SHANNARA On MTV: Crispin & Tilton Cast

Commander Tilton
Commander Tilton
Crispin Edensong
Crispin Edensong

The Shannara Chronicles page is featuring two additions to the cast!

One will be portraying a familiar character from The Elfstones of Shannara. And the other is a new character!

Crispin Edensong will be portrayed by James Trevena-Brown. He is no stranger to TV, as he played Charlie Bryson in The Blue Rose TV series. And he is no stranger to fantasy either, playing a Goblin in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Now he will play Crispin Edensong, Captain of the Home Guard, who swears to protect Wil and Amberle on their perilous journey. Note the addition of the last name, which Crispin did not have in the novel, but I feel lends more importance to the character and the role he plays in the story.

Commander Tilton will be portrayed by Emilia Burns. She is also no stranger to television. She has worked on the TV series Neighbours, Terra Nova, and The Elephant Princess. She will play Commander Tilton, the Captain of the Black Watch, the legendary protectors of the Ellcrys and the Gardens of Life. The character did not appear in The Elfstones of Shannara but the addition of Tilton helps correctly adapt the story from book to TV series.

Both actors will have their hands full when The Shannara Chronicles airs! More news on when that will happen as soon as we can share it!

Welcome the new cast members!

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  1. Were the protectors really called the Black Watch ,or is that an addition? I sincerely don’t recall. As far as I remember, the Elcrys was protected by the last line of defense which consisted of soldiers of the Home Guard.(?) The name “Black Watch” brings Game of Thrones to mind. I don’t remember the Elcrys being protected in battle anywhere else in the book but the end. Out of mere curiosity, how is the addition necessary? I mean ,what “book problem” does it solve?

    I really like the casting choice of Crispin and his last name is a fine one, although it sounds a bit Swedish.

    • Yes, the Black Watch exists in the book. At its beginning as well as at its end. Time for you to re-read, I think. 😉

      As for what problem Tilton solves, you’ll have to wait and see.

      • Meh, curiosity unsatisfied and anticipation to the maximum. It’s really time for me to reread. I’m just awaiting air date, so that I can plan the time and finish the book again just before the show airs, or you’ll see a lot of spamming here :p

      • Unlike, Flute Dwarf, I do remember the Black Watch. I recall the discussion among the commanders about pulling the men back to the walls or not, where they’d gain the reinforcing support of the Black Watch, during the demon army’s onslaught. I also recall the character of Kobold, who was the Black Watch commander. Has that character been eliminated or is Tilton supplementing him in some way, such as Kobold being the overall commander and Tilton being their field commander (sort of like Eisenhower and Patton, with Eisenhower being the top commander and Patton leading men in the field)?

  2. I don’t know about the character, but the actress will surely bring diversity to the cast, which is something for which Hollywood usually strives.

  3. Awesome news! I have been waiting not only for casting news on one of my favorite Elfstones characters, Crispin, but finally after all these years, giving him an Elven last name. That was the only time, in my opinion, in all of Brooks’ amazing history of character development, that I felt he let us down by not giving Crispin a last name. Can’t wait to see him battle the Reaper on that bridge in the Pykon!

    • Slanter from the wishsong doesn’t have a last name either. Maybe we’ll learn what it is in the coming month’s. wink wink

  4. Any idea on when they will announce who is playing Stee Jans? I cannot think of a single good reason to not include this amazing character.

    • I doubt Stee Jans will be cast. From a storytelling point of view, I’d use Ander more effectively in those final battles and eliminate Stee. In this way, Ander’s story arc is stronger in the TV show than it is in the book.

      • For argument sake the role of Stee Jans helps Ander buy time to man up and lead. I think the idea of combining roles for an arc is exactly the downfall of only 10 episodes. I don’t want to sound short minded, the screen time cannot cover everthing (i.e. LOTR) but he was a cool character for the time in the book.

        • No one is arguing he wasn’t a great character. I agree he was a badass. But for the integrity of the overall story, the time allowed, and how best to portray those final battles, Stee isn’t necessary in my opinion. I’d grow Ander’s story arc and make his change fro prince to king a lot stronger. But that’s just me. Guess you guys will have to wait and see.

