In Stores Now!
In Stores Now!
The Darkling Child by Terry Brooks is in fine bookstores now!

There is little I need to say at this point about the second book in the Defenders of Shannara series. But I’ll try anyway. It is a stand alone novel, set several years after the events of The High Druid’s Blade, where Paxon Leah has become the High Druid’s Blade and a protector of the Druids at Paranor. What I love about The Darkling Child is its tight-knit, focused story. Like its predecessor, the novel is far more personal and intimate. It’s not the world that is at stake; it is the soul and future of one person.

But don’t take my word alone. Publishers Weekly writes, “Brooks’s fans and those who prefer their fantasy on a smaller scale will appreciate the more personal but still high-stakes turn in this famous world.” And Booklist writes, “Brooks’s new entry in the Defenders of Shannara series is brimming with magic.”

Terry will be signing copies of The Darkling Child at these locations:

June 13, 2015 – SEATTLE, WA
University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Time: 4:00 PM
Note: This day is the University of Washington’s Commencement. That means arrive early to find parking because the area will be swamped with college graduates along with their family and friends!

June 15, 2015 – CANNON BEACH, OR
Cannon Beach Book Company
130 N. Hemlock, Suite 2
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
Time: 7:00 PM

June 16, 2015 – PORTLAND, OR
Powell Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005
Time: 7:00 PM

If you are attending the University Bookstore event on Saturday, June 13th, please arrive earlier than originally planned. It is the University of Washington’s Commencement and the area around the bookstore will be swamped with people and parking will be hard sought.

To purchase a copy of The Darkling Child, visit your favorite bookstore or online retailer!

Happy release day!

30 responses to “In Stores Now: THE DARKLING CHILD”

  1. i know this bored and used, but I became a writer on much inspiration from mr. Brooks writing. If you find time just to mention my name as an avid follower for over 25 years, maybe, the magic will work, for me. Thank you web Druid.

  2. I have the Darkling Child on the way from B&N! Guess what I’ll be reading this weekend? Looking forward to this book and the Shannara Chronicles. It is a good year for Terre Brooks’ fans!

  3. So….. Just finished ‘The Darkling Child’ and all I have to say is, Eh. Now I’m not a professional book reviewer or claim to be that, but 2 books into this Series and my personal opinion is I can’t wait until it’s over. Wow. I can’t believe I actually said it. Let me look…. Yep, I did. I’ve read all of Mr. Brooks’ books, many of them multiple times, and this series is lacking. I can’t get into these characters. I miss the elves, the dwarves, the gnomes for goodness sake. Where are my battles like at Callahorn, Arborlorn and Greymark? I couldn’t put down my book because I was so invested that I just had to read one more page, one more chapter, one more… But this time I couldn’t put down my book because I wanted it to end. And that is sad. This book may be the greatest for some of you and I’m not going to argue that with you. This is about my personal connection to the stories and the continued continuity of the Shannara Legacy. I do hope you all enjoy the book. It’s still good. Just different for me……

    • It is meant to be different, Pete. As Terry and I have said numerous times in the last year, the Defenders of Shannara trilogy is wholly different from the rest of the series. The three books are far more personal in scope, focusing on one or two characters only, and the fate of the Four Lands does not entirely hang in the balance. No big battles, no big quests. But the three stories will play an integral part in the final Shannara trilogy, which will begin publishing in 2017.

      And let me tell you. Everything you say you miss is in that final trilogy. Plus. 😉

      • I believe you Shawn. I remember when Terry posted that he was going in a different direction with this series. Don’t get me wrong, Arcannen is a very good villain and I do like his character. But to me, just me, there is something that is missing. As I said, it’s still a good series in its own right, but not something that I’ll go back to if I have spare time and want to pick something up again.

        Now I can’t wait for the final trilogy! Thanks a lot Shawn. Lol

        Everyone, please still read this book. It’s still a good read!

