The Black Elfstone In US Bookstores Today!

The Black Elfstone, Book One of The Fall of Shannara, is in fine US bookstores today in hardcover and ebook!

Go out and get your copy this week! And discover the Druid Drisker Arc and his new apprentice, Tarsha Kaynin!

Terry hopes you enjoy it!

2 responses to “The Black Elfstone In US Bookstores Today!”

  1. So I went to indigo yesterday and bought the fall of Shannara, finished it this afternoon and as always was a great book .
    So how long do we have to wait for the next one
    A Canadian fan!!!

  2. Definitely a good read. A combination of volume 1 & 2 in one book would be my preference because, IMO, the first volume’s story ends too quickly, even though it obviously will continue in subsequent volumes. Excellent characters and look forward to the next.

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