September Giveaway: Rare SDCC Exclusive THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA

cover-elfstones-sdccTerry and I attended the San Diego Comic-Con in support of The Shannara Chronicles.

You guys have seen the pictures. You guys have seen the trailers. You guys know The Shannara Chronicles will air in January 2016.

But many of you asked me one question upon my return home:

How do I get one of those Comic-Con exclusive copies of The Elfstones of Shannara?!

My answer did not make you happy. The reality is, it is nigh impossible to get one. There were only 2000 produced and they were given out in their entirety at Comic-Con via the MTV booth as well as the Del Rey Books booth. And like all exclusives, you had to be at the convention to get one—or find one on the secondary market like (which there seem to be a few, by the way).

But my wife and I brought six of these home, knowing that hosting a series of monthly giveaways from now until January would soften the blow somewhat.

I am using these books to help grow awareness for The Shannara Chronicles. That involves all of you. You guys are the vehicle to spread word about the TV series and make it an out-of-the-gate success.

Here are the Rules for the September Facebook Giveaway:

  • Contest open to the entire world.
  • Only one entry per person. Anyone who enters twice or more is automatically disqualified.
  • Contest ends September 30, 2015.
  • Winner randomly selected.
  • Must change your Facebook cover image for the entire month of September. Details below!

First: Save this image to your computer:


Second: Upload the image to your Facebook page via the upload button in the upper-left of your cover image, then on the image post make sure it is set to “PUBLIC” as seen below:


Third: Re-position the image to your liking!

Finally: Once you have done that, fill out the entry form below, leaving your name, email address, mailing address, and link to your Facebook page for verification of the upload! Then click SUBMIT! Those who entered in August must re-enter for September!

It’s that easy. You are done and entered into the giveaway!

I know, I know, some of you don’t use Facebook. September is the last Facebook giveaway. In the coming months there will be additional giveaways—for Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, a general giveaway for everyone, etc.! Post any questions you might have below and I’ll answer them when I can.

Go forth! And spread word about…

The Shannara Chronicles!

18 responses to “September Giveaway: Rare SDCC Exclusive THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA”

  1. Re-entered for September! Maybe this one will be lucky – re-entering on my birthday! Plus I don’t use the other social media websites, so this is my last chance. *fingers crossed*

  2. Loved the trailers! We watched them both today and are excited! My husband got me hooked on the Shannara series. Would love to give him this as a gift!

  3. entered I hope I can win this if so will give to my daughter for Christmas she is a huge fan, read everything and even has adopted B O B E as a pen name it stands brin omsford
    ( can’t remember the 2nd b ) ellisidel sorry if the spellling is off going from memory and sounding it out.

  4. Maybe I will be lucky this time around. Quick question though. Since only 2000 of these exist, is their anything on or in the book itself that labels it as such? Like is it numbered or anything?

  5. I posted the URL for the public post… not my full FB page. Shouldn’t matter but thought I’d point it out. Thanks 🙂

  6. Entered again for September, so fingers crossed. Congratulations to Nai for the August win. Hope you enjoy it mate. Well done from the UK.

  7. Awesome book I read years ago in school. Cant wait to see the show! Super pumped for this!

  8. I know a lot of fans probably say this but I want you to know I was in a rough place in my life when I started reading your books. I read about two books a week until I owned and read every one. Even then i felt like I went too fast and could’ve retained more so I reread them all. They inspire me. I know this is border line obsessive but I’ve even gone as far as to draw out maps just so I can have my own copies, make multiple family trees to show the Elessedil, Ohmsford, and Leah bloodlines merging, and timelines to really map out the order of everything. I know more Shannara history than America, and I’m proud to say that. I can’t wait for your third book to come out, hell I can’t wait for everything you plan to write to come out so thank you for sharing your creativity. You truly are a hero of a writer.