! Full circle. I remember picking my first Terry Brooks book. It was Magic Kingdom for Sale! Sold! I was hooked right then. There is not one published Terry Brooks books that I have not read. Looking forward to the TV show and more books.

  5. Title is too long! haha! Imagine replacing “Shannara” with “The 25th Most Powerful Author Working In Hollywood Blog‏”.

    We’d have The Sword of the 25th Most Powerful Author Working In Hollywood Blog‏.

    Elfstones of the 25th Most Powerful Author Working In Hollywood Blog‏.

    Too long. Not catchy. I don’t know who the other 23 authors might be. Mentioned is JK Rowling. I am aware of her, and yet I have never read one Harry Potter book, nor have I seen any Harry Potter movie. But I did play a video game.

    So who is at the top of my list? Terry Brooks is. I’ve read all the books, in order, except for Darkling Child…and I’m not reading that until all three books are out for that grouping.

    I have never been so compelled, to want all of the books, to read, back to back, reading reading reading.

    As far as Hollywood…meh. I realize that may be a big thing for some, but it’s NOT the most important thing. The most important thing is the writing and sharing.

    Hundreds of years from now, people will still be reading these books and enjoying them.* And the sharing will encourage who knows how many people to start their own careers in writing, letting loose their imagination to the delight of us all!

    *Providing there isn’t that whole Armageddon thing.

  6. Hi Terry. I have been reading your books since Wishsong came out in a huge paperback edition and I remember getting it at Price Club (before the place became known as Costco lol). I’m glad your ranked 25 but your one of my top authors to read so you come up much higher on my list. I am excited for the movie…nice to see you blogging about various things…and thank you again for signing a few of your books that I brought with me a few years ago when you visited the Barnes and Nobles store in the orange county/los angeles area a couple of years ago or so.

    P.S. I still have a picture that you graciously let me take somewhere and that was so uber cool 🙂

  7. You found this list one day and realized that you were ranked #25 without understanding the criteria. You got there by doing what you love. I suspect you will rise in the ranks doing exactly that. Lists like these are unimportant, I feel. You write because you can’t help it. That alone is enough to carry you. Master the craft and forget the list. We’re all pulling for you; writers and readers alike!

  8. EL James at number 4! Are you kidding me? I’ve got nothing against the subject matter she wrote about but she is flat out, a bad writer. Let’s see if she has the longevity that you have had Terry. I highly doubt it. I’m sure she’s made enough off her books to live a thousand life times but that doesn’t equal quality. I’m still shocked people read her books. I felt like my IQ dropped 10 points trying to read just one chapter.

    • when people read the book near you IQs drop. bad writing and editing.

      I suspect once Elfstones season burst into the scene Terry’s rankings will soar

  9. Rowling I do like the movies for the most part. As an author i think her skills were average and then slightly improved as the series went on. Creativity was good but it lacked continuity and when she introduced something new she shows no foresight of the ramification that it may cause in future storylines. For the most part it seemed like each books had its own world/universe . Like each book was the same place but a slightly different dimension where things didn’t work the same and thus spells and items in previous stories couldn’t be used.

    So this list is strictly power rankings of the most ‘powerful’ I mean most popular/rich/tweeted authors of Hollywood. So if you really want to rise in ranks waiting for tSC to air is your best bet. unless you want to draw publicity to yourself right now by doing something outrageous and news worthy =D

  10. I wonder if the list included authors you’ve inspired. I believe there are many more published authors out there who, like myself, would site you as an influence in their writing of books, movies, etc. J.K. is good, but hasn’t been around long enough to influence a new generation of writers. I, for one, grew up loving the Shannarra series and the Landover series enthralled me. My goal as a writer is to be compared to you, not to J.K.