  5. I never imagined Allanon and other chacters like that and I thought arion was suppose
    To have brown hair or is that ander. Steve Jan’s was awesome and brave and I liked having him in it. Also 20-25 minutes ago I finished the talismans of shannara
    And for each book in the series it only took me about a week to finish them.
    Also my dad got me hooked on the shannara series,now I just want to read all of his
    Books and I think the sword of shannara and the talismans and lastly the scions
    Are so far out of the books I read are the best.
    P.S stop reading if you don’t want spoilers. Amberle turns to the Ellcreys,Wil gets married
    And EVERYONE DIES!!!!!!!!!! Joking. Zero out…………….,,,…

  6. OK, I can understand expanding Anders story line but Stee Jans is an important character. I can’t see the battle of the Sarandan or the battle for Arborlon without Stee saving the day.

    • Anyone can save the day. That’s why Stee isn’t necessary. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to see Stee. I would. But I can see how streamlining the story would benefit other story elements. We’ll have to wait and see what they decided to do.

      • I don’t mind the writers subtracting things because of time. I hate when they add things that weren’t there before. Its like saying the source material wasn’t good enough, we need to sexy the cast up so people will tune in…..

        • Daniel, it has nothing to do with that. In this situation, adding a character helps adapt the story from book to TV. In a book, a reader can know what the person is feeling. On TV, that isn’t possible without lame thought voiceover narration. The characters have to have someone to talk to so the viewer can know what’s inside the characters head.

          A simple example of this is the new character, Catania. Why does she exist?

          She exists so that Amberle has someone to talk to — so that the viewer can know how Amberle is feeling. In the book, all you need is Amberle’s thoughts. On TV, that doesn’t work. So Terry created Catania, someone Amberle trusts, someone Amberle will open up to. She won’t open up to Wil or Allanon or Eventine or Ander or anyone else. But Catania, a trusted hand-maiden, she will.

          Before you become judgmental about new characters, please think on how the two mediums (books and TV) are different and what is required in each to tell a story. Because the requirements are different for both. Cheers.

      • I feel like Stee Jans’ involvement is pretty important to the Shannara timeline, because it shows where the federation stands at this point in time, and the federation becomes very important in many of the future books.

        But the involvement of the Trolls is even more important, because (I think that it is in Elfstones that it happens in) this is the point where they turn from the “bad” side to the “good” side. Luckily getting aid from the Trolls won’t require much screen time.

        • The Federation isn’t really even present in these first few books. Only in Heritage do they become their own entity. So I’m not too worried about that.

          If I have one worry, it’s not showing the other races at all and how the those races came to the aid of the Elves. I feel like that is fairly important and literary aspect as well (countries should help countries out when the need arises).

          • Absolutely makes sense to have a character to convey Amberle’s thoughts, what other way will we know what she’s thinking? However, I also think that if this new character accompanies Wil, Amberle, and eventually Eretria on the quest to the Wilderun it would significantly change the dynamic of those character’s interactions. Would Amberle be so reliant on Wil if her B.F. is there as well? When Wil leaves Amberle hidden and goes back for the Elfstones she is warned by her inner sense and retreats into the Hollows, only to fall asleep and be captured by the stick-men…. is Catania with her at this point too? A lot of this part in the book is just Amberle’s thoughts… and what makes it so tense is she’s alone. It’ll be interesting to see what’s decided. I’d be worried about not showing the other races as well, after it all it is only one corner of the Four Lands, and any potential future series could have their groundwork laid here. Also, I do believe the Federation is mentioned in passing when discussing the Southland, but obviously has no major bearing on this story.

          • The viewer only needs Catania during the time period she doesn’t rust Wil. Once she trusts Wil, you can kill off Catania with the Reaper. haha Or another demon. Say around episode 3 or 4. Her death might even precipitate Amberle opening up to Wil finally.

            See. This stuff is easy.

