Behind-The-Scenes Video: The Shannara Chronicles

9 responses to “Behind-The-Scenes Video: The Shannara Chronicles”

  1. First off I am very excited for the series and not of the changes really seemed that off. However, after watching this video I wonder, is anyone else disconcerted with the Rovers wearing muted colors? I thought one of their key features was being colorful and boisterous gypsies. Either way it looks great and I always have the books if I want tradition back.

    Thank you for the look.

  2. Really looking forward to this new chapter. Often it is hard to adapt to someone’s view of a book. Readers forget that what they view in their head as they read a work, may be translated differently by others. This looks great! Absolutely cannot wait!

  3. I was disappointed with who they cast as Allanon from the beginning, having been a huge fan of him throughout the series. Now, after watching this preview and a few others I have to say I think they messed up on one of the most iconic characters in the series.

    • Wait and watch the show. As I can attest and Terry has attested already, Manu Bennett embodies Allanon, personality and soul. Yes, there are some differences in physical appearance but the rest is all Allanon.

  4. This is looking very good! I hope that it is a huge success… despite my fears! From looking at the trailer and the behind the scenes, my troubled heart is now at ease.