Terry Signing Copies of The Black Elfstone

The Black Elfstone publishes June 13th!

The first book in The Fall of Shannara series begins the chronological-end for the Shannara series. It is a story that Terry has had in mind since he finished The Wishsong of Shannara, rooted within the constant conflict between science and magic. The Fall of Shannara will be four books long — similar in scope to The Heritage of Shannara series — and that will be very apparent from the high stakes that are presented in The Black Elfstone.

Sadly, due to a major family emergency, Terry is not touring this year. He will be signing at University Book Store in Seattle, WA on Monday, June 12th, as well as at Powells in Beaverton, OR (no date yet), and that will likely be it. He has also decided not to attend many of the conventions he was originally going to. Only Phoenix Comicon.

We know that many of you like signed copies of Terry’s newest book. By not going on tour, that means many will miss out on it. That’s why Terry has decided to sign more copies of The Black Elfstone through The Signed Page.

To pre-order a signed or personalized copy of The Black Elfstone, click HERE.

The plan is to have Terry sign these books on June 10th and begin shipping June 11th.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in comments!

The Black Elfstone publishes June 13th!

Pre-order your signed copy today!

3 responses to “Terry Signing Copies of The Black Elfstone”

  1. Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for letting us know. Keeping Terry and his family in my thoughts. I have placed my order on the Signed Page.

    Any chance that you might be able to include one of the Fall of Shannara bookmarks with each book if they are available? I usually pick them up from Terry when he is out on tour. Thanks for considering it.

  2. So to be clear at the June 12 signing at the UW bookstore we won’t be able to get our copies signed as they won’t ship from amazon and arrive till the next day,, June 13th correct? Bummer. But real life takes precedence, I understand. It’s a sad thing I now share with Terry, loosing a loved one to cancer at the UW MC.

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