Announcement: The Shannara Chronicles Box




Del Rey Books and MTV have teamed up to offer a special product for Shannara fans in anticipation of The Shannara Chronicles television series coming in just a few weeks! Click on The Shannara Chronicles logo above for more information, including product details and a chance to meet Terry Brooks and win a Shannara library!



13 responses to “Announcement: The Shannara Chronicles Box”

  1. Hey Guys….Love the box and I will order one!! But I’m a 3x….are there larger shirts, I don’t mind paying a little extra..

    • Del Rey is looking into it as we speak. I’m hoping they can help! Details when I know it! And keep an eye on that pre-order page. They may just add new check-mark boxes up there. Stay tuned!

  2. If I hadn’t already bought the Elfstones paperback TV tie in addition, and the B&N black Friday signed hard back copy of Elfstones this year (on top of my old paperback, and the copy of Elfstones that I have in the original Shannara trilogy omnibus that I already had), I’d order this. I’m a huge fan, but even I can’t bring myself to buy a fifth copy of any book. But I still do want this… 😃

  3. Shawn, I might be late to this but any word on leather bound books for the original trilogy? Brandon Sanderson just released a beautiful leather bound edition with illustrations for just $100.00. It sold out like hotcakes! I missed my chance.

  4. I would love to get one but as I live in Canada, it is not available to me. Anyone want to order for me???

  5. I didn’t see any mention of what the price will be upon release. I don’t mind preordering, but I’d like to know what I’m getting into. I’m looking at this on my phone. Is it possible I’m just not seeing all the info on the page?

  6. My husband is a huge fan of the book series and is so excited for the TV show!! I bought him the box for christmas (kinda). He is going to love it!