BrooksBlog: Remembering Our Daughter Lisa

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, we lost our beloved oldest daughter, Lisa, to a particularly virulent and aggressive form of ovarian cancer. She was gone in less than a month from the time of her diagnosis. We were with her every step of the way, believing she would find the strength to pull through. The doctors and nurses at UWMC were kind and caring and did everything they could to save her. But in the end, it was not possible.

Lisa was amazing in so many ways. She loved nature. She cared about all animals great and small. She could talk fluently about their habits and behavior. No creature was too bizarre or weird for her not to find something to like. In her life view, the natural world mattered and deserved protection and love.

She had an encyclopedic knowledge of plants and fossils and shared it with all of us. When they were younger, she took our son and grandson on expeditions across the western half of the US to hunt for and study and sometimes collect specimens. She taught food preservation classes. She canned applesauce for the food bank. We always joked that when the world ended, Lisa would be the one to survive because she would know how.

But none of this touches on how much we depended on her to preserve a balance in our family. She was in so many ways the pillar on which we all leaned. Her leaving creates a gap in all our lives, and just now we can’t imagine who will be able to fill it. Her place in the family was that large.

Losing a child feels wrong. It feels like a violation in the natural order of things. Lisa’s passing has devastated us. It will take time to recover, but we will find a way because that is what Lisa would expect of us.

Peace and Love, Terry and Judine.


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  1. Terry and Judine,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my Mom (Grandmother) to endometrial cancer. She faught for years. She is my best friend and means more to me than words can even begin to attempt . Raised me when she didn’t have to.. and loved me fiercely, as I’m sure you loved your beautiful Lisa. Looks as it’s a difficult time for us both. My prayers will be with you and your family. God bless you.

  2. Terry and Judine-

    There are no words to express the feelings when I read this. I cannot imagine losing one of my own children. You and your family have my sincere sympathy and prayers.

  3. Terry and Judine,

    Long time reader, relatively new father. Even with my kids only having been here a short time, I can already appreciate how devastating this would be. May the good memories sustain you.

    Many thanks for what you have shared with the world over the years.

  4. I am sorry sorry for your loss! The world has lost a beautiful soul. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  5. Sharing this heart-breaking news must have been difficult and I wanted to thank you for letting us know how wonderful your daughter has been. She sounds like an amazing person that you are deeply proud of and her life should be celebrated. I will tell my family about her.

  6. When I received the email about sickness in your family I could only wonder.. when I saw the name of your book coming out.. I felt lost… when I slept I had nightmares. We have that solid ground- that ward against evil inside us and once in a great great while we feel very very vulnerable…. Terry~Judine Much love , hugs and peace.

  7. Heart-breaking to hear this news. I can think of nothing harder than parents having to witness a child pass away. My deepest sympathy to you both, and thoughts and prayers for you in the days ahead.

  8. Words cannot express how sorry I am for you, Judine, and your family. I can only say that when you described Lisa and her interest in plants and animals, I could not help but see that she is very much in your work. The Ellcrys and the Tanequil. The Moor Cat and even the Lichen on the walls that Pen communicated with. Now whenever I read your work and run across a wonderous plant or animal, I’ll be thinking of her. God bless you, and Judine, and your family.

  9. Terry and Judine, I cannot begin to imagine your loss.

    My aunt Maisie (with whom both I and the character Buffy Summers share a birthday) passed away from ovarian cancer before I was born. But to lose a child is simply unnatural.

  10. Dear Terry and Judine I would like to express my sadness for you both on losing your lovely Daughter Lisa, so suddenly, I cannot imagine the hurt you have in your hearts.
    we lost our lovely Son Nick three years ago. but I know that is irrelevant to you, only I can feel a little of your pain.

  11. From a father who has buried a child I mourn with you. May you receive comfort to strengthen you through the years ahead; each birthday, each glance at one other wherein lie the image of her, every Christmas and ever family gathering that stirs the bitter embers of loss again into flame and threaten to consume you . For there was so very much joy that no pain can ever command victory over it.
    ~Matthew Heiser

  12. Terry and Judith
    Elaine and I are so sorry for your loss, You and Judith are in our prayers No Mother and Father should have to suffer this, but know we stand with you cry with you and support you, All our love and prayers

  13. Terry and Judine,
    I am deeply sadden for your loss of your daughter. No parent should ever watch there child die. I pray that Gods heal light shine on you both and bring comfort in the days ahead. Your daughter will live on in your memories of her and in your hearts. Love and prayers for you both!

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