Terry’s Gen Con Schedule

Terry is attending Gen Con from July 30 – August 2. And here is his convention schedule!


Worldbuilding: Mythology | Friday 6:00 PM | SOLD OUT
Mythology is a fundamental element of many settings. Learn how to craft a compelling mythos that both enhances your world & helps your story. (SEM1577134)

Q&A with Author Guest of Honor Terry Brooks | Saturday 1:00 PM
Meet our Author Guest of Honor, the legendary Terry Brooks. Ask him your burning questions & learn all about this talented author. (SEM1577093)

Character Craft: Worthy Opponents | Saturday 4:00 PM
A hero’s only as good as his villain, they say. Learn how to create villains that balance between Stormtrooper & Sauron so they contribute to your story as much as they frustrate your protagonist. (SEM1577096)

Character Craft: Supporting Cast—Real People VS Plot Devices | Saturday 5:00 PM
Your supporting cast isn’t setting decor. Learn how to make minor characters who are living, breathing individuals that add dimension and depth to your story but don’t get in the way of the plot. (SEM1577097)

Character Craft: Build Them Up After Tearing Them Down | Sunday 11:00 AM
Destroying characters and smashing their puny lives is easy (and kind of fun), but in this panel we’ll teach you how to pick up the pieces and build the character back up afterwards. (SEM1578890)

Writer’s Craft: Satisfying Conclusions | Sunday 12:00 PM SOLD OUT
Learn ways to end stories so that, with or without the happy ending, the reader feels satisfied. Find out what it takes to conclude your story right. (SEM1578891)

ZED1582403 Terry Brooks, Author Guest of Honor Signing | Friday 3:00 PM SOLD OUT
ZED1582406 Terry Brooks, Author Guest of Honor Signing | Friday 4:00 PM
ZED1582407 Terry Brooks, Author Guest of Honor Signing | Saturday 10:00 AM
ZED1582408Terry Brooks, Author Guest of Honor Signing | Saturday 11:00 AM

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    • He’d consider it, sure. Have the convention send me the particulars via the Contact page on the website and I’ll see that it is forwarded on to Terry and his publicist at Random House.