Video: The Shannara Chronicles SLCC Panel

Terry and I attended Salt Lake Comic Con last week. It was a great convention. More than 100,000 people came out in support of all things geek. Our kind of people!

On Saturday, I moderated The Shannara Chronicles panel, which originally was going to be me interviewing Terry about the forthcoming TV series. But it quickly morphed into something else when Manu Bennett—the actor playing the role of the enigmatic Druid Allanon—made an appearance!

Terry talks about how the TV series came together, why Manu is perfect for the role of Allanon, why the Druid has short hair in the TV show, and many other things.

Not to mention some really touching moments on stage with audience members!

Take a watch! I hope to do something similar next week at NYCC!


7 responses to “Video: The Shannara Chronicles SLCC Panel”

  1. At “my name actually is Shannara” I was left speechless and paused the video for ten minutes in order to regain composure…

    Dear Whoever Lives In The Skies, MAKE JANUARY COME TOMORROW!

      • I couldn’t really even think about understanding the moment, on the one side there is a girl meeting the person that invented her name and on the other there is Terry seeing in front of him how much he has influenced all of us. Don’t know how you managed to keep from crying…

  2. I can’t think of anybody better to play Walker than Manu! Speaking of course in full confidence that this series will continue well beyond Allanon’s portion of it.

  3. I think what I loved most was hearing a man who touched my life for the first time almost 30 years ago and be so very, very honest about everything. He wasn’t there to sell a story (although he did a fine job), just tell another part of the journey. He was so respectful and in awe of what has been done with his imagination and is excited. If Mr Brooks approves, then I can’t wait. And Mr Manu Bennett – you definitely found yourself a new fan after that panel. Respect Sir.

  4. I wanted to attend this panel but was unable to. Thank you for posting it! This was so touching in so many ways. I also brought my well-loved copy from the 80s of Elfstones to meet Terry and have him sign it, but they closed the line. I was working the whole event and was so sad to miss him.