BrooksBlog: Terry Reacts To Teaser Trailers

terry-brooksMorning All,

Did you see the latest trailer on the MTV Awards last night (it’s above, in case you didn’t)? Did you watch it, or did you just watch Miley Cyrus flash herself?

Okay, I will let that one go. What I want to say is that I saw it (tipped off as to when it would air, no fool I) so I have some thoughts to share and comments to make. You knew I would, didn’t you? Or maybe you think I’m not paying attention to any of this and just trusting in the process. And blind faith.

Well, you would be wrong. I don’t call the shots on the trailers or publicity. Why would I? MTV has an entire marketing and publicity department for that and they all know what they are doing and don’t need my help. What I am doing is watching the trailers before hand and making my own judgments. So far, I don’t have any complaints. Obviously, they are making artistic choices about how the trailers should appear and impact their audience, but that’s what they’re supposed to do. It’s no different from book covers. The artists and the art department at Del Rey make the determination about what will sell books. That’s their job. Same with MTV and the trailers. What will sell the show? What will get people to watch it?

I have said before, and I will repeat it again here, that I have been extremely pleased with the way the show has been developed right from the first up to now. I worried that it wouldn’t hold up to your expectations. I think it has. Or it least it has to mine. There is nothing else like it on TV. Not with it’s movie-size scope. Not with these production values. I am also more than a little prejudiced about the actors, who I believe are terrific in their roles. They have become my characters, and I expect I will always see those characters as those actors.

So now we are winding down to the actual launch of Episode One, and I am starting to get excited. The public response has been very strong. You, my readers, have been overwhelmingly supportive of the show based on what you’ve seen, and the trailers and photos of the actors and scenes have generated a lot of favorable buzz. We are already talking about next season – that’s how confident we are that you are going to love Season One.

So get ready for the annoucement at NY Comic Con of the actual air date of the first episode and be ready to be blown away by the show itself. Am I getting carried away? Probably. And happy to be so. Terry

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  1. I’m very excited by the Shannara trailers.. I had my worries and doubts about it being an MTV project instead on CW22, TnT, or HBO! But my fears have been for naught! Shannara is looking really good and I am looking forward to first episode next year! While I am a little worried with the casting, I think my anxiety over the actors and characters will be pushed aside once the tv series airs! Looking Good!

  2. Thank you again Terry for helping us to escape to such wonderful realms of fantasy, mystery, danger, and magic, and then allowing us to travel to those places anew with each and every book you so masterfully craft. You breathe life into your characters better than any other author I have ever read. The show is looking amazing and the anticipation is killing me.

  3. So far , from what I have seen, it looks as though the studio is doing an excellant job, and I am VERY GLAD that Terry is able to judge their work as acceptable.I look forward to the series when it comes out on tv, and I STILL look forward to the next hardcover!😀

  4. Terry, if you are pleased with it, then I am certain that we will all be pleased. We trust you. You are the creator after all.

  5. I am so excited about this TV series. I think it is going to be just as amazing as the books.
    I have read so many positive and negative comments. I don’t understand the negativity.
    I watched all 6 of THE HOBBIT and LORD OF THE RINGS movies and yes, there were some things missing and some storyline changes but not enough to change the wonder and enjoyment of the movies. Even my husband, who is not a fantasy reader, enjoyed the movies. I fully expect that he will watch the series with me and enjoy every minute.
    I’m sure there will be some differences but I believe they will be minimal.
    I trust your judgement completely. I do not believe that you would allow your very own creation to be dissected and remade beyond recognition. Nor do I believe that you would stand idlely by and watch your hard work be changed into something unrecognizable like The Seeker series.
    Just thought you would like to know that there are some of us out here who are not trying to be critics or second guess your work or your opinions. We are just happy to see a beloved book, finally, get the recognition that it deserves.
    BTW, I don’t really care, what the actors look like as much as I care if they can portray the characters.
    Thanks for reading this,
    Sincerely. A true fan, Patty

  6. It’s going to be awesome! Thank you for encouraging us that all will be well. And there is already talk about season two, fantastic! Can’t wait to hear the official date at NYCC! Safe travels. 🙂

  7. I’m very excited for this series. I understand it’s an adaptation, and that for it to translate to TV it *must* be an adaptation. For me that doesn’t take anything away from this. It’s just a new lens to look at the world of Shannara for me. As long as Terry is pleased with the project, I know I’m going to love it.

  8. Mr. Brooks,I like to say i can’t wait till Shannara chronicles comes out and looking forward to it and looking forward to Easter when I finally get the first trilogy of shannara on omnibus,see if they are worth reading. Thanks,again,can’t wait

  9. All I needed to see was the still of Wil and Amberle, and the look of horror on their faces. This will be epic.

  10. When I watch the show, it will mark the first time I have wanted to watch MTV since 1987, when I was in high school. But I’ve been watching the trailers here and on Terry Brooks’ Facebook page, and I like what I’ve seen so far.