        • I love all of terry brooks books, i have to agree with pete with the last two stories. I found them lack luster and frankly rather boring! As for what is missing The ohmsfords! I know they merged with the leah family but shanara without the just isn’t right.
          Sorry terry

      • hi,i like to say well,am a fan of science fiction and fantasy and i never read any of the author’s books but when i saw the trailer to the shannara chronicles,i thought,wow,this is going to be the next fantasy epic since the middle earth saga and game of thrones and i thought,maybe ill give this series a try so,may be next year in 2016,ill start reading the shannara series in publication order and i have a question,you said starting 2017 is the finale shannara trilogy,does that mean terry brooks is done with the series in general or is he planning other books in the shannara series? thanks.

        • Terry will write the chronological conclusion to the Shannara series. Once that is done, he will go back and write Shannara novels in between what has been established. For instance, he still has to unveil the Dwarves in the pre-history. Also, how the First Council of Druids formed. Etc.

          • wow,that’s great,anyway,i got another question and i don’t know if you can answer this but,will we see another descendant of the ohmsford family in the final trilogy of shannara or one of the future books?

          • hi,you said that terry will go back to shannara”s pre-history to fit in loose ends so to speak? like another prequel series or stand alone books?

          • Hi Shawn,I want to ask,will the paladins of shannara short stories be published as a boxed set book format in the near future or as separate books in book format?

    • I have to agree with Pete here. I have loved Terry’s books for all these years. I buy them asap to read them but am just disappointed by his last two books. Not so much that there isn’t a huge battle or that there isn’t some massive crisis. It’s that the characters are not well developed to me. I’m just not drawn in. I will always buy and read his work but feel disappointed when I spend over $11 for about maybe a few hours reading. Way to short. I think I’d rather he wait awhile in between books and get some real story going on. Look I know not every book is going to be my favorite and I still love and respect his work very much.

  4. The book is not available in Chapters in Canada. Is there a delay in getting it into Canada?

  5. I’m a little disappointed. I ordered The Darkling Child in February and haven’t received it yet. But I see copies for sale on the web. Why order early?
    Regards micky

  6. i am loving the Darkling Child.

    i didnt really like the first book, to be honest. it seemed as if i already knew where the story was going as or before it was happening. i devoured it very quickly and felt as though i wanted more out of it.

    i am in chapter ten of the Darkling child and it is absolutely wonderful so far. the characters are in depth. the story line is intriguing, i have no idea whats going to happen.

    i especially like the viewpoints from arcannen. not often do we get to see things through the eyes of the villain, see what he thinks, how he feels, and where his ambitions lie. even though he is the villain, im having a hard time hating him so far, and terry has definitely given him a human side.

    another great book.

    im reading this one slowly as we only get one a year and i dont want it to be over and back to the long wait again. so 1 chapter a night is it for me. it will be over soon enough though.

    i do wish that these stand alone books were a bit lengthier. id be happy with 700 pages as opposed to 400, but i digress 😀

    go terry!

  7. I have looked on your website Mr. Speakman, as well as allover Mr Brooks website, and I find nothing on when our pre-ordered signed copies of the new book, Darkling Child, will be shipped. I see that Terry is traveling like crazy this week doing signings, so why can’t he take some time and sign the pre-orders too?

  8. I just finished Darkling Child. Everyone check it out, it is a good book! It is a bummer that I have to wait a whole year for the finale to this trilogy!

  9. I finished The Darkling Child this morning and, while it is a good story, the title confuses me. I was expecting some mention of the title in the story or a clear indication of the connection with the title, but I didn’t find one. Shawn, did I miss it? The title hints at a connection to the story found by Apheglow in the Elven histories of the missing Elfstones, the Elven princess, and the darkling child. Was there a tie in there and I should re-read it while paying more attention for it?

    • The Darkling Child is there… I think you just need to look a little deeper…Maybe someone a bit exotic in appearance… but then again, I could be way off the mark.

  10. Not a fan of the Darkling Child, rather dull, and went nowhere. It reminded me of driving though Wyoming, but at least Wyoming has the Tetons/Yellowstone at the end, the Darkling Child well…… I just keep reading hoping it would go somewhere. I am fan of Terry Brooks but his endings, as of late, are not worth the read, maybe if he used the Wishsong while I read it it would be entertaining. Also, chopping up a story in three parts with time enough to forget the previous book is kind of sad and mostly about making money. I’ll skip the next book. Oh, and Shawn, you should be nicer to people who order pre-signed books, they don’t have to search you entire site to find out when their book will arrive.