Suvudu Cage Match: Jair & Garet Jax versus Frankenstein & Monster

suvudu-cage-jairThe Suvudu Cage Match is back!

This year, Suvudu has chosen Jair Ohmsford and Garet Jax to represent Terry’s work in the Cage Match. I think they make a pretty formidable team. Not only is Garet Jax the best fighter in the Shannara mythos—searching for that one fight that is worth his time—but Jair Ohmsford has the power of illusion and can morph into a Jax-like fighter when needed.

They are going up against some of the best duos in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. The first round sees them fighting Frankenstein and his monster!

To vote for Jair and Jax, click HERE!

Let’s win this thing!