Twitter Contest Winners

cover-elfstones-sdccFor two months we had a giveaway on Facebook.

Last month, we had another giveaway on Twitter.

What were we giving away? Copies of the exclusive Comic-Con paperback edition of The Elfstones of Shannara, seen in the picture to the right. In an effort to raise awareness for The Shannara Chronicles and Terry’s work in general, I brought 6 copies of the rare book back with me from San Diego.

And I daresay, it has worked. You guys have worked hard at sharing news about the forthcoming TV show! I gave several away in September and October. And now it is November.

That means I need to announce the Twitter winners. There were three. Kristin Sito, Mitch Travis, and Vampiria. I’m sure that last name is the person’s birth name. Ha!

At any rate, congrats to the new winners! Your book has been shipped!

Terry and I will be having a new giveaway—this one without a social media component for those of you not on social media—beginning December 1st and taking us up to the January 5th premiere of The Shannara Chronicles!

Prepare! And let’s journey together!