A few seconds ago, New York Comic Con The Shannara Chronicles panel ended!

Here is live-stream video from the panel:

And here is the new trailer!

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  1. Overall, I love how they’re playing up the post apocalyptic vibe, but man, that troll was way more steampunk than I was expecting.

      • It’s exactly what I would have hoped for in Lizard design for a Genesis of Shannara adaptation, but I’m having a hard time reconciling it with my mental imagery of, say, Keltset, or Amantar. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

        I’m curious – the dialogue at the beginning of the trailer makes it sound like Wil’s jumping off point will be Shady Vale, rather than Storlock. Are you free to comment on that?

          • The Troll was a surprize to me as well. Hopefully it’s just a mask. Did it work ok for you, Shawn? I’d like to hear your thoughts. This is the only character’s appearance I have felt was not good. thanx

          • Probably worthwhile to ping the io9 staff to include that next post in their “Morning Spoilers” feature. They seem to have missed the new trailer among all the other stuff coming out of NYCC.

  2. So many things that are entirely different than the book, all the characters have been changed because some director thinks his version would make better tv, this makes me sad. The book was such a great story and awesome literature, things don’t need to be changed when they are already so good.

    • Once again, they do need to be changed because they are so good A BOOK. The story doesn’t seem changed to me and btw I love the idea of “Every leave shed is a demon freed”.

      • I agree, FluteDwarf. I don’t want just a simple re-hashing of the book. Everything I’ve seen on the trailers has been very good. I like the idea of the Ellcrys leaves too. It’s gonna be awesome!

      • I would agree with you FluteDwarf. I grudgingly understand that TV and Books are two different mediums and so need different aspects to stay alive. I will say that I am excited to see the story changed, because it will have that element of newness. This idea about the leaves representing all of the demons is pretty nice. I think it would be a bad thing if the Elcrys started growing though.
        Sometimes however, I wish that these things wouldn’t require money so that we could see things exactly as they happen in the book. I guess that’s what the wondrous powers of Imagination and Dreams are for though, eh?

    • Sam, it’s not “some director,” unless you mean Terry. Terry has been involved every step of the way in this and he has ensured that the integrity of his story has been maintained in this adaptation. The changes are minor. Wait. Watch. And then judge. If you are wanting a paint-by-the-numbers adaptation, this won’t be for you. And Terry understands there will be a minority of his fans who won’t like it and likely shouldn’t watch it.

      That said, the majority will. And I can say having seen the first two episodes last night alongside 50 Terry Brooks fans who won the chance to see it, that they all loved it based on their cheering.

      Hope you’ll tune in.

  3. Loved the new trailer and the panel video with Manu, Austin, Poppy, and John Rhys Davies was very interesting. I can’t wait for January 5th to come around. This show will be EPIC!

    I have read all the books and have been a fan for nearly 30 years. I hope fans of the books will be open-minded about how the characters and creatures are portrayed on the show. Everything I’ve seen on the trailers is really good, and the scope of the visuals is outstanding. The casting looks very solid too. Manu as Allanon has really grown on me. I was very impressed with him after what he said on this panel.

    I am so excited for Mr. Brooks, and happy Shannara is coming to tv!

  4. The idea of the leaves representing a demon is cool, but its an oversimplification of much more complex–and interesting–idea. I won’t say the novel is perfect, because it isn’t and every adaption requires certain changes to be made, but so far the changes I’ve seen in this trailer cheapen rather than deepen the story.

    In the novel Eretria isn’t found by Allanon. In fact, there is no indication that he is even aware of her existence and yet in this trailer he clearly states, “the THREE of you can save the world.” Thus giving us a very clear indication that they’ve changed the story so that Allanon gives the charge to the three of them.

    Here’s the thing. The set looks great, the actors are incredible, the CGI looks expensive, but if there are more decisions that simplify the incredible story that Brooks dreamed up, then this story won’t live up to its awesome potential on the small screen. I hope it does. I really hope that these are the only two elements of simplification in the film. I hope that the changes deepen the story instead of cheapen it.

    But this early trailer has me scared.

    I’m still quite excited for this show. I guess we’ll all find out if it lives up to that potential in January.

    Can’t wait!

    • I can understand why you feel the way you do.

      But you aren’t looking at this from a storytelling point of view. In the book, Wil, Amberle, and Eretria don’t make appearances in the book until well into it. People forget that Wil and Amberle aren’t in the opening of the book. If this was a direct adaptation of the book, Wil and Amberle wouldn’t appear until Episode 3. Eretria even later. And for the book’s three main characters, that’s a no-no. Especially in TV.

      So those character arcs have been moved forward into the first episode through various means. Therefore, Eretria is in the first episode. So is Amberle. And Wil. Otherwise, the first two episodes would have been only Eventine, Ander, Arion, and Allanon — just like the book. That makes for poor TV.

