The Shannara Chronicles Premieres TONIGHT!


It has been a long, amazing adventure but The Shannara Chronicles is finally premiering tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

A lot of different dreams are coming true today — and wow, it’s happened! Terry is thrilled with the adaptation, as a fan I love how it remains true to the book while still being something new, and we both are hoping you love it as much as we do!

We will have a Spoiler Discussion area set up on Terry’s website by day’s end! So we can all talk about the TV series!

From Terry, Judine, my wife Kristin, and I, we love you fans. Without you, this couldn’t be possible!

Now go set those DVRs!


Your WebDruid,

22 responses to “The Shannara Chronicles Premieres TONIGHT!”

  1. I’m so excited for tonight! I know it’s been a long road but the wait will be so worth it! Thanks for all the hard work that everyone has done to get this show on the air!

  2. Is Terry planning to watch the launch live? I know he’s already seen it, but it’s kind of a big moment.

    • Yes, he’s down in L.A. for a some kind of TV critics convention, to take questions about the show. He’s getting together tonight with all of the creative talent behind the show to watch as it goes live. I have no doubt it will be an emotional night for him.

  3. I can’t wait! 🙂 I am super excited to watch it tonight! I have a rather silly question (as you can see I don’t watch much TV): Does 10/9c mean that it would be on at 10 PM Pacific Time here in the state of Washington? Or would it be at seven due to the time difference?

  4. I marked in on my calendar and even set my DVR to be doubly sure I wouldn’t miss a minute. I’m counting down the hours and the family is set with leftovers for dinner!

  5. I have had my DVR set from the time it would allow me to set it. I am very excited about tonights show, it has been a long time coming. I even order the 2 books that were written for the show from Amazon. Just gotten started on the first one, The Elfstones of Shannara. Different then the originals but very awesome.

    Thanks again Terry.

  6. Wow. 40 minutes into it and I am spellbound. From the first page I turned when I was a teenager (I am 46 now) until the end of every book I was spellbound. You have sent me back in time.

    When Paranor was first mentioned I got goosebumps, and they will not go away.

    I know liberties have been taken with story and timeline, but at least so far, I am hooked.

    I live in Seattle now, from New Zealand originally so seeing my homeland in the opening sequences took me back again in more ways than one.

    More than almost any other collection of books, with the possible and only exception being the Magician series, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in an island with anything else to do other than reread every single book you have ever written Terry.

    I thank you for everything you have written. Long may you reign.

    Best wishes.


  7. Just watched additional 2 online episodes, so I’ve got a question. The series unfold kind of really slowly especially with added in personal conflicts. What took like 3 chapters (out of 20+) in the book took 4 episodes in series. Is 10 episode series going to cover entire Elfstones of Shannara book or just first half of it?

    I was assuming that Shannara Chronicles (hopefully continued) will be going Game of Thrones/Outlander route covering 1 book per 1 season, but after 3/4 episodes (out of 10) but now I am not so sure anymore…

    • The 10 episodes tell the entirety of Elfstones. The second half of the book is largely battles, which have been cut back in the TV series because they aren’t necessary to the overall narrative. And since they aren’t necessary for this medium, that’s also why Stee Jans has been cut from this season. People are going to be upset about that, more than likely, but it makes sense if there are not enough battles for Stee to save the day in. haha

  8. Just watched episode one… beautifully cinematic and great storyline!

    Better than the Wheel of Time tv series, Hobbit and LOTR… although many might complain about the changes made in the storyline from the Novel: Elfstones! i found it very enjoyable… and can’t wait for episode two.


    • Comparing it to the ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’…you’re either insane, or on some really good drugs! This Shannara Chronicles is PURE CRAP!!!

  9. I am so disappointed. This has got to be the worst adaptation of books to TV series I have ever seen. I do believe this is worse than Legend of the Seeker and I didn’t think anything could be worse. Best thing to happen, in my opinion, is this is cancelled and Terry Brooks finds someone who is SERIOUS about his story to adapt this. Too many books have been made into successful franchises (i.e., HP: LOTR, HOBBIT); perhaps he should go back to a movie studio and try again.

    • Terry worked on the show for a year, every single day. It’s his vision you are watching. He wanted the integrity of the story in place while giving the story a facelift. If you were looking for a paint-by-the-numbers adaptation, this is not it and we’ve been saying that for months now. Cheers.

  10. Why be so small minded to expect an exact adaptation of a book. Why not see this as something new and fresh and enjoy it for what it is…made for television. No series will ever be as great as the books we love to read , that is why we treasure our books so much and why the greats like Terry Brooks and Terry Pratchett will always have fans reading the books not only watching the series on television.

  11. Is there anywhere online I can watch it online besides MTV & Amazon?

    I found a wireless plan with unlimited video streaming, but they don’t do it with Amazon.