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  1. An end to Shannara sounds exciting, but depressing as well. Alas, all good things must come to an end right? 4 Books, an incredible story no doubt, and the end of what exactly? I’m curious what’s at stake. The entire world of Shannara? Man/Elf/Dwarf/Gnome-Kind? If I had to guess, Grianne Ohmsford (The Outcast Druid) and Brona are that ending. Which book was it that Grianne met with Brona in the forbidding’s downward side of the Hadeshorn? Off hand I think Tanequil, and now of course I’ll have to go back and read this conversation. Without giving anything away for readers going backwards as I myself did, these 2 would have to be an end. Imagine being stuck in the forbidding (as you know who), who would the Ilse Witch find solace with? A kind of father figure, and both had similar fates. Still hard to swallow, this ending, but definitely in for the ride.

  2. I’ve had this feeling for a long time now. I feel like there will be a new Gypsy Morph to end this series. And now after reading the book description, I’m almost certain that Shea Ohmsford is the Gypsy Morph!

    Also. The teenage girl must have have traces of the Red Elfstones’ magic. And though I think the exiled High Druid will be familiar to us, I don’t think it will be Grianne.

    I don’t really have a take on the conflicted warrior, but most likely it’s got to be a Leah.

    I also think a new Gypsy Morph and use of the Loden for the Elves, ultimately moving somewhere else at the end, as the Four Lands will be totally destroyed.

    I think the invaders may come from the Parkasia region where Antrax was located and maybe that’s where the Science vs Magic bit comes into it, which Terry has spoken about. Or maybe the Demons inside the Forbidding have turned to science to try and get out, as the Isle Witch would have knowledge of science during her days in the Four Lands. Always thought Railing’s decision to find and bring back his Aunt would have more consequences than we currently know and just re-read the conversation between Railing and the KotSr for a quick recap.

    After Dark Legacy, I had a feeling that the Isle Witch and Grianne are now separate (and Terry may have dropped a very supple hint in Witch Wraith that this may be the case) and this would be my ending.

    The Four Lands is on the verge on annihilation due to the battle between science and magic and the races are forced to flee to another land along with Elves inside the Loden. Grianne defeats the Isle Witch, so she is free of her evil side and finally gets the solace she deserves. As all living things must eventually die, so it is also the case with the KotSR, but his final act is to choose a successor, like he was chosen centuries before and who better than an Ohmsford, and Grianne becomes Queen of the Silver River and in hundreds of years time when the four lands starts to heal and maybe becomes populated again, begins another cycle which Terry will leave to our imagination.

  4. It’s very likely back to the Loden Stone, and Gypsy Morph. The new stones will be interesting if their in use as well. Honestly, and maybe just me personally, I’m hoping this is not the case. It would still be a great story, it’s just already happened as two big intersections in the Shannara Legacy.

    I always wanted to know more about Brona, for better or worse. Even hoped for a series of books about his rise and fall. The thought of Grianne being forced to seek him out in her loneliness, yeah maybe formulaic, but these are my favorite kinds of stories. Like that famous old French soldier turned prisoner, turned heretic, and then the Count of Monte Cristo. Terry Brooks really hits home with his characters, and humanity. He makes them real, familiar, and all inside of a world you’d never expect to find them. I’m still wrapping my mind around this end of Shannara. In any case it’s been a great ride.

    Digress, after reading the article again, yeah I think you two are on track. I can still hope.

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