Amazon Interview With Terry Brooks

A few months ago, Terry visited the Amazon offices in Seattle, WA to answer questions about his new Shannara book, The Darkling Child. He also answered a few questions about The Shannara Chronicles. That video is above! Enjoy!

And just so we are clear, in the coming months you are going to be seeing a great deal more publicity about The Shannara Chronicles. Filming wrapped last week and the TV series is now into post-production. There is still a lot of work to do but it’s an exciting time! While there is still no air date—we hope to announce one at Comic-Con on July 10th—we need you guys to prepare, prepare, prepare.

How do you prepare, you might ask? From my specific marketing angle, you all are the most important people in all of this. You guys are the ones who have to Share and ReTweet the news, trailers, videos, pictures, etc. that MTV, Terry, and I will be posting. You guys will play the great role of spreading this beyond us!

Because with you helping, we can give The Shannara Chronicles a second season!

And we all want that!

8 responses to “Amazon Interview With Terry Brooks”

  1. All these years I was pronouncing it wrong! (probably still will)
    Is Terry part-Russian? His emphasis seems to follow that language structure.

  2. I love Mr. Brooks facial expression when he realiziles everyone pronounces “Shannara” differently than he does. It seems that he is resigned to the fact that even though he has been pronouncing it ‘Correctly’ for almost 40 years that it is not going to be pronounced that way going forward in a public medium.

  3. I asked Terry about the “Shannara” pronunciation years ago at DragonCon. We say it differently but he said most people do and it doesn’t bother him (at least back then it didn’t). :>) Of course I also pronounce Eventine as “Evan-teen” and Amberle rhymes with Milton Berle. Can’t wait to hear how many others I’ve been mispronouncing!

    Shawn, I hope that you and Terry will make it back to D-Con sometime to discuss Chronicles to a packed Ballroom!

  4. I feel for you Terry! After all this time pronouncing it the right way, and then this happens…

  5. Funny enough, I actually pronounce it the way Terry does. Probably that won’t hamper my enjoyment of the show, but it is a little disappointing that they didn’t go with his pronunciation. Ah, well…