SHANNARA On MTV: Cephelo Cast

cast-remarAnother Rover has been cast!

The Shannara Chronicles welcomes Dexter alum James Remar.

Remar will be playing the role of Cephelo, the leader of the Rovers and father of Eretria, a man whose cunning will pit him directly against Wil Ohmsford.

Here is the excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter article:

Remar is playing Cephelo, the leader of the Rovers, who roam the Four Lands.

Remar played Dexter Morgan’s (Michael C. Hall) father Harry for eight seasons of Showtime’s Dexter from 2006-2013. He also plays former CIA agent Syd on NBC’s State of Affairs, and is currently filming the feature February, a drama starring Emma Roberts. Other credits include FX’s Wilfred and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

I have long admired Remar’s work. I don’t mind admitting I first remember him in Sex in the City but I really enjoyed his role in Dexter and I think his casting here is a great one. He has played many shifty and mysterious characters during his career and that certainly fits Cephelo. Not to mention he is a hell of an actor!

The Shannara Chronicles continues to be filmed. More news when we can post it!

Stay tuned!

20 responses to “SHANNARA On MTV: Cephelo Cast”

  1. He is a great choice to play the roguish Rover Cephelo. Can’t wait to see him try to use the Elfstones against that Coughing Demon that invades the Rover camp!

    • Mike, I think you must go back to the book. You have Chphelo using the Elf

      Stones against the wrong demon. He tried, and failed, to use them against the

      Reaper! It was Wil who used the stones against the Coughing Demon, in the

      Tirfing, which gained him freedom for not only himself, but also for Amberly and

      Artaq. Good deal all around; however, Cephelo faired not well as he confronted

      the Reaper!!!

      • Dave, you are right. It has been awhile, but I would still like to see Cephelo’s face as he fails miserably against the Reaper lol. Can’t believe there has not been anymore casting updates since this one either.

  2. wow, very excited about this casting cant wait to watch the show also shawn i have watched the first two seasons of arrow and i must admit manu bennet is going to make on hell of an allanon he was dark,scary,and downright badass as deathstroke on arrow i like the way it playing out.still have my fingers crossed that they put stee jans and flick i nthe show they(in my opinion)are two important characters in elfstones .

    • steejans2015, I am with you about the importance of having Stee Jans in the series, but it seems to be they are hinting at letting that role go to Ander Elessidil but still having the Legion Free Corps involved and no Stee Jans. Time will tell, but I think we are in the majority wanting to see Stee Jans in action.

  3. I had reservations about MTV making the series. I haven’t watched MTV for 20 years. I’m feeling better now that James Remar has been cast. He’s a fine actor and fits the description of the character. Anxiously waiting to see the series.

  4. I am sad I have not seen Stee Jans yet!? And if you look on IMDB it only shows some main characters in one episode……am I reading into this wrong?

  5. can’t believe there will be no Ste Jans,one of my favourite Characters,big mistake if there isn’t ,why would a Terry agree to this,probably the main reason the demons were kept at bay was because of Ste Jans and the Free Corps,Be gutted if this is true,Shawn can you let us know if this is true!!!!

    • I agree Darrell. Elfstones without Stee Jans is like Empire Strikes Back with no Chewbacca, The Two Towers without Faramir, or the Beatles with no Ringo. He should be in there whether or not he “drives the plot”.

      • I read somewhere that they were thinking of keeping the free corps and just not haveing stee jans and let ander command them,i certainly hope noy he was an awesome character ,my other concern is they were also thinking of not haveing flick in the series either which would be a bigger mistake.But like sean says we have to trust terry he has alot of control to what goes into the series,we will have to wait and find out

  6. I agree Robert we have to trust Terry,but he was such a big character not just in Elfstones but the whole Shannara series,be unthinkable for him not to be in it,just baffled if no Ste Jans ,what else is missing ??!!

    • well darell,you make good points they are going to have the free corps in the series thats like not haveing the 5,000 rock trolls who came down from the kershalt to aid the elves in there either.thats also like clive cussler and his two movies the ybrought to the big screen they shut him out of both of those,and they suffered terribly they were horrible movies.So i go back to trusting terry he has been involved from the get go and these stories are his baby he wont let them be put on the tv and stink you know?