THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: First Official Photo Released


This is the first official photo from The Shannara Chronicles TV series!

It features Amberle (Poppy Drayton), Wil (Austin Butler), and Eretria (Ivana Baquero). It is important to point out that this is a publicity shot not taken directly from the TV series itself, as some people have commented on how clean and new everything looks.

The Shannara Chronicles will be prominently featured at San Diego Comic Con this week and, by Saturday, we will know the air date for the series. Among many other things, I’m sure! There is a panel on Friday which will feature the show runners, director, author, and cast members. There will also be a trailer shown; no word if that trailer will be posted online thereafter.

In short, stay tuned this week!

And how’s the best way to keep up to date? Look at the note below!

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More soon!

26 responses to “THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: First Official Photo Released”

      • Hmm, fair enough. Elfstones was pretty formative for me. I can tell already I’m going to have to let go of a lot of preconceptions. There’s much to worry about from this photo through my admittedly biased lens…like Wil with long hair, like Amberle being tall and bold-looking and at the forefront. She doesn’t look for a second like she needs a protector. For a moment, I thought that was Eretria and got excited. Eretria is supposed to be tall, pushy, and in a much more “alpha” role in the book than how she looks here.

        I know, I know, I’m reading far too much into this. 🙂 Deep breath. I made the break for Battlestar Galactica, I can do it here. 😉

        • Shawn, I read your comments in the “Wrap” post. You make good points there, we shouldn’t judge it before we see anything. Nothing can take the books away from us, so it’s worth opening our minds to something new from Terry. It’s worth seeing The Shannara Chronicles at least as that.

          But I can’t help seeing the above photo as poor wimpy unarmed Wil being protected by two heavily armed tough women, which is more than a simple departure from the book. Marketing department making a bad choice maybe?

          • Let’s be fair – Wil was pretty much a combat liability until the very end of the book (and if he hadn’t been, we wouldn’t have Wishsong…). I was taken aback by the seeming role-reversal between Eretria and Amberle, but Wil’s a medic, not a fighter.

          • In the show, there’s no role-reversal at all. Amberle is tougher than her book version by a bit but she is not Eretria. Eretria is tough enough for all of them plus some.

            Again, you guys need to temper your thoughts until you see the show. Please. You are driving me crazy with these kinds of posts.

          • If that’s the way you want to look at it, yes, a bad marketing choice maybe. But don’t for one second think that Wil was a fighter in the book. He wasn’t. He was a Healer. He wanted nothing to do with the entire situation, the conflict. He was there because he was the only one who could use the Elfstones — the only thing that could protect Amberle from Demons — even if Amberle was heavily armed like she appears to be here. “Appears” to be. Wait for the show.

          • LOL, That one up there was for me!!! Sorry Shawn, I deserved the beginning of your wrath!!!

            I’m now just going to sit back and wait. Best thing to do. All this speculation of “what is” or “what is supposed” to be in the show is going to happen regardless to the fact if we want it there or not.

            I’ll probably be posting up here after its all said and done, eating crow, telling you how much I loved it. That is why I am just going to sit back and follow Shawn’s advice. Take a breath. Good words of wisdom Shawn, you should be a Druid or something… 🙂

          • speaking of being driven crazy. Entertainment news outlets speaking out their arses. “Young elf WilOhmsford holds the only power to save the dying Ellcrys.” Just one example and I’m sure you’ve seen it all Shawn. It shouldn’t bother me but I need all the info I can get. Some of it’s bound to be crap with interest ramping up. Thanks for the excellent work Shawn.

      • Are your books simalur to Mr Brooks what I mean is are they fanasey?

  1. Can we assume these are the caverns of “Safehold”? If so, where’s Wisp? I hope not another casualty to the show.

  2. Ugh…that was the worst first picture to reveal. It looks like a bad D&D movie scene. Reading other blog sites who have picked up on this you aren’t doing yourselves any favors as the bloggers who have no idea what Shannara is are ripping it. Granted there seemed to be more teen hobbit mom type of comments than anything, the whole MTV angle. The only people who are saying something cool are the fans.
    Sorry not trying to be negative, I want this to be a success. I defended it on the sites I am talking about but I would have suggested a different first picture…but then that’s me.

    • Outside of Wil looking a bit malnourished and questionable hair extensions its fine.

      We get to see them in costume and its an alpha release.
      Let’s wait for beta pictures before sharpening the pitchforks and greasing the fires.

      Plan accordingly.

  3. It’d be awesome if they re-created the covers from the books.

    The classic Crispin, Amberle, Wil illustration.

    You are the Reaper!

  4. This is awesome. Can’t wait for it to begin. I am like a little kid on Christmas morning opening my presents. Congratulations Terry for a well done job.

  5. Excited, pleased, impressed and even relieved at the quality of the trailer!!

    Looking forward impatiently now to Janaury 2016 🙂


  6. I’ve been following the shannara series for about 18 years and always anticipating the next book. There has been talk about movie adaptations for quite some time and certain deals falling through, now it is truly exciting to see an adaptation come to fruition. I’m very excited for this new series and hopefully it will be the first season of many. Congratulations Terry the teaser looks amazing I can’t wait for January