SHANNARA On MTV: Mallenroh & Morag Cast


The Shannara Chronicles page is featuring two additions to the TV series!

Actors Genevieve Aitken and Kendal Rae will play the roles of the witch sisters, Mallenroh and Morag. The two witches discover Wil Ohmsford carries a powerful talisman, the possession of which could give them a powerful new weapon.

Mallenroh will be played by Genevieve Aitken. We have seen her work both on screen and on television. She played a Mord Sith in Legend of the Seeker and has been a stunt performer in such movies as Mad Max: Fury Road and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie trilogy.

Morag will be played by Kendal Rae. The actor is also no stranger to television. Like others in The Shannara Chronicles cast, she has a great deal of TV experience, playing roles on such noted shows as Neighbours and 2 Broke Girls.

In the novel, the two witch sisters are identical twins. Rather than use CGI to achieve that with one actor or—infinitely harder—find identical twins who can act, the casting of two actors is a minor change that allows more acting chemistry to occur between two of the most important characters in The Shannara Chronicles.

I have to say, I love this casting. I can’t wait to see Genevieve Aitken and Kendal Rae transform into the most beautiful—and downright evil—witches TV has ever seen!

What do you think of this casting?

25 responses to “SHANNARA On MTV: Mallenroh & Morag Cast”

  1. Continue to love the casting for this show. Great indicators that this is going to be well done and cool to watch the story come alive.

  2. Great choices! Beautiful and deadly..I like it. Now on to Wisp and Hebel 🙂

  3. This I like! This is better than identical twins. Makes them more identifiable and tough to decide who”s hotter. Now who’s playing Slanter?

      • I’m intrigued to see how they tie Slanter into season1. I say so what if it’s not in the book.There is more going on in the four lands at that time than the central story of Elfstones. If there is a season two there needs to be more returning characters, this makes sense with the additional castings. I have a feeling you’re about to be worked overtime, Shawn. Hope you have time for more Dark Thorn.

        • I love Terry’s work, but I only check the web-site once in a while and apparently missed something.

          I’m sure it’s too late, but I don’t like the idea of Slanter being in Elf-stones. I know the movie will almost unavaoidably be different in some ways from the book, but this seems unneeded and unwelcome to me. Keep Slater in Wishsong


          • Interesting that they will introduce Slanter here. Another thing I wonder about, Elfstones plays nicely into a cast that is well balanced gender- wise to draw in a large audience. I see at least 5 female roles (Amberle, Eretria, Catania, and witch sisters), of which 4 are native to the book. But if a 2nd season were to based on Wishsong, there is only 1 female role in the entire story, and really Jair/Slanter’s adventure is the dominant storyline, not Brin, though I’m sure that can be shifted in a TV series. It would dilute the story though if they have to introduce more made up characters.

          • If I were a betting man, I’d say they will skip Wishsong. Having a book as a villain is a poor visual villain, of course. I’d rather they go to Rimmer Dall. Or, better yet, create something wholly new with the characters they will have grown in Season One. So I wouldn’t worry too much about the balance of women/men in the show. That will be achieved no matter what.

  4. Not that big a deal, but did they not try to get identical twin actresses? The article talks as though using one actress to play both parts would have been the only other option.

  5. They are close enough in appearance to be sisters, so I can believe in them being twins. Much better than 1 playing 2 parts.

  6. Sorry Olson twins, Shawn is right…. can’t think of any actress twins who are capable of acting. Using one actress for both parts would be confusing. Using CGI, I assume, would be expensive. This was a good choice, they look alike enough for me. Strangely every actor cast has been younger than I pictured them when reading, probably a good thing.

  7. Awesome casting! Let’s hope they don’t do a Natalie Portman Star Wars type acting. That would just ruin it.

  8. Fraternal twins.

    Being identical or not, isnt that much of a change to their story imo.
    I still don’t know who to root for.

  9. Actually, I just realized. Orphan Black. One actress, 7 characters interacting with each other.

    Totally do-able. But then again, so is this. Hmmmmm.

  10. I really like the casting so far! But, Shawn I think I speak for all of us fans when I say we need you and Terry to put some heat on the fine folks at MTV to get us a bit of a teaser. A short clip or some pics at least. I feel like a little kid that can’t wait for christmas morning!

    • John, putting some heat on the fire won’t work. MTV has a plan in how they want to roll all of his out. That begins with the San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks. From that show, we will know the air date and see a trailer. Not sure when the trailer will hit online but I’m hopeful it will be that same day for all of you. After that, we will see a barrage of marketing and publicity for the TV series. In short time, you will be inundated. So be patient a bit longer and all will be revealed.

      • Can’t you just wear a mask, slip in, take photo’s of the photo’s on the wall, slip out and then pm us in the secret forums?

        Its the moral thing to do.