Happy Birthday, Terry Brooks!


Today is the birthday of one Terry Brooks!

I have known Terry for almost two decades now. He’s one of my favorite people. He is kind, smart, generous, has a wicked sense of humor, grumbles about Seattle sports teams almost as much as I do, and he works as hard as anyone else I know. He cares for his family, keeps his friends close, and knows he has the best fans in the world.

I am his WebDruid. But to me, he is friend, mentor, and second father.

Happy Birthday, Terry!

50 responses to “Happy Birthday, Terry Brooks!”

  1. Happy Birthday Terry! Thanks so much for writing these stories that have cultivated my love of reading since childhood! So glad to see all that is happening with the World of Shannara now! You deserve it!

  2. Happy birthday Terry! Thank you for the amazing gift of the greatest fantasy books ever written. We love the new Shannara series so far and the release of this breathtaking show is probably one of the best birthday gifts you could receive! Many happy returns!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for providing us with all the years of enjoyment. Congrats on the show!!

  4. Happy Birthday Terry!!! Thank you for enriching all our lives with your tales and stories! I can scarcely remember life without Shannara and the Four Lands being in my life!

    Hope you have a super blessed day!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for the Shannara and Landover novels. I’m not sure how many times I have read them.

  6. Happy Birthday! The Elf stones of Shannara was the first book I read as a teenager that introduced me to adult fantasy…so thank you!!!

  7. Mr. Brooks, I hope you have an amazing birthday. In your years you have written several pieces of work that my father and I have adored. I may not be your oldest fan, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love reading your books. I’m on Wishsong right now, so I’ve still got a long way to go! You’ve dedicated so much over the years to provide readers with worlds and characters they can fall in love with again and again. That means a lot in this day and age, for me at least. Best wishes to you, and may your life continue for many more years to come! By the way, today marks that you’ve gone around the Sun 72 times!! That’s incredible!

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! Love your books and love the new tv series!

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. A special thanks for the wonder and joy you have given us with your world. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  10. Happy Birthday Mr. Brooks, a heartfelt thanks for for the many years of great books and for opening my imagination to so many great worlds and characters!

  11. Happy Birthday Terry. Thank you for all the great memories and all the wonderful places you have taken my imagination to. Have a wonderful day and a fantastic birthday!

    Paul Davis

  12. Happy Birthday Terry, I am a Huge fan of your writing. Thank You for all of the hours of entertainment and joy.

  13. Happy birthday Terry and many more of them to come! Thank you for your many wonderful stories which I have read and reread over the years.

  14. Happy Birthday, Terry. I feel lke you are a good friend, I have been reading your books since the mid-70s, and have reread them over and over. I’m retired now and I’m still reading them and looking forward to the next one. You have brought much joy to so many people. Have a great year.

  15. Happy Birthday, Terry! Thanks for many years of adventures! I wish you a happy and healthy year!

  16. Best Wishes on this most joyous day, the day you arrived with so much to share. My life is better because your books are in it! Happy Birthday Mr. Brooks!

  17. Happy Birthday Terry, I am a longtime fan and you are my favorite author. Your stories bring me so much enjoyment. I just watched your new TV show and it was awesome.

  18. Happy birthday Terry. Since we met over 20 years ago I have followed everything you have written. As an individual and an author I consider you exceptional. Thanks for all the magic.

  19. Happy Birthday Terry! Love your books.Now I have a T.V. show to watch about your books. Hopefully there will be a movie someday about your books.

  20. From the pen of legalese to the quill of fantasy … so well done. A Best Birthday to you!
    I’ve read you again and again in first hard covers and following paperbacks. I enjoyed the first viewing of the imaginations playing out in the Chronicles. I hope it earns your satisfaction. A great ride my friend.

  21. Happy Birthday Terry – it’s been an honour and a privilege to be able to follow your work for the past thirty years. The magic in your books is a daily inspiration. Have a wonderful day.

  22. Happy Birthday Terry! I have read the entire Shannara series……they are by far my favorite .
    I am glad that MTV has the series on the silverscreen….

  23. Merry Birthmas. Ho ho ho!

    May you live a hundred more years and write a hundred more books. And if that’s not possible, I hope that between now and your next birthday, you receive a wonderful experience for every one of the wonderful word that you’ve written for us.

  24. Always enjoyed your books. Like they made the Lord of the Rings. Can’t they make a trilogy of “Shield of The King, or Sword of the King. Can only held by thay blood.

    Dragons of Pern, The White Dragon..!

  25. Happy Birthday, Terry.
    Love your books. Enjoy the TV series. You’re an inspiration.
    All the best and many happy returns.

  26. Happy birthday Terry! I was so excited to see the new series on tv, can’t wait to watch, I wish you and Judine continued love,happiest and success, I think of you guys every time we play Shanghai, miss think of you often, Lisa

  27. Happy Birthday to a person who has brought a lot of magic and happiness in my life. We have never met, and most likely won’t.
    Please accept my most humble birthday wishes, and thank you for making Shannara into a world I can watch and enjoy.

  28. Terry,
    I call you by tour first name because after the many hours we have spent together via your books I strangely feel like we are old friends. That is the marvel of your stories. Reading them is like sitting by the fire and hearing a dear friend, and master story teller, weave a tale that is both hypnotic and satisfying.
    Happy birthday and may God bless you and your family today and throughout the coming year.
    An appreciative fan,
    Pastor Tom Brewer

  29. Sorry I’m late. You deserve so much more than my mere belated congratulations.

    May you have many more anniversaries of your 32nd birthday for many more years to come!

  30. Happy belated birthday wishes to you Terry. I love and own just about all your books, but have one question…how could you let someone totally ruin your Shannara saga by allowing this “Shannara Chronicles” crap to change everything from your books? I watched a little last night on the MTV channel and had to turn it off because it didn’t match/relate to your books. You could have made a great movie series by utilizing the crew which created the “Hobbit” & “Lord of the Rings”. I feel robbed with this crap on MTV…major disappointment! Please contact some real movie producers and help a true fan out…I want so much more and also want it to coincide with your books. Thanks

  31. Happy Birthday Mr. Brooks, I have loved your books from the first and still do. I am enjoying the TV adaptation. Thank you for the world you have created and the characters in it.

  32. happy birthday terry brooks. the elfqueen of shannara is the first shannara novel I ever read and I’m watching the firsts three episodes of the shannara chronicles adapted on mtv Tuesday nights at ten. and ill see you at any book signing barnes and nobles bookstore in seattle wa. and my name is albert s Marasigan and I’m 24 years old and working at Issaquah regal cinemas 12 imax and rpx and in Issaquah wa, and I’m a big fan of youre shannara novels. and I loved of all youre books ever sinced I started reading it,