Video: Terry Reads New Shannara & Landover Excerpts

Terry visited the University Bookstore in Seattle, WA on June 13, 2015 in support of his new Shannara novel, The Darkling Child.

It was a great event. He read from next year’s novel, The Sorcerer’s Daughter, as well as read from a new Landover short story to be published in my Unfettered II! Then he took questions from the audience, most of which centered around The Shannara Chronicles.

Here are the times in case you want to jump around:

The Sorcerer’s Daughter Excerpt: 2:14
– The Landover Short Story Excerpt: 11:52
– Terry Supports Author Peter Orullian: 20:53
– Terry Talks The Shannara Chronicles: 22:05
– Terry’s Convention Tour Dates After Comic-Con: 24:33
– Audience Q&A: 25:55

Once you’ve watched/listened to the video, post your thoughts below! What did you think of the excerpts? And the things that Terry had to say about The Shannara Chronicles?

More from San Diego Comic-Con this week!

Stay tuned!

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