      Last night, MTV screened the first two episodes with 50 Terry Brooks fans in attendance along with cast, writers, director, and Terry. And from the enthusiastic cheering at the end of Episode 2, I think the majority of readers are also going to enjoy this.

      Don’t let fear rule you. Stay tuned. Wait. Watch. And then decide if those new openings work. I think they do.

      • Good point, Shawn. Thank you for pointing that out. I’m more than a little nervous for this show and every change that is made is just heart wrenching because I’ve loved these books for so long. I think I’ve read Elfstones about four times. Obviously it won’t be the same as the books and it can’t be. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. So, this panel was exactly the same as the San Diego Comic Con panel. Literally the same comments from Davies (“Eat your heart out Orlando Bloom!”), Austin (about Poppy’s eye injury), and Manu bringing up what must have been a very painful story about Austin’s mother passing…again. Someone please suggest to these actors to talk about something new next time.

    I did enjoy the comment from the director (I think) about how Game of Thrones has set the standard for fantasy TV in terms of special effects. Even though Mr. Brooks doesn’t seem to like talking about GoT, the comparisons are to be expected.

    New trailer looks awesome.

  6. As a woman, I pay a lot of attention to how females fighters are portrayed on TV and movies. Most productions get them wrong, and it makes them unbelievable. I mention this because I’m not getting a warm, fuzzy feeling over how Eretria looks and acts here. In the book, she seemed very tough and believable, but here (in my mind, at least), she just looks like (I use this comparison a lot) “a Barbie doll with a sword”. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be beautiful. She should be! But it is a herculean task to find that perfect combination of beauty, inner/outer strength and attitude that make it work. I look at Eretria in this preview, and I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy it. Of course, I hope that the series itself is better. It’s just that in my experience, the trailer is never worse than the show it advertises. That’s the biggest of my gripes, but I do have others. I know these panels and press junkets are always a love-fest. Everyone thinks it’s great. Everyone thinks it will be a huge hit. If anyone did have reservations about certain aspects of the show, would we even hear it? In this stage of the game, it’s considered bad form to say, “Actually, so-and-so just did an okay job. And the set for that scene wasn’t the greatest either, but we worked with it…”

  7. Hey Sean, thanks for taking the time to answer people’s questions and concerns. I for one am super excited about this! I have been waiting years and years for this series and I understand the idea of adaptation for TV vs. books, and think of them as two different tellings of the same fundamental story.

    Any idea on whether or not we will see any clips from scenes (or possibly a “first fifteen minutes” of the show that you sometimes see shown online) anytime soon?

    I trust Terry and I know that with him behind it this is going to be fantastic!

  8. What did Terry say long ago? The book will always be better than the movie, because the book can go into detail and spend time on exposition that no movie can match. So that’s why I’m not expecting the show to be a paint-by-numbers version of the book. I want to see the book depicted accurately on screen, too, but a movie is its own creation, and as long as it’s compelling by itself, I’ll watch.

    And if it’s not, I have plenty of Brooks books to fall back on instead.

  9. I am so jealous of the few that got to see this already. The trailer makes the show seem action packed. I am very excited to watch this.

  10. Shawn, I want to thank you for the excellent responses you have given so far!

    While I do not have the concerns that others have voiced, I love how you have addressed them. Terry and you have done a wonderful job in explaining why there must be some changes to make this work for this project. I was wondering about the first episode and how that would have to happen myself. Again your explanation was spot on.

    I’m not concerned, just excited!!!

  11. As a famous quarterback recently said, “R-E-L-A-X”. Relax everyone, Terry is NOT going to steer us wrong, nor would he let someone ruin his LIFE’S work.

    We are all Jon Snow, “You know nothing Jon Snow”. Let’s just let everything unfold come January. It’ll be fine.

  12. I understand how making Shannara into a post apocalyptic story would seem like it would get more viewers and further difference itself from LOTR but Elfstones takes place over 2000 years after the great war, for trolls and gnomes to be walking around in pre war garments is like me wearing robes old enough that Jesus could have worn them, very impractical improbable and almost impossible. Unless of course they are trying to suggest that the events in Elfstones is not that long after the great war… which wouldn’t make sense because then how was there time for Galaphile to form the first druid council and for the three wars of the races? Are they suggesting none of the things happened?

    Also when Amberle talks about “I have ran the gauntlet” and Eventine then pronounces them chosen, this seems like a blatant attempt to leech fans from the hunger games,
    the chosen didn’t have to pass a test or compete to be a chosen, the Ellcrys chose them.

