Poll Friday: Would You Read A New Brooks Book Unrelated To His Previous Work?

Terry Brooks
Terry Brooks
Terry tends to write more words than a book a year.

That means, eventually, he begins lapping himself, able to publish two books in a year. He did that several years ago with the Dark Legacy of Shannara novels, each one publishing every six months.

He has done it again. But this time, he’s written a book that is unrelated to anything he’s written before, a book that is more science fiction than fantasy but featuring memorable characters, a great setting, and new and unusual gadgets and technology. He read the first chapter of the book two years ago at a Powells Books signing event and I received about a dozen emails from those attending wanting to know how they could get the rest. I have read the book and I love it, a cross between “Blade Runner” and Genesis of Shannara.

Some of you have been asking him to write something completely new. Some of you probably hate the idea, preferring to read only Shannara and/or Landover.

So my poll question for you today is:

Would you read this new book even though it is unrelated to his previous work?

We are looking for comments as well! Hope to hear from some of you!


7 responses to “Poll Friday: Would You Read A New Brooks Book Unrelated To His Previous Work?”

  1. If it’s good…why the he’ll not read it. Teehee. Just messing around with trumpanese. But for real, why constrain yourself to only one genre or only one direction. Fly free mr. Brooks, let your fingers capture what your mind unleashes. New stories means new imagination and with that…new fans too. ;p

  2. I grew up on Shannara and Landover and picked up The Word & the Void before it got connected to Shannara officially. Give me a good story, and I’m there 🙂

  3. No question about it. My favorite thing about Shannara is the sci-fi ancient history that rears it’s ugly head now and then to wreck havoc upon the lands. I know he has it in him already. If we could just figure out how to wrech it out of his hands!

    More Shannara Now! More Shannara Now! More Shannara Now! . . . and so on

  4. Definitely would read a new genre by Terry, however I voted for “other” because I wanted to give a resounding yes to anything from Mr. Brooks, while still preferring he stay the closest to his Landover roots. 🙂

  5. I have read all of Terry’s books so would probably read anything that he published. However, I would really prefer that he wrap up the Shannara series and Landover if possible before focusing on other works. Just my preference. If he has content that is written but not published, then hell yes on publishing. Anything to accelerate releases beyond once per year would be appreciated by me.

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