  7. It’s been a while since I have read Elfstones. Other than Stee Jans and to some degree, the Rovers, will there be a human presence in the show? The thing I love about the Shannara books is that it brings together the cultural differences of all the four lands to fight for a common cause.

    Stee Jans was an important character as I remember it. Not only because he was a thought-out, well written character, but because he is also the character representative of not just the Southland, but more importantly the Free Corps, who in their own right were pivotal to the war effort. The fact that the Free Corps, themselves, being the last remnants of the Border Legion, also marks them as significant, not just for the human representation in the story, but also the political shifts in the South, both past and future.

    I would be a shame not to have Stee Jans in the story. But I trust Terry and the showrunners. Excited to watch it!

    • Stee Jans is an important character for the role he fulfills. But as I’ve said, that role can be fulfilled by many others.

      I do agree that it would be great to have a human presence. And maybe we still will. It just depends on how the show runners and Terry want to approach it. Don’t forget, Terry has been involved in every script and puts his stamp of approval on them only after he deems them keeping the integrity of the story in place.

  8. To this day Elfstones is my favorite book by Terry. I have read it a ton of times and can’t wait for the TV show. I hope and think it will be great.

    I hear that things have to be altered when moving a book to tv/movie and I’m ok with that. They are different mediums and have to be done differently. Anyone who says otherwise fails to see the differences and appreciate each for what it is in my opinion. Just to offer one other opinion… 🙂 Possibly my favorite part of Elfstones is Stee Jans and the Free Corps so I’m bitterly disappointed that they will not be making an appearance. 😛

    Still will watch and try to get others to watch!

  9. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they CGI the elfstones’ blue fire… see if they come up with some physical energy trait we haven’t seen on screen yet.

    • The trailer briefly shows Wil’s arm engulfed in blue fire, will be cool to see how they show the effect of the elfstones on him as increased use permanently instills magic in his blood, altering his offspring. Clearly, if they are going to do a 2nd season, after the climactic ending in the last episode, we could see a fast forward a few years, where Wil’s young children are using the wishsong….

      • We could see a fast forward, but I doubt that’s what’s going to happen. Audiences get attached to characters and jumping generationally would go against those feelings.

  10. Well, it looks as if the diversity agenda has been filled. I wonder what gay actor will be chosen to play the new gay character they’ll come up with in order to fill the gay agenda.
    Political Correctness be DAMNED!

      • I wasn’t saying that the Four Lands is a gay free and white society. I was talking about the ____ and their agenda.

        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Volaire

          • If you want to know the answer to that question, then follow Voltaire’s advice. I could tell you, but you’re not ready to hear it yet nor except it, and maybe you never will be. I’ll give you a clue. It’s not anything stupid like lizard aliens, the Illuminati, Nazis or anything like that, which people like David Icke, Alex Jones and other people of their ilk peddle. That’s just another form of detraction for those people who get in to that sort of thing. The answer has always been right in front of everyone’s faces, but they’ve been conditioned not only to not see it, but to actually defend it as well. Not everyone is meant to awaken from their sleep.

  11. Can’t believe they won’t have Stee Jans because he’s not that important! And who will morph into the Weapons Master in “WishSong”?
    Has there been any time frame when it will air? MTV web site says coming soon, and that’s digging down to find it. They’re doing no advance publicity, as least on the web site for the series. IMDB says July, but that’s 4 – 8 weeks from now when it will air and nobody even knows anything about it. MTV seems like it’s a mistake if they won’t do any advance publicity!

    • Just because Stee isn’t in the first season doesn’t mean he won’t be in season two. It’s TV. Terry and the show runners can do this however they want and still incorporate a great character like Stee — and Jax — later.

