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Terry Brooks
Terry Brooks
For many years the only chance a fan had of speaking to Terry was to meet him at tour events or conventions.

With the establishment of this website in 2000, Terry began accepting two questions from each fan per month. On the last day of the month, five questions are randomly drawn. Terry answers these five questions and they are posted monthly for your enjoyment.

Below are the questions selected for December 2015 and Terry’s answers! As you can see, we are a bit behind due to the show. Catching up now. Enjoy!

Note: This section may contain spoilers!


Hi Everyone,

Here is the last of the outstanding Ask Terry questions, and once this one is done I will be caught up to 2016 and ready to attack the new year. Hope things are going well with all of you as the month of January ends and February starts. Hope you are finding the MTV version of Elfstones to be fun and intriguing if not exactly what you wanted. But that’s how life is. You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit. Not where I can see you do it, anyway.

So, let’s have a look.

Mandi Leon writes: Hey Terry! I’ve begun reading the Magic Kingdom of Landover books for the third time and I plan on reading the Shannara Chronicles for the first time. I noitced that you have an untitled and possibly final book (upcoming) for MK of Landover. What does that entail? Also, I’m dying to see Ben Holiday & Willow come to life on the big screen; any more news on a potential movie since the 2013 news?

Terry Brooks replies: Whoa. That’s a lot of questions. Let me take them in order or my tired old mind will lose track. My plan is to write a final Magic Kingdom book when they make the movie. So far, that hasn’t happened, so no new Magic K book. However, the rights are still at Warner Brothers, Steve Carell is still set to produce and star, and work on a final draft of a screenplay – the first draft of which I have seen – is ongoing. We hope to see some serious movement by Spring. Meanwhile, there’s plenty for me to do, so a little space on all this wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Plus there is a new Magic K short story in the anthology Unbound edited by my WebDruid, Shawn Speakman. Might want to check that out if you want a Ben Holiday fix.

Anonymous writes: The moor cats always seem to be like the new ensign on Star Trek in a landing party. They never seem to survive. They always get killed in the story or story arc. Unless I missed one somewhere… So will there be a loyal brave moor cat that makes it through to the end? Thanks.

Terry Brooks replies: Well, I might be wrong, but I don’t seem to remember anything happening to Whisper in Wishsong. And in the Heritage series, Rumor survived after being locked away in the vanished Keep for most of the story. So there’s two. I also have a moor cat in the upcoming end-times series for Shannara. Don’t plan to do him in either. Usually I am accused of picking on the Dwarves, so this suggestion that I am doing Moor Cats wrong comes as a welcome reprieve. Thanks so much!

Jeb Holt writes: When you envision the look of the Elfstones are they more like the natural gems that we see in The Shannara Chronicles, rounded? Or cut gem stones? Or something else entirely?

Terry Brooks replies: Here’s one of those questions that I leave it to the individual reader or viewer to answer, saying “What do you think?” I like audience participation in my books and prefer that you answer this one for myself. I think that at one point I might have described them a bit, but you will have to go hunting. At least we know all three blue Elfstones can be held in the palm of your hand, so the TV Show must have gotten it right.

Anonymous writes: Terry, I started reading your Scions books during the Gulf War and have enjoyed them since. I’m thrilled they finally brought your story to TV. Thanks for the effort. But why is there sexual tension in the show? And sex? We really don’t need it in the show. Your story stands on its own merits.

Terry Brooks replies: Hey there, Anonymous. Just answered one question for you, so that’s it until next month. Have to give others a chance. Wait, what Shawn? Different Anonymous? Okay, fine, I’ll answer the question. Such pressure. So here is the short answer followed by a short explanation. Repeat after me. The TV show is the TV show and the book is the book. They are not the same in all respects and never will be. In part, you can understand given that the book is 30 years plus old. Times have changed. Even TV has changed. So there is a greater acceptance of sex as a part of storytelling in fantasy than in the time of Tolkien. Or Elfstones, for that matter. From my perspective, I like the sexual tension. Chronicles has reimagined the relationship as a love triangle, albeit a stranger one. So that scene with Wil in the bathtub and Eretria drugging him, but suggesting to the audience that it might lead to something else is one of my favorites. Do I favor sex in the story. Not particularly. But if you read the latest books in the series, you will find it is there. Not so you would notice because it isn’t in your face, but an important part of the storytelling of the books. Hope all this helps.

Randy Guerette writes: I just finished the Witch Wraith and wanted to know if there was an interest on your part to release a series of books about the creation of the of Faerie and the events leading up to the creation of the Forbidding. Faerie characters like the King of the Silver River, the Tanequil and others have appeared throughout the entire Shannara series as has the world of Faerie and I would be interested in finding out more of what happened prior to the initial Sword of Shannara series. Thank you for your dedication to the series and keeping readers entertained all of these years.

Terry Brooks replies: Hey Randy. I am not heading in that direction at present. Going the other way, actually, and writing the last books of the entire series so I can put finish to the story arc while I am still above ground. After that, say three years or so, I will start to fill in the gaps on the prehistory of the Four Lands and the Races and maybe a few other parts of the story. So looking at doing something with the World of Faerie appears to be a ways off. Now and then, I will fill in a few new tidbits about the Old World and the World of Faerie, but probably won’t be dedicating entire books to the effort.

Thanks all for you questions. It is always amazing to me how thoroughly – and sometimes confoundingly – you tax my memory and my ability to explain. Your insights and opinions are welcome, and I encourage you to continue to express both. This is a journey shared, and it isn’t worth it to me not to have you an integral part of it. So stay well, keep reading always and goodbye for now.

All good magic,

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