October Contest: #ShareShannara On Twitter

cover-elfstones-sdccFor the last two months, Terry and I have held Facebook contests where readers could enter to win a very rare San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Edition of The Elfstones of Shannara.

Only 2000 mass market paperbacks were produced and they were given away at the convention. I promised when I began those contests that other forms of social media would be given contests of their own. Not everyone uses Facebook. Therefore, I would have to put together contests for Twitter and at least one contest for those who don’t use social media at all.

Today, I begin the Twitter contest. And I think it is a good one!

If you are on Twitter, follow Terry on Twitter @officialbrooks, follow me on Twitter @shawnspeakman, follow The Shannara Chronicles on Twitter @shannara, and get ready for #ShareShannara!

What is #ShareShannara?

It is a hashtag that will allow me to track every time a fan retweets/shares news about The Shannara Chronicles with their Twitter followers.

That is how you enter!

Here are details:

  • Retweet/share new information from @shannara, @officialbrooks, or @shawnspeakman about The Shannara Chronicles with the hashtag #ShareShannara!
  • If you do that, you are automatically entered!
  • You can only retweet/share one piece of news once!
  • If I post five different NYCC pictures in five different tweets, you can retweet/share each one of them and enter the contest five times!
  • This contest is open to US and international fans!
  • I will randomly select two winners after this weekend’s NYCC—where the cast of The Shannara Chronicles is gathering—as well as another winner at the end of the month.
  • It’s that simple!

The point of all of this is simple. We want to spread word about The Shannara Chronicles. For this show to be a success out of the gate, it will take all of us—yes, that includes you—in spreading word about the TV series! A contest like this just makes it a little more… fun.

And this weekend at NYCC is going to be super important, with lots of new news, new pictures, and new videos! Details on this coming tomorrow.

So get to retweeting and tweeting about The Shannara Chronicles now, even starting with this post! And use #ShareShannara when you do it!

Not only will you be helping us spread word about the show but you’ll be entered into a cool contest too!

Happy Twittering!

5 responses to “October Contest: #ShareShannara On Twitter”

  1. Hi – thanks for this. It sound like fun and a great challenge for all fans!

    One question – is this open only to those living in the United States or open to all, worldwide?

    Paul Watson