Tonight! The Season Finale of SHANNARA


The Shannara Chronicles returns TONIGHT at 10/9c, this time for its season finale! It is the end, the Ellcrys is dead, the demons are descending upon Arborlon, the Elves in the city have no chance, and the lives of our characters will never be the same!

Terry thanks everyone who has watched the show—both those who gave it a chance and those who have continued watching! It has been great fun for him to watch his book come to life, from early scripts through filming all the way to the editing and eventual Tuesday releases. He put a lot of time and energy into it and its fruition has rewarded him in every way.

Those of us in his family have loved watching it unfold as well. For him. Because without him, none of this would have been possible.

I hope you guys enjoy tonight’s episode!