Signed Copies Available: THE DARKLING CHILD

brooks-darklingLast weekend, Terry visited The Signed Page and signed 600 copies of The Darkling Child!

It was his largest signing to date. That’s saying something; he has been signing since 2001. He worked harder than usual this time, of course, that amount of books a lot to take in. Many of you wanted personalized copies and Terry happily obliged but those take time. He signed for about five hours. That’s how much he loves you guys!

A few days before the signing, I prevented new orders from happening. In this way, when the signing is done, I can focus purely on shipping the pre-ordered books out first and not worrying about new orders.

The pre-ordered books are shipped. And the good news is, I have a few copies left!

Click HERE to order your signed copy!

The personalization option is no longer available.

Hope you guys are enjoying The Darkling Child!

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