The Lettered Editions of the SHANNARA Series


Hi Everyone,

As I announced in late March, Grim Oak Press is producing high-end, beautiful editions of the original Shannara trilogy and Sometimes the Magic Works.

There will be 52 Lettered Editions ($400 each) and 1000 Limited Editions ($100 each) produced. The Lettered Edition is rare due to its far more limited nature and I knew that it would be coveted. To give people an equal chance, I decided to accept entries from those people who wanted to buy a Lettered Edition. And a few weeks ago, I randomly selected 52 people who won the right to purchase it.

I gave those people two weeks to make their purchases. 14 of them did not.

That means that there are 14 Lettered Editions available again! Today, at 2:00 PM PST, I will randomly select 14 new people who can order the book. I will do this on my professional Facebook page HERE.

If you want to be considered for the random drawing today to buy a Lettered Edition, fill out the form below:

Good luck to all!