Poll: What Elfstone or Elfstones Would You Want To Possess?

Let’s say you are Elven.

Let’s say you live in the Four Lands.

Let’s say you have need of magic but have no inherit ability to wield it.

The Elfstones would be for you. And there are different sorts of them. The blue seeking Elfstones. The black magic-negating Elfstone. Even the city-moving Loden is considered one of the Stones. And most recently, Terry introduced the Crimson Elfstones, a set of stones that drain life away from enemies even as it fundamentally — and apparently catatonically — changes the user.

Now, along with the Blue and Crimson sets of Elfstones, there are three more sets that were sent back into the Forbidding — Emerald, Saffron, and White. The abilities of these last three sets are unknown, although the Shannara video game in the ’90s featured Emerald Elfstones that had the capacity to heal as they aged the user. No idea if the Emerald set in the Forbidding does the same thing or not.

Which brings us to our poll question of the day:

If you were Elven, which Elfstone or set of Elfstones would you want to possess and wield?

And if you pick a Emerald, Saffron, or White set of Elfstones, what would you want those Elfstones to do? Feel free to comment below for why you voted the way you did.

Happy Friday!


9 responses to “Poll: What Elfstone or Elfstones Would You Want To Possess?”

  1. I chose Emerald Elfstones. I my imagination the Emerald stones record and share parts of lives of previous owners, to be shared with (and by) the current owner. Discoveries, thoughts, histories, and wisdom is available from their creation. One additional thing: The elves have a deep-seated genetic history, which may be probed and accessed by the current owner of the stones, if he or she is strong enough, brave enough, and wise enough not to become lost is past lives…

  2. I picked white. White is a color of protection, so I imagine white elfstones would protect the user from whatever danger threatens them. But, since all magic comes at a price, and white is also a color that connotes coldness and isolation, the more the stones are used, the more withdrawn and unemotional the user becomes.

  3. The Emerald stones should be those of healing when used on others . And enlightens the user to Natures plants and chemicals to be used in harmony with the stones . As to a side effect for the use of the stones the bearer will endure long life equal to that of many lives .

  4. I chose Saffron……….The recommendation is that these stones are sentient, possibly a former Elf Arch Mage from the time of Faerie. The power of the stones could be the power of “Transportation”. They stones could instantly transport the user and 2 others where ever they want to go. The catch is that this would happen correctly 90% of the time….10% of the time the stones would transport where the Elf Arch Mage wanted you to go. Maybe the user and the Arch Mage could talk to each other as well……just a thought

  5. I would like the white Elfstones to have the power to disable evil intent in enemies. The side effects of using the stones would be that the user would be unable to deceive others. The more the stones are used, the more insight into the feelings of others the user would have. The upside would be the sharing of much joy, however this could also result in the user becoming a recluse as the emotional burden of other’s suffering becomes too much to bear.

  6. I chose Emerald. I think a cool power would be that the stones effectiveness against evil would be based upon the intensity of the evil they were used against. Against the lesser “bad guys” and henchmen the stones would only be somewhat effective. However, the antagonists with the most deeply rooted evil, like the Warlock Lord, Rimmer Dall, or Donald Trump would really be in trouble.

  7. Emerald. Elf kind were once very much concerned with caring for the land, as the Chosen continue to do so on a lesser scale. So I imagine that the stone brings vitality of life, as the use of magic can be very invigorating so it can be intoxicating. The general use might have been one of withdrawing toxins or poisons from the land, like the Silver Dust that cleansed Heavens Well. Measured use and careful personal balance could wield them to good purpose.

  8. its a tough call between the blue and white, but I chose the white. Everyone knows what the blue elfstones do and that is part of the reason I chose the white. White seems to be pure and might give the user the ability to absorb magic safely. Or to rejuvenate their life / magic without the harm of the others. Also if I am not mistaken, all sets of elfstones have the ability to protect the user as the blue ones have.

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