    I know it seems like I am griping allot but none of these things are going to keep me from watching the show, I am just voicing concerns. As long as they haven’t taken away Allanons druid fire, if they give him a magic sword or something I will draw the line at that, the druid fire is the main weapon and defense of all the druids, to see it omitted would be unforgivable

    • That is an interesting point about the clothing, Sam. Perhaps the demons were frozen in time in their prison world?

    • The gauntlet is an addition, not a change. As I’ve said in the past, the opening of the TV show does not start where the book starts. It starts before the opening chapter — when Wil is still in Shady Vale and when Amberle is still in Arborlon. In the TV show, you see how Elves of a certain age fight for the chance to even touch the Ellcrys. In my opinion, it is a strong opening and one Terry loves. And when Amberle becomes Chosen, it makes it even a stronger story when she decides to vanish from Arborlon.

      When it comes to Allanon, he has Druid fire in the show. He has used a tiny amount of it in the trailer. And Allanon does carry a sword in the books. It would be foolhardy for him not to. Expending magic enacts a price. When Allanon is traveling the Four Lands, he doesn’t just come across dangerous magical creatures. He also comes across men or Trolls or a party of gnomes that would want to kill him. Rather than use magic — which uses up his life — it would be remiss of him not to use a practical weapon of some kind to dispatch his mortal foes. A sword.

      Voicing your concerns does nothing to change the TV show. Maybe it makes you feel better, I don’t know. I do know one thing. Those of you who want a paint-by-the-numbers adaptation are not getting it. All of the main plot points from the novel are in this TV series with the exception of Stee Jans. If you can’t let the story unfold in a different but similar way, then do not watch this TV series. You will only be causing yourself grief. And who needs that?

  13. I have chills now. I am so so very excited for the series premiere! I have been wishing for this series to be brought to the screen for years and years.

    Additionally, the Elcrys is EXACTLY how I imagined it to look. Absolute perfection.

  14. I’m impressed with the trailer and eager for the series.
    Little concerned over the scene showing Allanon fighting with a sword, that always seamed more something for a warrior druid, where i always say Allanon as a mystic.

    • I am interested to see what that winged creature is he was fighting, could it be the creature the Dagda Mor flies on? Though it looks rather small for that

  15. I was, at first, kind of upset about their choice of book on where to start the show. But you know what? I am really hoping that this show gets popular and sparks people’s interest in the rest of the Shannara and Word & Void series. These books and Terry Brooks deserve more appreciation for his works. I really love these books. All of them. I just hope this show does it justice. But like I said, even if it doesn’t (most likely not), hopefully this show will draw more readers and new readers to the books and Terry’s story and talent will be more widely known.

  16. Shawn I am going to call a truce with you every concern I have voiced has been met with a solid explanation and sound logic, I am very excited for the show and after watching several interview videos with Austin Butler and Poppy Drayton I firmly believe that they are the absolute best choice for Will and Amberle, Poppy Drayton is going to make this show. And however much I doubted it Manu Bennett is growing on me as Allanon. This show is going to be awesome and I can’t wait for January 5. I hope they decide to continue the show into Wishsong as it is my favorite of Terry’s books

    • If you have an open mind when you watch the TV show on January 5th, you’ll see how closely they’ve remained true to the original source of story. There has been some rearranging done but overall the story plays out exactly the same way plot point by plot point as the book.

      As an example, a minor change is Amberle doesn’t disappear to Havenstead. She goes to the Wing Hove. Does it matter? Not really. Amberle still has to be found. And Wil and Allanon still have to go find her. It’s the same story just told a bit differently. The same is true of the gauntlet and Amberle. The gauntlet is not in the book but the TV series takes place before the book even starts. And they’ve done something really cool with Amberle and the Ellcrys that I looooooved. Is it an exact retelling of the book? No. Does it work for the story? Absolutely.

      I’m excited for you guys to watch it. Some of you will bitch and probably stop watching it. Most will watch it and will find it fun how they’ve managed to tell the same story in a new and interesting way.

      • THE WING HOVE !?!?!? WHAT THE…!!! Just kidding. You are 100% correct. I think a fan who would complain about a minor change like that (or the exact measure of redness to Amberle’s hair, as compared to that in their mind), is probably just a glass half empty person. I guess there’s always going to be “that guy”. I wonder if any of these changes make Terry wish he had written it that way instead. Wing Hove might actually make more sense than Havenstead, which has no bearing on the story. I mean, she didn’t run away to Skull Mountain, right? Sheesh.

  17. I am patiently waiting for it to air. I have read the first three and some of the rest of the Shannara series but there is so many. Over time I plan on getting all of them. Is there a date for when it is going to air the first episode?

  18. I’m reading Elfstones for the first time and I recently read the section at the Pykon and after seeing what the elven fortress and the catwalk look like in the show, I’m really really excited. Are Perk and Genewen in the show too?