Poll Friday: What Defenders of Shannara Book Is Your Favorite?

brooks-highdruidsbladeWhen The Sorcerer’s Daughter published earlier this year, it concluded the Defenders of Shannara series.

The three books that began with The High Druid’s Blade were quite different for Terry. They are far more personal stories, limited to only a handful of characters, and the stakes are not big giant battles or dark lords but instead one antagonist who wishes the destruction of Paranor. Also, it is the first series of books that do not feature an Ohmsford, the main character being a Leah.

I enjoyed the shift away from the giant battles. For the three books. It also allowed Terry to try some different things that just wouldn’t work in an epic epic fantasy.

Next year, Terry returns to the giant battles and the world at stake, which will make many of you happy, no doubt.

But for now, looking back on the last three books, which one is your favorite?

Poll Friday: What Defenders of Shannara Book Is Your Favorite?

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Written by Shawn Speakman
I am the long-time friend and webmaster for Terry Brooks as well as the author of The Dark Thorn, an urban/epic fantasy hybrid novel Terry calls "a fine tale by a talented writer." Join me on Facebook and Twitter (@shawnspeakman)!