      As for IMDB, don’t trust it. It’s wrong. The show is not airing in July. Trust us. When we have a date, we will be sharing it everywhere. And we will have plenty of lead time to promote the show — and have you guys help us do that! 🙂

    • I will miss Stee Jans as well, but I am also in the camp, if there is such as thing, that will never accept that Stee Jans and Garet Jax are one in the same person. The first time I saw that suggested in The World of Shannara book I could not believe it. They should be two separate characters/heroes/legends in my opinion. I always pictured Stee Jans to be a grizzled, older veteran, while I see Garet Jax as a little younger, but experienced and deadly warrior. And as Shawn always says, don’t believe IMDB. We will have plenty of advance warning here on this site of the show’s release date.

  12. I am getting so excited to see this show. I am borrowing books to friends and to people who have never even heard of Terry Brooks. I would love to do an opening night party here for those that follow him like I do. hummm……guess I will have to think on that a little more. Ü When is the show set to premier? Also it would be great for it to be held at the local library where your books are available. We are a tiny city, about 2000 people, but never too late to educate about great books.

    • If you organize something like that, Kate, I will use Terry’s social media to share it. I love including the library idea!

      Also, no air date for the TV series yet. When we know it and can share it, it will be plastered all over the front page of the website. Ha!

  13. Does any one know if Emilia has a Twitter account? I found and followed James but couldn’t find one for Emilia.

  14. To me, worrying about whether this or that book character will or won’t be used is besde the point. A TV series or movie based on a book exists for two reasons: to give those who have read the book a chance to see the story depicted on screen, and to give those who haven’t read the book a reason to do so.

    Like Tom Bombadil in The Lord of the Rings, Stee Jans might be kicked out to keep the story moving, but as long as the show itself is faithful to the book while drawing in new fans, that’s enough for me.

  15. Do we have any word yet if Cogline will be making an appearance. He plays an integral role in aiding them in the book as well as tying together the series as we move into the other books where he has a much greater role.

      • You are right. It’s been so long since I read that book I was getting him confused with Hebel who helps them in the Hollows.

        • I hope they don’t skip out on the great visual opportunity that Perk the wingrider and his roc genewen give them. Plus Perk is just a fun character!

  16. All sounds great and I cant wait.
    been trying my best to ignore TB sites to stop torturing myself with the wait.

    Question that I am curious about is whether TB got to create the last name of Crispin

  17. Can’t wait for the show. I haven’t read Elfstones in over 30 years and won’t again until after the series, although I have read every Shannara and Word & Void book in the meantime. I’ve forgotten many details, so will let the show have its own telling of the story. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  18. Hi shawn so bummed to hear about stee jans but like i have read on this site i trust in terry and the shows producers.So on that note has there been any light shed on whether or not we will see flick in the series?
    And in the bio of wills character it says he goes and finds allannon but in the book its the opposite can yo ushed any light on that thanks buddy!! cant wait to start watching this soo excited!!!

  19. Hey Shawn, this is a little off topic, but I wondered why James Remar’s picture (Cephelo) has not yet been posted on the Shannara on MTV section on here yet. Thanks.

      • Soon to be very overworked! I’ve watched this sight for years and its just getting busier. We’ll see what happens when Chronicles comes out, but i’m betting you won’t see a drop in web and facebook activity. Maybe you can find some help to deal with the increase in trolls you’re sure to see.

      • I feel for you Shawn. You have to be making Terry proud and thanks for putting Remar’s picture up!

  20. Has James got any skill for the character and series? he was lacking real acting substance in a few of his latest acting material, lets hope its a good job.

  21. What’s the odds that Terry filmed a cameo on his visit to NZ ? That would be great! One of the elven council members…? A nefarious vagabond in Grimpen Ward…? A grizzled veteran of the Free Corps (which, as I understand, may or may not exist in this show) A small role would be proper homage in my opinion…I’ve got my money on a surprise cameo!

  22. Do you think the British actors will do an American accent for the show? Or I wonder if each race will have its own dialect.

  23. Not to beat a dead horse any further… But I’m also in the camp hoping that Stee isn’t left out. I thought one of the more important signs of Ander “growing into a king” was his decision to promote a non-elf to lead the army for the good of his people. I also like the back story of the Free Corps being sent to represent the humans because they were expendable. I guess I’ll wait and see (with fingers crossed…)