MTV & Terry Brooks Bring THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES To Comic-Con

icon-sandiegocomicconTerry Brooks is attending the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con!

And so is MTV!

Terry is no stranger to Comic-Con. He has attended several in the last decade and always has a great time meeting with fantasy fans from all over the world. That said, this year is particularly special. The Shannara Chronicles will be featured at Comic-Con, MTV having a booth on the convention floor and the forthcoming series featured in a star-studded panel on Friday, July 10th! It will be the first real look at the much-anticipated TV series!

Read below for the panels/signing events at this year’s Comic-Con:


3:00PM – 4:00PM | Horton Grand Theatre
Del Rey Books published The Sword of Shannara in 1977. Since then, legendary fantasy author Terry Brooks has written more than 25 New York Times bestselling novels. After more than three decades of readers falling in love with Terry Brooks’ world, MTV will bring Shannara to life in a new TV series. Join Terry as he talks about the history of Shannara, his life as a writer, and what’s to come in the future. Moderated by Ali T. Kokmen (B&N, Nook Digital).


7:30PM – 8:30PM | Room 4
Terry Brooks (Shannara) has been writing fantasy for nearly 40 years, and his editor Anne Groell has been editing for more than 20 years. Author Pierce Brown (Red Rising) arrived on the scene only 1 year ago, while his editor Michael Braff began his career 5 years ago. Both authors were instant New York Times bestsellers-Terry in 1977 and Pierce in 2014. Both have sold their stories to Hollywood. And both have very passionate fans. Join these authors and their editors as they discuss the changing landscape of book publishing, genre fiction, and how their experiences compare as the legend versus the rookie.


12:30PM – 1:30PM | Room 6DE
MTV will introduce fans to the world of “Shannara” when author and series Executive Producer Terry Brooks joins stars Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero, John Rhys Davies and Manu Bennett, along with Executive Producers and showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar. Attendees will bear first witness to a first look trailer of the highly anticipated new series and be able to participate in a Q&A with the panelists. Damian Holbrook, Senior Writer from TV Guide Magazine will moderate.



If you are attending Comic-Con, be sure to stop by the MTV Booth (#3729) as well! Not only will they have great swag but they will also be giving out a Comic-Con exclusive edition of The Elfstones of Shannara, the novel the first season of The Shannara Chronicles is based on. Oh, and let’s not forget that some of the cast members will likely be stopping by the MTV booth too!

This looks to be the beginning of publicity and marketing for The Shannara Chronicles! I’ll be at Comic-Con just like Terry, watching it all unfold. Hopefully we will have some cool things to share soon!

Are any of you attending Comic-Con this year?

More news when I can post it!

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      • Isn’t it though.

        Cosplay, Labtop as a chest-piece, angle camera, stream! Or at least record and then upload in a safe location.

        You lack imagination!

        • I’ve never lacked for imagination. Look around you. 😉 But I also know when not to bite the hand that feeds me, so to speak. I would never dishonor Terry that way. So you’ll just have to wait. 😉

          • Now Shawn, if we could only get a video of that for the website it would be truly amusing. I can see the caption now. Terry Brooks hand bitten by webmaster while feeding….

            LOL, now that’s funny right there I don’t care who you are!

            Nah, we would Never ask you to dishonor Mr. Brooks. Then he wouldn’t give you the juicy tidbits that you pass along to us faithful and that would be sad.

          • He’d never recognize you.

            You’d be in disguise. Mustache, monocle and lipstick.

            Misdirection is key.

  1. Terry, what’s it going to take to get you on a plane and come to Tampa Bay? Your family can crash at my place. Door is always open for you. John K.

  2. Hello, has an actual date been given for the broadcast of Shannara Chronicles? Thanks

  3. Squee! Soooooooooo excited! Please post the release date when you can. And possibly some pics/video on Terry’s return? Would love to see! 😀

  4. I go to Comic Con every year, always look on the schedule to see if Terry is a guest. I am so excited that there are going to be multiple events with him this year, I hope to make them all!

  5. Will there be a way for us to get our hands on a Comic-Con exclusive edition of The Elfstones of Shannara if we cannot attend?

    • Not from any of us. Exclusives are just that — meant for people attending.

      That said, these exclusives always end up on and the like. So if you keep your eye out, they will be out there on the secondary market.

      • We’re exclusive to the site. Thus more special.

        At least send us flowers and chocolate.

        A shame that most of the merchandise does end up just to be auctioned off…

        I still have my copy from 1994? Surprisingly its held up well in my book stack.