Signed Limited Edition: RUNNING WITH THE DEMON

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Order HERE!
Author: Terry Brooks
Artist: Tomislav Tikulin
Page Count: 368
Pub. Date: September 2015
ISBN: 978-1-58767-367-2
Status: Forthcoming September 2015
Signed Limited Edition: Hardcover ($50)
Deluxe Signed Lettered Edition: Hardcover ($200)

Running With the Demon by Terry Brooks

Note for the Collectors:
This is the first of several Limited Editions by Terry Brooks that we’ll be publishing in the Word/Void series, and collectors who order this book through our website will be the first notified about future special editions!

About the Book:
In a sleepy steel-mill town, the ultimate battle between Good and Evil is about to begin…

Sinnissippi Park, in Hopewell, Illinois, has long hidden a mysterious evil, locked away from humankind by powers greater than most could even imagine. But now the malevolent creatures that normally skulk in the shadows of the park grow bolder, and old secrets hint at a violent explosion.

The brewing conflict draws John Ross to Hopewell. A Knight of the Word, Ross is plagued by nightmares that tell him someone evil is coming to unleash an ancient horror upon the world. Caught between them is fourteen-year-old Nest Freemark, who senses that something is terribly wrong but has not yet learned to wield the budding power that sets her apart from her friends.

Now the future of humanity depends upon a man haunted by his dreams and a gifted young girl — two souls who will discover what survives when hope and innocence are shattered forever…

Special Features Exclusive to this Deluxe Collector’s Edition:

  • deluxe oversized design different from any other edition
  • a full-color signature sheet personally signed by the author
  • fine binding for both the Limited Edition and the Lettered Edition
  • epic cover artwork by Tomislav Tikulin
  • extremely collectible print run that is a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of copies of the edition you’ll see in bookstores — and you will NOT see our edition in chain bookstores!

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“Legendary author Terry Brooks weaves a tale about an apocalyptic showdown in a small Illinois town between humans and the amber-eyed trolls from another realm that only a girl named Nest can see.” — Library Journal

27 responses to “Signed Limited Edition: RUNNING WITH THE DEMON”

  1. Will there be a follow up book to The Darkling Child? If so, when can I look for it?

  2. I’m glad to see something like this happen. Do we know if Heritage is one the plate for a future date? My only quibble is that $200 for a single book is very high. Can we get any additional details?

    • There is no plan to turn Heritage into a nice limited edition. Terry and I are working on producing the first three Shannara books though in a leather-bound format — and they will be expensive as well.

      What additional details do you want to know about Running with the Demon? I’ve posted all the details on this page that Cemetery Dance has shared.

      • I’m a sucker for these kinds of books. Still love my copy of Sword from Easton Press. I’m excited for this.

        I’m assuming that they will be standard hardback size. Will there be any extras? (commentary or interviews) CD says there will be additional books. Will go beyond Word & Void? Most of CD’s book tend to be on the darker side.

        Looking forward to this.

        • I love these special editions as well. I’m going to need to get a bookcase dedicated to just Terry Brooks soon. I’d love to see CD give Genesis the special treatment as well. Would be a nice little collection at the front end of the series. I think Genesis would fit the “dark books by CD” qualification as well.

      • Is this a reprint of the first book in the word and the void series? The “About The Book” section is all about the First book. I understand if it is for a limited designer series run. My main question is “Is it a TRUE “First Edition”?”

  3. I’ve been waiting for this for awhile now. Last time Terry was in the Boston area he mentioned this. Another fortuitous esurf to Terry’s website. This is awesome. Thanks for doing this!

  4. I have to admit that when Terry first told me about this at a book signing, I was stoked as this is one of my fav novels from him. However, all you’re really getting is a new cover and I like the cover of the regular US novel better. Yeah, I know the book condition is supposed to be better but I’m going to pass on this one and save my money for the leather bound editions of the original Shannara novels. I already have my RWTD novel signed by him so I’m set.

    • I hear ya Chris. Just a huge fan of the Word and Void series in general. Never read it until a few years ago and really got into the series. Like you my RwtD copy is signed as well, but the collector in me had to have one of these editions. I had to keep the collector at bay with the 200 dollar book, “down boy!” The cover is what I’d expect from CD. A lot of their covers have a pulp fictiony/b-horror movie feel to them which for me makes for a fun cover. Very much looking forward to the next couple of installments that CD puts out. Although it does make me wonder what Subterranean Press would churn out. We got a glimpse with Indomitable. The Joe Abercrombie books on Subterranean are beautiful, imho.

  5. Curious — will the size of these new Word/Void editions be the same size as the typical Shannara hard covers (like the latest The Darkling Child)? The description says “deluxe oversized” and I’m wondering if they will fit with the rest of my Terry Brooks hard covers or be much bigger? Thanks!

    • If the description days “deluxe oversize,” I’m betting they are going to be large, almost coffee table type books. You can write Cemetery Dance and ask though. Might be the best way to find out.

  6. Well, I “bit the bullet” and ordered the Standard deluxe copy. I have never ordered from CD before and I hope it’s worth it.

  7. “epic cover artwork by Tomislav Tikulin” – Funny, there are no mountains in Illinois and thus has no relation to the story.

    I love Terrys work, but this offer is about money.

  8. I had a question about when we are supposed to receive the first book. I ordered it a few months ago and it said in September. Does anyone know when I should be expecting to receive it?

  9. I ordered the Lettered Edition of this book and now received an email (10/2/15) that I have been screwed out of getting one due to a “glitch.” Beware of ordering from Cemetery Dance.

      • I had the same issue. They offered to refund the money or provide a $250.00 gift certificate. I decided to take the refund. They not only provided the refund, but also a free copy of the numbered edition. I was disappointed I did not receive the deluxe edition, but CD made up for it the best way they could.

  10. I received my copy of the Standard Deluxe version from Cemetery Dance today. The book is actually much nicer than I expected. The cover art and dust cover are really cool, the signature page also has cool art with Feeders’ eyes in a dark glen, and the book has high quality binding and pages. I would definitely buy another book from CD if they do more of Terry’s books.