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Hey Everyone,

Time for a new post. Been so busy with reviewing the Shannara Chronicles TV scripts that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath. But things are winding down. I’ve seen the last script and think it is in pretty good shape. So now I am reviewing rough cuts of the various episodes. Just so you understand how that works, they send you one to comment on, then revise it, then send you a new version, and so on until they think they have it perfect. They do this for each episode. A moving target, right? But what I’ve seen is pretty compelling stuff. I think your patience on all of this is going to be rewarded.

Had a visit from author Pierce Brown (Red Rising, Golden Son) and his long-time friend Joel about a week ago in Cannon Beach. They came down from their writing and painting retreat in Washington to break bread and tell tales. It was good to have them there for an evening – lots of laughs and stories shared. Pierce will be at San Diego Comic Con, and I am hoping to do something with him onstage that we can share with our readers, a conversation perhaps with audience questions. Since this is a big year for me with the TV show pending, I will spend most of the convention on the floor or in panels talking about books and television and maybe movies (?). So if you plan on coming, I hope to be able to say hello.

The new book, The Darkling Child, comes out June 9th. I will be signing in various bookstores and conventions (although not touring) so check out the Events page for times and places.

Since the last book in Defenders of Shannara is finished and turned in and my short story for Shawn in Unfettered 2 is written, I am moving on to start work on the concluding books in the Shannara series. Once again, this is not to say I will stop writing Shannara books. I still have the prehistory to finish and a few gaps I might decide to fill in along the way. So there will be other books written while I remain above ground.

And, as we all know, maybe after, too.

Hope your summer is a good one. Don’t forget to be kind to others, Terry.

13 responses to “BrooksBlog: An Update On All Things”

  1. Is it going to be a trilogy is it going to be in the tradition of the original three, sword, elfstones, wishsong?

  2. Let’s be honest.

    If there was a piece of candy you wanted…wouldn’t you take it from the baby?
    Whose the baby going to tell? And candy is bad. So really, isn’t not taking the candy away the wrong thing to do?

    We need to stand up to babies and say no, just keep strolling along.
    Remember, angry mothers are limited to the speed of a baby carriage.

  3. Gaps…

    The gap between Sword and Elfstones. Filled in somewhat by the pc game but a book would be great. Would flesh out Flick’s aversion to Allanon.

    And who doesn’t love Allanon? Bad people, that’s who.

  4. I am very, very, very excited for this show. And hopefully the movie for Landover will gain traction. However, I am wondering if there is an official, or even unofficial premiere date for the show?

  5. Thanks for the update, Mr. Brooks! I’m counting down the days until Darkling Child is released. I am so looking forward to the Shannara Chronicles on MTV! Best of luck on the TV show!

  6. I’m sure our patience will be rewarded, and I hope the TV series draws in a boatload of new readers as well.

  7. ‘… a few gaps I might decide to fill in along the way’…..

    Wow what a vague teaser that is!!!! My head is spinning on the possibilities.

    Could we get a Garret Jax Stan alone story? Or a Truls Rohk? What about Galaphile himself?

    Now I have to wait for, I don’t know, another 2-3 years for another teaser on what it may be. Ugh, the agony!

    But of course being a devout and faithful reader and lover of all Terry Brooks works I will be patiently await. Sigh…………

  8. I’m looking forward to Shannara Chronicles on MTV. Elfstones is very exciting story that needs to told on the small screen… if not a motion picture trilogy. Sword and Wishsong need to produced as well. With the success of LOTR and Hobbit hopefully we can get Shannara or DragonLance produced to a motion picture. Heritage series is my next favorite! First King of Shannara and Bearers of the Staff… High Druid and Dark Legacy ended the series for me long ago. Paladins of Shannara is very exciting and I am hoping for a Hardcover edition of these short stories. Genesis, Voyage, & Defenders… is the worst in the series, the writing style is not up Terry’s standard! And i don’t know why Terry would want to end the series on such a bad note… like Defenders!

  9. I’m beginning over again, with First King of Shannara, reading the entire series to my wife as we lay in bed at night. We went through it a couple of years ago.

    I hope the TV series gives it justice. It seems a shame that the whole magic & elves thing has to be judged in light of LOTR.