Poll: What Do You Want To See Most From Comic-Con?

cover-theshannarachroniclesThe San Diego Comic-Con International begins Wednesday and runs through the weekend!

If you’ve never gone, it is a wild and crazy convention. More than 130,000 people attend, invading the San Diego convention center with the intention of witnessing the very best that geekdom has to offer. I have attended the last eight years and, while it is always exhausting, it is immensely fun too.

This year, Terry and I are both going. He has a number of signings where he will be meeting with fans. And then he is sitting on several panels, able to talk about his work and the publishing industry with other professionals.

But let’s face it: We are going in support of The Shannara Chronicles!

The forthcoming TV show will have a large presence at Comic-Con this year. There will be a panel with Terry, the cast members, and the director and writers. MTV will have a booth where they will be giving away copies of The Elfstnoes of Shannara. And there will be tons of interviews conducted with the cast and with Terry. It’s all quite exciting for this fan!

I’m still not sure what content will be released though. I know that the air date for the show will be announced and that we will be treated with the show’s first trailer. Not sure if we will be given more content!

But if we did, what content would you be most excited about seeing? The trailer? The air date? Set photos? Cast interviews? Character photos? The list goes on and on! And no, you can’t combine these into a single “Other” choice. That’s cheating.

Happy voting! Then comment below what you selected and why!

More news later this week! Stay tuned!

16 responses to “Poll: What Do You Want To See Most From Comic-Con?”

  1. The Elfstones is my favorite Shannara book. It was the first book I ever read that made me cry at the fate of the characters (Amberle). I’ve read every Shannara book eagerly as they have been released since I devoured the first two series as a tween. (And can I say what a pleasant surprise it was for the Word & the Void to tie in as well?) So basically I’m a kid at Christmas with the announcement of this series. The trailer is all I really want to see. I don’t want to be inundated with too much information and go in with preconceptions. I just want to wet my whistle and satisfy my curiosity. Then sit back and let you tell us a story and work that magic you do so well. Thank you for so many years of reading enjoyment and magical adventures!

  2. I prefer to see little as possible. I like a slight teaser, but showing all the good parts just makes me able to figure out too much plot. I’d rather have a show unfold before my eyes, always wondering what will come next. Though that may be difficult since I’ve read the book. That’s why I’m hoping the screenplay is somewhat different. Still excited to see it though!

  3. I’m looking forward to the trailer! And also to find out when it will be released on normal TV in the UK as we can not access MTV.

  4. I would have to go with the release date. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not eagerly awaiting the trailer. I just would like to know how much time I’ll have to reread Elfstones again before the show. After I finish Princess of Landover of course, which should be in the next 30-60 minutes.

  5. The air date, so I can set deadlines for myself of when to finish rereading First King, Sword, Elfstones, and Wishsong. But I wouldn’t mind any of the others, either.

  6. I want the trailer. Most of the other info will be released through other outlets that are covering the event. I want to see 30 seconds of HD video that reveals just enough for me to go through it frame by frame to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

  7. Can’t wait for anything from this series, be it a teaser trailer or production stills to cast interviews. I hope not only does the series become a huge hit, but maybe we will one day finally see, other than the old PC game, Shannara based video games!

  8. Really want to know when the servers will start on TV. Don’t want to miss it!