    As long as it’s a good show that hews somewhat closely to the book, I’ll watch it and buy a physical copy of it (and ask Terry to sign it, should he visit Milwaukee or Chicago again). No complaints so far.

  11. Mr. Brooks. I have been reading the Shannara series since Sword of Shannara in 1977 and I cannot wait for the series to begin. (I also met you and gushed like a schoolgirl when I had you sign one of your books in Albany N.Y.) I’ve watched the trailers and have enjoyed them. Makes the anticipation greater. Thank you for all of your books. I have read them all. Keep it up please. Your loyal reader, Marguerite

  12. I simply do not think that I could be more excited! I am plugging the show every chance I get.

  13. I felt this trailer was quite poor (the previous one was excellent). That said, I’m looking forward to this with high expectations. This show is mandatory viewing as soon as it airs.

  14. I was so excited to find out that my favorite series was hitting the tv as a series. I then saw the trailer and I am overwhelmed.

    Hell yes

  15. In 1980 I read The Sword of Shannara after it kept staring at me in a little bookstore in Jackson Square, New Orleans. I tried to resist. It was a trip my French class took during my junior year in high school. The moment I got home I dove into the story and lost myself in the background of the fantasy happening in front of me. Shannara and all of Terry’s books were my escape, my place to go when it wasn’t pleasant being anywhere else. The excitement of seeing this great story brought about by MTV brings this whole experience to another level…THANK YOU!

  16. So I’m assuming season 2 would be Wishsong then, but that means that only Allanon is a recurring character, or are they going to freelance and try to run some short story to fill in the gaps between Elfstones and Wishsong??

    • Season 2 discussion is going on right now. There are so many places it could go. Backwards. Forwards. A conglomeration of several stories. We will have to wait and see what will happen!

      • Hey Shawn, do you think the decision to go ahead with the TV series eliminates any chance at making a Shannara movie in the future? Or would the success of the series make that even more of a possibility? I’m not sure how the rights work, or if MTV has any hand in producing films, but I really think the Heritage story would make a great 4 films. The rhythm of those books are practically set up for movies already with climaxes at the end of each, fantastic characters, a completely original story. Not to get ahead of things, but I was just wondering. If you have the time I’d be interested to know, Thanks!

        • HBO is thinking about this with GAME OF THRONES and with DEADWOOD at the moment. It is certainly possible for a cable network to produce film. THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES needs to be a smash hit beginning with Season One though. So let’s spread word about it from through January and see if we can make that happen.

          • I search for Chronicles news every morning. Usually nothing new, but after the vma’s i found about 50 new articles. Although they were all pretty much the same, one thing is for sure it’s headed toward critical mass. As much as I’m excited for the Shannara series, I’m hoping a successful season and series is a springboard for WB to open they’re eyes a little wider and bring Landover to the big screen. I think the books are much more adaptable as individual movies than Shannara. Also Shawn, are you going to have time for a Dark Thorn sequel? I was very impressed! Was Thorn your first published book? If yes, then omfg.

          • Kinsler, if Shannara is successful, you can bet that Warner Bros. will give more credence to Landover. That said, WB still needs a great script that Terry, Steve Carrel, and others can get behind. And that’s what is being done right now.

            As far as The Dark Thorn, yes, that was my first published book. But my second novel. I’m working on the sequel as we speak and have a number of short stories coming set in that world. 🙂

          • I absolutely will (…and have been!) I can guarantee at least 4 other viewers besides myself, and many who are now at least aware! Not since the days of Guns N’ Roses videos have I been so pumped to watch MTV! Strange how things work out.

            I also heard about the possible DEADWOOD film. That would be sweet. Such a shame that show was cancelled! Anyhow, thanks for the info!

      • I hope we get Wishsong sooner rather than later – it’s the source of so many of the most unique elements of the Shannara world. The Wishsong itself, the Mwellrets, Cogline and the moor cats…

  17. Very excited about the forthcoming series and I have every faith in Terry being involved and ensuring that what we see stays inline with our expectations – and his. Look forward to hearing the launch date but live in the UK so no chance of getting to NY Comic Con…

  18. This was exciting – looking forward to a trailer with a bit of dialog though!

    Also, someone might want tp let the MTV marketing people know that they’ve misspelled Shannara as “shannarra” in the tail end of a bunch of these clips…

  19. I have read everyone of your books, except 2 which are on my nightstand. I have waited for you to make “Shannara Chronicles” into a movie. Thank you so much. Love your books.

  20. I was excited but skeptical at first. Then I saw the first trailer. Although it seems there will be quite a bit that is different or new I’m now extremely excited and hopeful for this series. Just one problem: I don’t get MTV!!! This had better be on Hulu!

  21. When I first read the Shanarra books in 89-90 I thought they should be on TV. I’m so excited to see it come to life.